Radley Roloff giggling in his toy Jeep - Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Radley Roloff Has A Need For Speed In Precious Video

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Audrey Roloff recently posted a video of her youngest, Radley Roloff. Fans are swooning over the cute baby, of course, but Audrey’s post has them wondering if Radley will be into cars when he grows up. Continue reading to see why.

Audrey Roloff’s Curated Posts

Generally speaking, Audrey Roloff curates every single one of her Instagram posts to match her brand, their family, what she is selling, etc. Fans have even accused her of trying to stir up drama about herself for attention. She likes to control what people see about her, her marriage, and her family.

Audrey holding Radley Roloff alongside the rest of the family - Instagram/Audrey Roloff

Credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff

That is why many people were surprised when Audrey recently gave people a look inside her messy bathroom. However, her more recent post is more along the lines of her regular content and it is absolutely precious.

Since his birth, Audrey’s followers can’t get enough of her youngest, Radley Roloff. Her latest Instagram Reel gave them a big dose of adorable.

Radley Roloff Cruises Around The Family Farm

In the video posted to her Instagram page, Radley Roloff could be seen laughing, standing, and sitting in a small motorized children’s Jeep. As he pans into the shot, he can be seen with a sweet smile on his face. Audrey follows him as he cruises around the farm.

Radley sports a one-piece jumpsuit that is a shade of brown and an amber teething necklace. He is standing and sitting in his red Jeep while the music that Audrey added to the post plays in the background.

Radley Roloff is all smiles on his toy Jeep - Instagram/Audrey Roloff

Credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff

The post was captioned, “When you’ve got the need for speed😜.” One person commented saying that Radley looked like he was “in his element” riding around in his toy Jeep. Another said that he needed sunglasses to go with his look. Many commented on how quickly he is growing, which is true. He is not yet one year old and seems to be mastering the car already.

Fans also took to the comments to gush over how cute Radley is. Commenters talked about how much he favored his grandfather, Matt Roloff. Others pointed out how he looks like Audrey.

A few people commented debating what color Radley’s hair is. Several people mentioned “ginger” hair while others commented on his “blonde” locks. This has been somewhat of a debate among LPBW fans recently.

No matter what color hair he has, Radley Roloff is quickly stealing the hearts of everyone who has followed Audrey Roloff or Little People Big World.

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