Robyn Brown Has Live In Nanny, Christine Asks What Does She Do?

Robyn Brown Credit: TLC

In times of COVID, Robyn Brown prides herself on being the extra cautious sister wife. This is why she gets to spend so much time with Kody out of all four wives. Yet, in the preview for next week’s episode of Sister Wives, third wife, Christine learns Robyn has a nanny. She looks at Kody baffled and asks in her confessional exactly what this nanny does. Furthermore, why is it okay for them to have a nanny and not for some of the kids to get together? Starcasm went deeper into the history of Robyn’s nannies and if they are in fact essential.

Robyn Brown- The Chosen One

It has been no secret that fans believe Kody only wants to be with Robyn at this point. Since COVID began, he has pretty much isolated himself at her home. His claim is that Janelle’s sons were too social with one being in school and the other working. Therefore, Kody did not feel all that safe coming by the home. He also felt Janelle traveled more than she should. Yet she maintains she followed all the CDC rules and would always pick her kids over a husband.

Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown via YouTube
Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown via YouTube

Meri and Kody have no relationship anymore. He said he wanted her to court him last season but it has since fizzled into a friendship. She is going through the motions of being in a plural marriage but there is nothing there. As for Christine, Kody said she was always traveling and completely disregarded all of his extra pandemic rules. He even believed she was using Ysabel’s surgery in New Jersey as a way to get an extra vacation. For Christine, their marriage has been struggling for a while and maybe beyond repair.

Sister Wives meri Brown Robyn Brown

With Robyn, she has done absolutely everything he has asked of her. It has come to the point where Janelle’s sons have asked if it is their father or Robyn laying down the law. Now, Christine has learned Robyn has a nanny and she is questioning everything. Why can she have a nanny but Ysabel can not come by and see her siblings? More so, what is the need for a nanny when Meri just complained about being lonely and missing Robyn’s two youngest kids? Is this even a necessity when Kody just had to get an emergency home loan?

Why The Nanny?

Christine does not understand why Robyn Brown has a nanny so she poses the question to Kody. “You have a nanny over. She’s over all the time. I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out. She’s devastated.” Christine is eager to know exactly what this nanny does since Robyn is seemingly the only wife who stays at home and does not appear to work.

SW Robyn Brown Youtube
SW Robyn Brown Youtube

It made sense that Robyn had a nanny in Las Vegas. She hired her niece, Mindy to be a live-in nanny as all her kids were much younger, according to Starcasm. Additionally, she was trying to launch My Sister Wife’s Closet, so she was constantly busy. However, Mindy did not follow them to Flagstaff so they hired someone new. If she does not live in the home, one would question if all the strict rules apply to her. Do they know if she is actually following them?

In the next episode, the strict guidelines are handed out on paper with Robyn still being questioned as the culprit laying the hammer down. Does she need a nanny? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. She needs a nanny like a hole in the head, what makes her so special, for one she wants to be the one & only with Cody, no matter what she says.

  2. Who does she think she is, The Queen of Sheba??!!!! She should take care of her own kids! Just like Janelle and Christine!! But she is doing everything she can to make sure she is the only wife of crazy Kody!! I’m about sick of her and her antics and the whole show for that matter!! I used to think Robyn was nice but she is just a manipulate back stabbing hussy…. I am about done watching the show unless Meri and Christine get back the attention they deserve from crazy Kody. Especially Meri who has sacrificed more than anyone else on the show!!!

    1. It’s none of Christine’s business what Robyn does …. Is she paying for it …uh..NO… she just wants to stir the pot because she is jealous of a younger woman… She needs to grow up and quit acting like she is being so mistreated .. BS

      1. How the hell do you know if CHRISTINE’S NOT PAYING FOR THE NANNY ( that Kodys probably fking) That hussy Robyn dont work but the rest of them do so WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS B__ nanny????

    2. Robyn seemed so shy and demure..but i have a feeling that she gets everything she wants and what she says , goes. why does she need a nanny if she is a stay at home mom. I worked out of my house with 3 of which is mentally challenged and I made do. nobody else got one. she is poison to the family.

