‘Sister Wives’ What Does Robyn Brown Do All Day?

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The women of Sister Wives have never needed a nanny. That is one of the main benefits of plural marriage. There is always an extra mother there to help when needed. Christine Brown was right there to help raise Janelle Brown’s six children. She did this without hesitation. So, when it was revealed that fourth wife, Robyn Brown had a nanny, it made no sense. Why did she need one to begin with? She had plenty of older kids around to help plus three sister wives. What does Robyn do all day? Read on for a possible answer.

A Sister Wives First, Bringing In A Nanny

In Utah, a nanny was never needed as the three wives all lived under one roof with their dozen children. Christine helped raise the kids while Meri worked on and off. Janelle was the main breadwinning wife so she was gone from early morning until late at night. This helped to solidify the Janelle/Christine bond that kept the women sane during Covid. When Robyn came in, she already had three children and never saw how the three wives worked together under one roof. In both Utah and then Vegas, she had her own home. Ultimately, she had the last two Brown kids.

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Robyn, Kody

While in Vegas, she hired her niece to be her nanny though she still had wives and some older kids around. Plus, she did not really have a job. Yes, she had My Sisterwife’s Closet but that was more of a passion project than anything. Janelle worked full-time in real estate and eventually started her wellness business. Christine also had young children and soon got into the world of MLMs. Neither one required the use of a nanny. In Flagstaff, Kody was very restrictive about who could come around due to the pandemic. He would not even let his kids come in contact with one another at different homes.

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Then it was revealed he and Robyn had hired outside help which blew Christine’s mind. All of Robyn’s older kids were in their late teens or early twenties. She had two minor children but she was not currently working. When there were available siblings and wives, why did she even need a nanny? No one has any idea what Robyn does. It is still a mystery and now, a Reddit thread has started with speculation. Any guesses?

What’s Robyn Doing?

A Reddit thread was started to speculate what Sister Wives star Robyn Brown does all day to negate a nanny. One person guessed this: “Dancing, going to Victoria secret, getting Jerry curls at the salon, nails, toes, botox, gun shopping and jewelry design.” The couple does like their Victoria’s Secret time and was seen dancing the night away at a local bar. One person targeted Robyn’s weekly show interview prep: “And let’s not forget the design and marketing of her proudest creation…Brown Sharpie Eyebrow Design…who has time to raise kids when you’re busy time drawing in brows in the shape of flank steaks.”

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Finally, this one really speaks volumes: “What’s shocking to me is how different the levels of lifestyle are between the wives… one has a nanny and the other can’t even get medical insurance for her kids back!” Yes, when Ysabel needed her scoliosis surgery, Christine had to wait for approval which was daunting. Bottom line, Christine called Robyn out for being Kody’s favorite wife. So, she will get whatever she wants. More so, she is stuck with Kody 24/7 which she claims is not what she wants and is extremely difficult. Is it possible that the nanny is to give her time away from her own husband? Only time will tell.

What do you think Robyn does all day? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. It’s strange that years ago Christine took care of her children and Janells while Janell works. She didn’t have a nanny. By the way beside Robin what does Cody do all day?

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