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‘LPBW’ Fans Beg Audrey & Jeremy Roloff To Give It A Rest

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Fans of LPBW are tired of the endless love posts from Audrey and Jeremy Roloff. The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary yesterday and Audrey shared a number of photos on her Instagram Story. Followers and fans of LPBW seem to be over them though. Continue reading to see why.

LPBW Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Celebrate 8 Years

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff celebrated eight years of marriage on September 20, 2022. The couple both posted on their Instagram Stories about their anniversary throughout the day.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on their 8th wedding anniversary - Instagram/Audrey Roloff - LPBW

Credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff

To celebrate, they participated in their annual anniversary tradition of writing letters to each other. They also went out to dinner and then got a chance to look at the sunset together. Of course, they didn’t miss the chance to hock their book either. Both of them mentioned that to celebrate their anniversary with everyone they were offering 20% off their Memories Of Us journal.

All of the posts and mentions of book sales got under a few people’s skins. Several people took to Reddit to discuss how tired they are of seeing Audrey and Jeremy’s anniversary posts.

Why People Are Sick Of Their Love Posts

One Redditor posted about the couple’s anniversary posts stating that they were sick of all of it. “Omg I’m sick of all the posts about their anniversary,” they wrote. “We get it. Your marriage is perfect. And ‘intentional’ blah blah blah.”

Another person hopped on to comment that they went to see the Instagram Stories in question and, admittedly, had a hard time getting through it. “Omg I had to investigate and it was painful to get through those stories,” they wrote.

Reddit post about Audrey and Jeremy's marriage - Reddit - LPBW

Credit: Reddit

Audrey went into detail about the couple’s letter-writing tradition and many people felt as though it was “homework” for their anniversary. Others admitted it felt forced. A few people pointed out that, in many ways, Audrey and Jeremy’s marriage is a business. Special events like anniversaries and births are another opportunity to sell a book.

Other Redditors debated the state of the Roloff’s marriage altogether. One person wrote that they didn’t believe the couple had a solid marriage “for a second.” they pointed out that when they were filmed for LPBW there was always visible tension between them. Several others agreed that they were skeptical that the marriage was healthy.

What do you think? Are Audrey and Jeremy a happy couple or are LPBW fans right? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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