‘GMA’ Missing Host Robin Roberts Snubs Sherri Shepherd?

Robin Roberts Extra TV Interview [Extra TV | YouTube]

Did GMA host Robin Roberts snub Sherri Shepherd? The anchor went missing from the ABC morning show earlier this week. She was to appear on Sherri during premiere week. The comedian launched her namesake talk show on Monday, September 12.

Sherri is the replacement to The Wendy Williams Show. It ended up with the same production crew and the same timeslot. However, fans noticed that Norman Baker and Suzanne Bass aren’t in front of the camera. They want to know what happened to the production duo who occupied Wendy during her former show.

Now, there’s concern about Robin Roberts after she missed her guest appearance on Sherri’s new talk show.

GMA Robin Roberts
[GMA | YouTube]

Where in the world is Robin Roberts?

The Good Morning America host was scheduled to appear on the daytime show for a while now. Talk shows often schedule interviews months in advance. However, Robin Roberts wasn’t present during the live broadcast. On the Thursday, September 15, she was expected to be a guest on Sherri.

The recent promo prior to the show included a clip of Robin Roberts. When the new talk show host announced to the audience she was going to interview, the television host wasn’t featured in the lineup. Sherri only shared that model Winnie Harlow and designer Sergio Hudson were the guests for that day.

Sherri Shepherd [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
She didn’t explain what happened to Robin Roberts. Sherri previously teased Robin’s scheduled interview just the day before.

“We have another great show tomorrow. Because Robin Roberts is here!” Sherri said at the time. “And, until then, be intentional about having a good time. We’ll see you tomorrow!”

At the end of Thursday’s episode, she didn’t explain why Robin missed out on her interview. It’s likely that there was a change in schedule. Some fans assumed she canceled because was in London covering Queen Elizabeth’s memorial. However, that wasn’t the case as Robin returned to the New York studios on Thursday morning.

GMA host talks about setbacks and struggles

That same morning, Robin Roberts took to Instagram to share her morning message and prayer. In the video, she talked about setbacks, struggles, and addiction. She’s been open and honest about her own struggles with fans. Robin wished her followers a “happy Friday-eve” before jumping into the message.

“We are facing things that are crying to push us down today,” Robin Roberts said. “Thoughts will tell you, ‘you’re never going to get well. This setback has ruined your finances, you’re always going to struggle with this addiction.”

Robin Roberts Instagram Post [Robin Roberts | Instagram]
[Robin Roberts | Instagram]
Robin concluded her mesage with a biblical verse and group prayer. She didn’t share a reason as to why she skipped Sherri’s show. Fans in the comment section were touched by her honesty and motivation. They look forward to these messages throughout the week — especially in these challenging times. Check out her video message for yourself here.

What are your thoughts on Robin Roberts skipping her interview with Sherri? What do you think is the reason behind it? What are your thoughts on her morning message? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Sista Robin,why in the world would you do your sista like that knowing she just started her new show? Theirs no excuse for just blatantly being a no show with no phone call or nothing,you know that’s wrong no matter whats going on in your life period.Karma gonna get you on that one cause you just dead wrong on that one.Even if I cant show up for a doctors appointment or any commitment you need to follow up with a phone call you know better.

    1. I love Robin Roberts… She definitely should’ve let Sherri know she wasn’t showing up, but I’m willing to wait and hear an explanation from Robin Roberts herself… I hope it wasn’t a medical emergency and she’s OK

    1. yes and I believe Sherry Shepherd is doing a great job on her show and I’ll say this 100,000 times she is doing great bless her she’s got God above her watching over her Tina from Boston Mass

    2. I’m pretty sure Robin had scheduling conflicts and will likely appear on Sherri on a different date. Production was obviously aware and able to pivot. Robin received an award that day and also went to London to cover the Queen’s funeral.

        1. It’s simply astounding to me how EVERYONE goes for the juggler when it comes to calling out an oversight or mistake, etc. Mrs. ROBIN Roberts is one of the hardest working people in television folks. HOW UN-empathetic of all of you. I’m sure the talk show host Sherri isn’t going to disparage the absence of Robin Roberts, because she’s a true professional. This is someone catching a whiff of controversy and stirring the sh-t storm. Ms. Roberts goes from GMA, to her production company and it’s commitments, to getting to LONDON for the Queen’s sudden passing. Give us ALL a break. Scheduling conflict? I’d say at the VERY least….I love the Morning Messages, I am a BELIEVER. She’s a HUMAN being folks, NOT a machine. PEACE

  2. Robin mises her own show constantly, but doesn’t quit. it’s a mystery to us all that money and you don’t even have to show up.
    Regular people just get fired.

    1. Is Sherri’s show pre-taped the day before? If robin wasn’t in New York on Wednesday she would not be able to tape the show for Thursday.

  3. It’s just unprofessional, we owe it to ourselves if we make a commitment with someone stick to it, or have a damn good excuse why you couldn’t. Maybe in Hollywood that’s okay but for us in the not so upscale working world, no shows are unacceptable under no uncertain terms, or it better be good.

  4. I think there is always two sides to a story. Maybe Robin wasn’t able to call. And there is another thing that I didn’t like Sherri telling J HUD to stay in her lane. Can’t we just get along and up lift each other instead of tearing each other down that wasn’t cool at all Sherri from one sister to another.

  5. I concur. God has his hands on all things and all of us. Only God knows what lane we belong in for our lives. Also, we need to lift up and encourage our sisters and brothers and then, we, too, shall see great things happening to us and in us that will become permanent fixtures regardless what man says or attempts to do to us.

  6. oh for goodness sake maybe Robin had other pressing things. who know if she didn’t call or did Sherri didn’t explain so why draw unwanted conclusions.

  7. I’m sure Robin handled in a professional manner. I’m sure Sherri understood the
    circumstances. It all makes for great TV who’s watching! Much success to Sherri and JHud. Patience yall

  8. There could be. Many many reasons. Too. Overwhelmed. To open your mouth to get the. Reason out. Something could. Have happened at that very. Last minute She maybe. I’ll. Things. Happen. No Control at times. Let’s. Think. Positive. About this. Incident. People. The. Devil. Needs to. Stop. Winning. So many. Outcomes. Please.Folks. Can we. Just. Pray. For PEACE

  9. Blessings to you Sherrie . Keep looking to the hills , your strength comes from God !! Ask His advice. Be original , don’t it like everybody else . Don’t be nasty . Be yourself, you can be a better you than anyone else . To bad you’re in a dog eat dog atmosphere. Get you a godly prayer partner. God loves .

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