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‘LPBW’: What Color Is Radley Roloff’s Hair?

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Radley Roloff, son of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, made his debut earthside on November 8, 2021. Since then, LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy have shared a plethora of photos of their newest baby boy. However, recent pictures have fans questioning what color Radley’s hair really is. Is it blonde or is it turning a strawberry color? Continue reading for recent photos of Radley and why his hair color may be in question.

Does Radley Roloff Have Red Hair?

There have been a lot of big changes for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff over the last year. Not only did they welcome a new baby into the world, but the couple also announced that they purchased their own farm.

Amid a feud about the Roloff family farm, Audrey and Jeremy decided to buy their own. Audrey Roloff recently recapped the family’s summer on Instagram saying, “The summer we left the cul-de-sac for the country.”

Audrey Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, and family on a picnic - Radley Roloff - Instagram/Audrey Roloff

Credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff

The video that accompanied her post along with several more recent photos and Instagram Stories has a few people wondering what color Radley’s hair is.

Early on, it seemed that Radley might have blonde hair. Lighting in more recent posts shows a possible hint of red to his locks. A few folks took to Reddit to debate whether or not he will be a redhead. “Does Radley actually have reddish hair (or strawberry blonde)?” the poster asked along with a photo of the side of Radley’s head.

A few people suggested that the reddish tint to his hair in the specific photo could be due to the angle or lighting. Several people cast their votes for what color they predict Radley’s hair will be in the future. Most people assumed it would be red or possibly blonde.

Others weighed in with personal experience. One person said, “Three of my kids and I were all born with hair that color.” They went on to say that their boys now all have “dishwater blonde” hair and they have strawberry blonde. So, it is possible that Radley Roloff has strawberry blonde or even red hair. Only time will tell.

Is LPBW Audrey Roloff Posting For Attention?

One of the commenters on the Reddit thread suggested that the post debating her son’s hair color was potentially the work of Audrey herself. “This is Audrey asking this question from her throw away account. She just can’t help herself,” they said.

Audrey Roloff on 'LPBW' - YouTube/TLC - Radley Roloff

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Some people have implied that Audrey Roloff likes to stir up drama or post online for attention. They have called her out for not being genuine and, although there isn’t any proof, they think she may even have throw-away accounts to create buzz around her family.

Do you think this is one of those moments or are fans interested in what color hair Radley Roloff has? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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