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‘Sister Wives:’ Did Robyn Brown’s Children Bully Truely?

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Sister Wives fans are definitely watching the Brown family unravel onscreen at the moment. In Sunday night’s episode, Christine just informed her sister wives that she was leaving the family. She planned to take Truely and move to Utah so they would be near Christine’s older children.

Naturally, the plan didn’t sit well with all of the wives. Janelle admitted she saw it coming, but Meri and Robyn acted totally shocked.

Sister Wives fans can point to many instances over the years when Christine had a reason to leave. But did Robyn’s family play a bigger role than anyone originally anticipated? Keep reading to see what Redditors think.

The Brown family’s children make fewer appearances on Sister Wives now

As time goes on, Sister Wives viewers tend to see less of the kids. The adult children don’t want much to do with the show and COVID-19 kept production crews from filming the way they used to in earlier seasons. However, Kody and the wives do routinely reference the kids now and then.

Aurora Brown, Breanna Brown, and Avalon Padron from Instagram
Aurora & Breanna Brown/Instagram

Robyn’s kids in particular make rare appearances on the show these days. Dayton and Aurora are adults now. Breanna is 17 and just finished up high school, leaving Solomon and Ariella the only children who still need regular care and adult supervision. However, Solomon and Ari aren’t Kody Brown’s only “younger children.”

Truely Brown is 12 years old and just a few years older than Solomon. Previous seasons revealed that Truely and Solomon were best friends and loved to play together. But did dynamics ever change between Truely and Robyn’s kids?

Redditors dissect the issue

Other Sister Wives fans noticed there is a lot of awkwardness whenever the younger kids try to play together.

“Was anyone else given pause by what Christine said about the decision to move Truely to Utah?” a Redditor asked recently. “She specifically said ‘She’s like, totally loved and accepted and adored by so many people, and I feel like having her in that environment would be really, really good for her.’ This makes me wonder if some of the kids or adults still in Flagstaff don’t appreciate her being so much herself.”

Christine Brown, Truely Brown, and Ysabel Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

The OP went on to say that Christine’s word choice made them think Robyn had tried to keep her own kids away from Truely since the pandemic began. There were even scenes in Season 16 where Truely and Solomon tried to play together only to be scolded by Kody and Robyn when they weren’t staying six feet apart.

“Also, I don’t think Robyn likes her being around much. I think Robyn’s kids probably like Truely just fine, but Robyn practically had meltdowns when her kids would play with Truely multiple times,” another Redditor suggested.

It seems as if Robyn’s children enjoy being around Truely, but Robyn tries to keep her own children in their own bubble. Do you agree with what Sister Wives fans think here? Be sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Sister Wives will be back with a brand new episode this Sunday night. Tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time to see what happens next.

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