Robin Roberts Doing Big Things, Leaves ‘GMA’ In The Dust?

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Robin Roberts of Good Morning America has been missing in action recently from her normal seat on GMA. Over the weekend, however, she announced a massive change to her typical schedule. Turns out, the GMA anchor was headed across the pond to London. She had snagged an opportunity to participate in live coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. This was a rare and great honor Robin couldn’t pass up. So, she ditched her usual spot on GMA for a little while longer so she could head to London for the international funeral.

GMA Robin Roberts On Ellen [Ellen Show | YouTube]
[Ellen Show | YouTube]
As everyone knows, the world gathered around their televisions and radios on Monday morning to watch and/or listen to the coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. While GMA viewers have certainly missed her on the show and fans of Sherri Shepherd’s new show were bummed she missed her appearance there as well, the anchor received high praise for her heartwarming and respectful coverage of the funeral. This can be compared to the scathing reviews that Savannah and Hoda of The Today Show received for their disrespectful and tone-deaf coverage of the funeral.

Robin penned in her caption at the time as she explained the shift in her schedule: “Now it’s time to cross the pond and join my amazing @abcnews colleagues in London for our coverage of #queenelizabeth funeral on Monday.”

Robin Roberts only got to spend one day in her hometown

Her post also revealed that she only got to be in her hometown of Pass Christian, Mississippi before traveling across the pond. She, however, admits she wouldn’t have changed that single day for the world because she got to be with family.

Only 24 hours in my beloved hometown and it was totally worth it to be with my sibs! Much to celebrate: grand opening of Roberts Place Cafe, 7th anniversary of @robinsnestinthepass and the birthday of the incredible woman who runs both businesses @dana_mac1956!!”

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GMA continued to move forward with George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan staying behind. They were joined by reporter, Cecilia Vega, who filled in for Robin.

Sadly, the change in Robin Roberts’ schedule hasn’t included when she is expected to return to GMA. Fans hope it is soon as they miss watching her and listening to her banter.

Did you watch Robin Roberts’ coverage of the Queen’s funeral? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on GMA.

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