  3. Kody doesn’t want Robyn to lift a finger so he gets her a nanny. Christine is on her own with her daughters and ysabe’ls surgery. Kody and Robyn are living large.

  4. Lets put the pieces together here, he pushes Meri away, Christine leaves him because he is distant with her as well. Now he is blaming Janell for being a bad parent because she wont throw their son out. 🤔the only one he spends time with is Robyn.
    He didn’t go to NJ for his daughters surgery because shes not Robyns daughter… Hmmmm. He plays the victim really well, when he is the victimizer in all this. His kids even see it, Robyn knows as well cause she brings it up ALL THE TIME!!! She even makes everything about herself.
    I have seen Meri and Christine in Flagstaff but have yet to see Robyn or Kody. Puzzle pieces fit in my opinion.

    1. Kids always refers to the children as your child not our kids. Why is that. He’s so worried about losing his wives so be the man and put all under the one roof. If they don’t like it divorce them.

  5. Three of the kids are much older and do not need an nanny. The younger two are ten and five. A nanny? When you don’t work? 5 is old enough for kindergarden…so why a nanny?

  6. I don’t trust fake snobby B**** Robin. She doesn’t need a nanny. kody lives there too. Doesn’t work. So 2 adults cant care of the children? Surprised nanny, being she acts like she worried about the kids all the time, yet trusts a stranger vs sister wives. Hopefully Merri, and Jennell will wake up, and move by christine too. Show should only be about them. No Robin or kody.

  7. Kody is me me and all me, he doesn’t care about anyone else except himself and Robyn and her family, why the others don’t all get together and decide to get their children together and just move away from Kody and Robyn and start afresh somewhere else where they can all be happy again because the fans can see it just like their own children can, Kody is just not worth it he is dragging each one down and doesn’t seem to care about his children, when it comes down to the virus you all get together and be a complete family don’t need to be so far apart not when you are one big family, but then again it is Kody and Robyn they are afraid of catching it of their own wow they would rather see the kids get it. Please get rid of Kody and Robyn. I think Robyn is the one who is causing the trouble and for Kody to divorce his first wife Meri that was disgusting but now the best thing he did and he is not legally married to the other two so they should just go and take the children and make a new life.

  8. Past time for this show to be canceled.Christine is the only one with common sense. She will do well on her own, just like she always has.

  9. None of the other wives had nanny’s. Robyn doesn’t work and is supposedly having money problems. What does she do all day?

    1. Didn’t they have to fight for a house loan an now a nanny probably kids mistress I heard something about a new baby but haven’t seen Robyn pregnant maybe they hired the nanny. Cause Noone knew about this nanny for a super long time why was it a secret.

  10. I think this is working out perfect for Kody now Robyn his fav is left. Why does she need a nanny when the other wives never did? She does not work out of the home so where is the need? She probably turned on the tears for Kody end of story…

    1. Robyn does not need a Nanny! The other Sister Wives had more kids than Robyn growing up, they had to deal with it “Without A Nanny”! Robyn is treated differently than the other wives. If I was the other ones I would be really ticked off! No wonder they are all leaving!

  11. Robin has a nanny because she is an incompetent mother. Cody was sick of her undisciplined kids that Robin’s neglect and laziness created – like feral dogs. Robin’s emotional immaturity was the norm adopted by her kids. 5 yr old sucking on a pacifier? Robin and Kody deserve one another. Hopefully Jenelle and Mary stop financially supporting the lazy freeloaders.

  12. Robyn wanted Cody all along..and he wanted a “yes” person. she started out being so “lost and needy” but ended up being the voice of the family. very well planned, Robyn. Cody is such a narcissist and she strokes his ego. He does respect/know women or love..just honor and respect him and then he will drop some crumbs your way. a women aren’t like that…if you don’t love will get no respect. They want more than just a “Daddy figure”.

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