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What Robyn Brown’s ‘Nanny’ Mindy Does Now

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One important person Robyn Brown and her kids left behind in Las Vegas was her niece Mindy. Not only was she a close member of the family but a valued employee. Mindy was the original nanny to Robyn’s five children but chose to stay back in Vegas rather than come to Flagstaff. Now it seems she has found a new life path and it is quite similar to what her aunts once did.

Robyn Brown Loves Her Nannies

Having a nanny has always been quite a controversial topic for Robyn. The one thing about being in a plural marriage is that there is always another wife to take over. When Sister Wives first began, there were just three wives. Meri, Janelle, and Christine all lived under one roof with their then twelve children. Christine was pregnant with Truely and was the main homemaker. She cared for the children as well as cooked the meals which benefitted Janelle greatly. Janelle preferred to work and be outside of the home which was essential to keep the family afloat. Having the help of extra moms eliminated the need for a nanny. It was also helpful that they had so many teens as Logan, Janelle’s eldest son, cared for his siblings in the morning.

Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Some of the teens also helped watch their siblings when their mothers would go away. However, Robyn was the first wife to break this rule which would make sense. She never lived in the one-family home like the original three wives. Therefore, she did not understand how they worked together as a unit. Furthermore, it later came out that she was not embraced by Christine and Janelle as much as she was by Meri. So, she employed her niece Mindy to help nanny her children. During the pandemic, Robyn hired a new nanny much to Christine’s dismay. The fact that she and Kody welcomed an outsider into their home but excluded their own children was a big issue. Now, the original nanny has resurfaced via Reddit, and fans have discovered what she is up to.

Catching Up With Mindy

It has been four years since the Brown family moved to Flagstaff and left Robyn Brown’s niece in Vegas. According to Reddit, she is just like her Aunt Robyn in that she is selling jewelry. Fans are wondering if it is remnants from My Sisterwife’s Closet, Robyn’s now-defunct business, or a new product. To be fair, Meri occasionally sends out old pieces from MSWC with LuLaRoe purchases. Back to Mindy. One person asked: “Is this the crap from MSWC? Or is it totally unrelated? Would be so funny if she would have a well-running business selling jewellery…” Another added: “Looks like one of the same designs! I couldn’t really tell but it looked like it was $18 and that’s a big difference from MSWC.”

Credit: Mindy IG

Some questioned if Mindy and Robyn are doing this together but under Mindy’s name to keep her aunt safe from trolls. The company does have a different name but when you click on it, the site is gone. One Redditor could not resist poking fun at all the Season 16 nanny drama: “So now we at least know what the (former) nanny does.” In the end, it seems Mindy is somewhat like her aunt as she is selling jewelry but does not appear to have much success.

Do you think all associated with the Brown family should just stay away from the jewelry business? More so, should Mindy have just followed them to Arizona? Let us know in the comments.

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