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Did Christine Brown Leaving Really ‘Rock’ The Family?

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On the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown gathered Meri, Janelle, and Robyn together. Along with Kody, she broke the news that she would be leaving the plural family. Not only that but she shared she would be leaving Flagstaff and heading to Utah with her youngest, Truely. This was a devastating blow for the Browns as she was seemingly breaking up the family. Robyn claimed Christine’s leaving was rocking the family. Yet, fans flocked to Reddit to question why and how this would be rocking the family, especially where Robyn was concerned. Read on for some valid questions and answers.

Was Christine Brown’s Departure Really ‘Rocking’ The Family?

Since Season 15, Kody had enforced strict pandemic protocols. Because of these, he spent the majority of his time with his fourth wife, Robyn as she was the most obedient. His marriage with Meri was so fractured that he almost never went to see her. As for Janelle and Christine, he did not feel that they were following his rules. This kept Kody with Robyn and her kids who did whatever they needed to. This was a big issue for Christine as she felt that she never saw her husband and when he did come by, it was brief and not notable.

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Finally, she chose to leave so she could find someone to give her a proper marriage as they’d been struggling. When she made the announcement, both Meri and Robyn seemed the most blown away by it all with Janelle just sad. A Reddit thread started over Robyn claiming this would ‘rock’ the family and this is how it started: “WHO exactly is being “rocked” by Christine leaving, according to Robyn? The two wives Kody never sees? The monogamous nuclear family that never interacts with Christine? The only other school-aged child still around, who probably sees Christine more than her own father anyway?”

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It concluded with this: “In summary, Robyn is absolutely delusional to think there’s a family left to be “rocked” besides her own family who will not see a difference with Christine gone.” Another person added: “I think Meri was genuinely surprised. Which isn’t really surprising given no one actually seems to bother talking to her at all. Robyn was fully aware of what was going on.” Others commented that Robyn feels rocked simply because this taps into her bank account.

Is This The End?

Christine Brown will proceed to move her stuff from Flagstaff to Utah. She has noted that this is where she and Truely feel the most loved and accepted. That is what she wants for herself and her family. Meri claimed that if they are not all married to Kody then they are not really sister wives. Janelle does not see things that way as she and Christine have maintained a relationship since the departure. Kody’s biggest concern seemed to be what would happen to Christine’s lot on Coyote Pass. That is how the family has been rocked. Plus, he has one less home to run away to. Not that he ever really went to Christine’s all that much, to begin with.

Do you think the Browns were really shaken up by Christine Brown’s departure? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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  1. I have NOT liked her from the very first time she was on the show. You can tell he loooooovvvvvveeeesssss her and only her. If I were one of the lady’s, not that I want to be, vomit, I would do what Christine did. Robin is always bossy. I don’t think she’s pretty at all. Kick her out, lol lol.

  2. again TLC let kody command the talk . why was he even there to begin with. she wanted to talk to the sister wives. who cares who was rocked. Janelle announced she bought a 5th wheel and Noone was rocked. no body even offered to help her. they all laughed. Robyn and meri sat there like puppets. he announced patriarchal and Janelle said I didn’t sign up for that. Christine has been living in Utah for 6 months already. he is worried about a man in Utah we’ll he wasn’t one to Christine
    live with it. where was the 6 feet last night him and Janelle were sitting close

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