Craig Melvin Says ‘Today Show’ Robs His Soul

Craig Melvin On Today Show [People | YouTube]

Today Show host Craig Melvin admitted the show robs his soul. He opened up about how his job has affected his mental health. It’s no secret that journalism is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There are a lot of perks since it comes with a flexible schedule and the ability to travel.

As Today Show fans know, the hosts get to travel to other countries and take time out for vacation time or other projects. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous and emotionally draining. Craig admitted that it “takes a toll on his spirit.” The anchor got candid about the difficulties of his job.

Craig Melvin [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Craig Melvin gets candid on mental health

The NBC News anchor shared another side to the world of journalism. Craig Melvin opened up about his mental health in a new interview. He finds it even harder when he has to report on national tragedies like mass shootings. Craig took time out of his schedule to sit down for an exclusive interview with Wonder Mind.

The online platform promotes the importance of mental health. Craig discussed some of the least appealing parts of his respected career. He shared how he takes care of his mental health, which isn’t easy. For much of his career, Craig had to cover many tragedies and other sad news stories.

Craig Melvin With Co-Hosts [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
“I covered a lot of consecutive mass shootings before the pandemic. I probably did eight or nine in the span of a year and a half,” Craig Melvin told Wonder Mind. “I found it was really bothering me, especially after having small children. I learned early on that in our line of work, you have to leave it at the office. You really do, because if you bring it home, it seeps into everything.”

The former MSNBC anchor tries to separate his work life from his personal life. Craig shared that he meets with his therapist and practices mindfulness exercises such as meditation. The 43-year-old is a big proponent of spirituality and self-care. All of these combined have helped him process his feelings.

Hosting the Today Show takes a toll on his soul

Craig Melvin confessed that his job takes a toll on his spirit and soul. He kind of ignored his feelings and didn’t realize it until years later. These days, Craig makes sure to focus on himself. For at least a half-hour each week, he treats himself to a massage, manicure, or a simple stretch.

Craig Melvin Gets Emotional On-Air [MSNBC | YouTube]
[MSNBC | YouTube]
His kids know that it’s his form of “me-time.” They call it “daddy alone time.” Craig doesn’t shy away from his emotions. He’s even gotten emotional when he left MSNBC. Earlier this year, Craig Melvin talked about his future with the Today Show.

“I want to take a quick moment to thank my parents. My mom that cultivated the curiosity… that landed me here. My dad who taught me hard work pays off. It’s not how hard you start but how you finish,” Craig Melvin shared back in March. “And my wife Lindsay, who’s endured long days and short nights and last-minute travel. The glue that keeps it all together.”

He shared his appreciation for his career. Craig concluded his message by saying he’s thankful for viewers tuning into his news reports. He wants his fans to continue “seeing the value in journalism.” What are your thoughts on Craig’s latest interview? Sound off below in the comment section.

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