‘GMA’ Robin Roberts Gone Again, Where Did She Go?

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Good Morning America viewers have been extremely concerned about what happened to Robin Roberts and where she was hiding after she missed the morning show as well as ditching a scheduled appearance on Sherri Shepherd’s show last minute. Turns out the GMA star is alive and well. More importantly, she’s resurfaced recently. She’s just overseas at the moment.

The GMA star resurfaced in London after seemingly ghosting everyone. Robin’s appearance in London, however, wasn’t too surprising as many anchors, TV personalities, and celebrities shuffled to London ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

GMA Robin Roberts
[GMA | YouTube]

Good Morning America: Robin Roberts surfaces

Robin Roberts made both a shocking and relieving appearance recently when she sat beside ABC World News Tonight anchor, David Muir, during live coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Robin revealed she had the pleasure of meeting the late Queen once and recalled her experience during the broadcast. She shared about how first Lady Laura Bush helped her meet the Queen. Robin Roberts even got to share a heartwarming moment with the Queen when she told her that her own grandmother attended her coronation back in 1953.

Robin Roberts recalled how nervous she was when she got to meet the Queen. She, however, added the Queen had this incredible ability to put people at ease when they were standing in front of her.

After Robin finished her story, David Muir admitted how much he loved hearing it. He jestingly admitted Robin was the closest he’s ever come to royalty.

GMA Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

She did warn her followers on social media

Now, for those who follow Robin Roberts on social media, her appearance on this live coverage didn’t come as a shock. She took to Instagram over the weekend to let her followers know she was going to “cross the pond” to cover the funeral this week.

On Instagram, Robins’ followers praised her for sharing such a heartwarming story. They noted it was a “beautiful story” and they appreciated her for sharing it with them during the broadcast.

Unlike Today Show stars Savannah and Hoda, Robin Roberts of GMA was praised for her respectful coverage of the funeral.

Have you been worried about where GMA personality Robin Roberts was and why she’s been hiding? Were you surprised that she bailed on Sherri Shepherd’s show last minute? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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