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The Moment Pure Disgust Washed Over Christine Brown

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Season 17 of Sister Wives is giving fans a first-hand look at the departure of Christine Brown and the impact on the plural family. As viewers tuned in to the fourth episode this weekend, many people recognized a look of absolute disgust wash over her during a discussion with Kody Brown. Why is Christine appalled by him now? Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives Season 17 Has Been A Rollercoaster

Even though fans are only four episodes in, Season 17 of Sister Wives has been a rollercoaster ride. Each new teaser released by TLC seems to show the family unraveling more and more.

Robyn Brown reacting to Christine Brown leaving - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

So far, viewers have seen Kody’s poor reaction to COVID-19 and how he is interacting with his family. Christine Brown shared her plans to leave Kody and move to Utah. On top of that, there are tensions with Janelle and Meri as well. In fact, Kody told Meri it was probably best for everyone if she moved to Utah and focused on her B&B.

The patriarch of the family seems to only be concerned with one of his four wives: Robyn Brown. That isn’t what has Christine Brown looking disgusted though.

Why Was Christine Brown Disgusted?

It is no secret that Christine has not been happy with Kody for some time now. In episode 3 of this season, viewers were shown how things played out when Christine shared with the family that she planned to leave Kody. However, fans took to Reddit to discuss how disgusted she looked during a discussion with Kody this week.

Christine Brown's look of disgust on 'Sister Wives' - Reddit

Credit: Reddit

The original post read, “The look of pure disgust/hatred and she explained Kody could have had 50/50 the whole time they’ve been in Flagstaff.” The post refers to a conversation between Kody and Christine where he suggests that he wants to have a custody agreement for Truely.

Viewers were quick to weigh in on the situation. Most people agree that Christine’s expression and attitude confirm that she is finally done with Kody’s nonsense. Other people have loved to see the “glow up.”

“Compare this with the breathy voice she used in the first episode when she explained why she doesn’t have a toaster,” one Redditor commented. “I’m here for Christine’s bada** b**ch arc.” Many people agreed that Christine had come a long way since the “golly, gee whiz” everyone met in season one.

A number of people commented on the situation at hand, offering up what they would do if they were in Christine’s situation. “I’d call his bluff and move forward with taking Truly to Utah,” one person suggested. They pointed out that Kody won’t even stand outside for 30 minutes to have a conversation with his daughter, Ysabel. It is doubtful he’d go to Utah to see Truely.

What do you think about Christine Brown and how she has left the plural family? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Kody needs to come to my house my husband would show him what a real husband and man is.all leave him but robin.that is the only one he wants.he doesn’t deserve time with kids.

  2. He has had all this time to see his kids and chose not to. It’s all about control with Kody. He stated he was not the head of his household any more. He stopped being a leader a long time ago and became a spoiled bully. Respect is earned, not demanded.

  3. I say good for her. if you can’t treat your wives equally you shouldn’t be in a plural situation. it appears he doesn’t spend much h time with any of his kids. he is full of excuses and nothing is ever his fault. spread your wings and fly Christine.

  4. I don’t know how any of those women can stand Kody. He is such a moron. He acts like he is mister wonderfully and he definitely IS NOT.
    I hope Christine and Jenelle run as fast as the can. Mary should definitely go take care of the B&B. Leave the jerk with Robin, she’s the only one he wants and Robin thinks he’s great. They deserve each other.

  5. l have watched this show off and on and could never live like this .He has feeling for one wife his legal wife which is Robyn.He has no true relationship with the others because they turn him off.When he divorced Meri to marry Robyn her life starting falling apart and Kody put distance between them.Then she got catfished and needed his support and what did he do.He says can’t trust you and can’t have sex with you cause it turned him off.Janell he is not attracted to her anymore same thing with Christine he only wants to have sex with Robyn so I am glad she is leaving it’s about time.He set boundaries during Covid but it was his way of controlling everyone. But who did he move in with Robyn.Kody has problems if he thinks getting into heaven means having 4 wife’s he better read his BIBLE again. Just saying the truth!!!!!

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