Kody & Robyn Brown Finally Explain: ‘What That Nanny Do’

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Sister Wives fans have asked “what that nanny do” since they first learned Robyn and Kody Brown had one. It was Christine Brown who asked the question that went viral and launched a thousand memes.

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“What that nanny do?” Christine, Meri, and Janelle were baffled. Why did Kody and Robyn Brown need a nanny? Sister Wives fans went wild and turned the question into a meme. They were dying to wrap their minds around Kody and Robyn having a nanny. Moreover, fans also felt having a nanny was a bit hypocritical coming from a man who was so strict about social distancing.

Turns out, Kody and Robyn Brown were recently spotted by fans in public. A photo was snapped. And, finally, fans had their answer. Finally, Kody and Robyn Brown explained: “what that nanny do.”

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Sister Wives fans ask: What that nanny do?

Sister Wives fans joined Christine Brown in utter confusion. They could not wrap their mind around the need for a nanny. After all, fans firmly believe Robyn Brown has no real job. As we previously reported, Kody Brown has opened up about what he does for a living. Though, he admitted COVID-19 did throw a wrench in his business. Kody Brown’s line of work, however, does give him a pretty flexible schedule. So, it allows him to come and go as he pleases. So, fans wondered why a man that has a flexible schedule and a woman that doesn’t seem to have a job need a nanny in the first place.

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Fans also pointed out that per their lifestyle, Robyn Brown’s children technically have three other mothers. If Kody and Robyn Brown wanted to go out for a date night… Couldn’t Meri, Janelle, or Christine watch their children? Fans know Christine is no longer in the picture. But, fans have a hard time understanding what purpose the nanny even served.

Kody Brown and Robyn finally explain

Sister Wives fan spotted Kody and Robyn Brown enjoying a romantic meal together recently. One thing fans were quick to point out is this was the answer to the question of “what that nanny do.” Fans jested “this is why they have a nanny.” Kody and Robyn Brown’s children were nowhere to be found. Fans know Meri Brown as recently staying at her bed and breakfast to celebrate her birthday. Christine is no longer in the picture. And, Janelle has been spending time with her own adult children.

So, the nanny is really the only person who could be watching Kody and Robyn’s children while they enjoy a romantic dinner together.

Fans admit they are frustrated Kody uses a nanny to spend all this romantic time with Robyn but never does anything special with his other wives.

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Do you think the nanny serves as a babysitter for Robyn and Kody? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. I think the “nanny” may be a candidate for Mrs Brown number 5. With the collapse of his first three wives, Kody needs a new meal ticket. Just saying…

  2. Uh? Why would the nanny have to babysit the kids when Robin’s kids are old enough to watch the 2 young ones? They should also be able to help with household chores. I see no need for the nanny

  3. I think the nanny is married. So she won’t be wife number 5.
    Allegedly she helps tutor the children.
    Loved that the nanny exposed the whole family to her covid. Priceless!

  4. All viewers have been watching a fake story about this family. In the being we were told that they were in a spiritual relations and wives were all close in
    relationships. They loved being one big family. We have watched that no be true. Kody you have run the story line for all it’s worth, Time to get a real job. Sad that your children have suffered and you have pushed them away.

  5. Why doesn’t Kody admit that he’s in a traditional monogamous marriage with his one legal wife…Robyn. Duh. Why continue the charade with Janelle ( who is really just a friend), and Meri ( who he has no interest in for anything)?!

    Good for Christine for having the stones to get out.

  6. I would love for Cody to leave the show he is a narcissist.and bully.And I think Robin is just like him.If he remains on Show I’m sure slot won’t tune in.

  7. I can’t say what I would to say.he use the wife’s and.thora them away .I can’t wait untill he does Rodin the same way.

  8. Robyn has 3 older children that she used, to guilt Mary to agree to divorce Cody. That way she would be the legal wife. She protested that fact over and over but Robyn is a very bad actress and hasn’t convinced many people that she didn’t plan that entire plot! She and Cody claimed her older children never went anywhere so they were safe from Covid but every other wife’s children didn’t follow Robins rules so he couldn’t see them. Well if they were so safe and never went anywhere why couldn’t they babysit the younger children, did they need a nanny too? Mary was the safest of all of them, she would have loved watching the kids because she was so lonely! Stick up for Robyn all you want but she is not a good person! Just go back and watch her through the years. Robyn use to be one of my favorites but she killed that during the Mary and Cody divorce. You could see her manipulate the entire family. At one point all of the children loved Robyn but even they could see right through her!

  9. Before Christine decided to break up with Kody he came to be her house and reminded her that he didn’t have romantic feelings toward when they married but he hoped they would develop with time. Saywhat??? it’s hard to believe Christine would settle for that

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