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‘Wendy Williams Show’: What Happened To Suzanne Bass & Norman Baker?

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The Wendy Williams Show fans want to know what happened to Suzanne Bass and Norman Baker. On June 16, 2022, the daytime talk show ended for the last time. Sherri Shepherd got her own talk show, which fell into the same timeslot as its predecessor. She premiered her namesake show on Monday, September 12.

Sherri has a new show and a new look. She got some help from some of Wendy’s former crew members. Debmar-Mercury is the same production company behind the syndicated talk show. Sherri ended up with Suzanne Bass and Norma Baker as well.

However, fans noticed they weren’t on the premiere episode. What happened?

Wendy Williams' Show Finale [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

What happened to Suzanna Bass & Norman Baker?

Sherri is trying to separate itself from The Wendy Williams Show. It has a colorful pastel set instead of the former purple set and the iconic big purple chair. Sherri stepped out in a hot pink suit for the premiere. She made herself comfortable in her pastel pink chair as she introduced viewers to her new show.

There were two important faces missing from the show. Suzanne Bass and Norman Baker often interacted with Wendy on her talk show. It was reported that Sherri hired both of them. Even though she ended up with Wendy’s former production team, neither of them was in front of the cameras.

Wendy Williams Show Finale [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
Suzanne served as an executive producer, while Norman acted as supervising producer. He would also interact with Wendy during her “Hot Topics” segment. It’s likely that both of them got promoted to new behind-the-scenes positions with huge pay grades. Fans were upset about the premiere of Sherri.

It’s obvious that neither Norman nor Suzanne were around. Some of them complained on both Twitter and here on TV Shows Ace. They want to know if the two are still working for Sherri. Read on to see where they’re hiding and if the new host got rid of them.

Wendy Williams Show producers: Where are they now?

Wendy Williams Show fans want to know what happened to them. According to Suzanne’s LinkedIn profile, she still has herself listed as Co-Executive Producer of The Wendy Williams Show. However, on her Instagram bio, she calls herself the “Co-Executive Producer of Sherri.”

As for Norman, he refers to himself as the “two-time Emmy-nominated Supervising Producer at The Wendy Williams Show” on his Instagram bio. In an interview with BET.com in July, he was asked to share his feelings about the show ending. Fans complained that they didn’t like the way the show ended. They argued that Wendy didn’t get the tribute she deserved.

“Honestly, that’s above me. It’s above me now,” Norman said.

Sherri Shepherd Debuts Show [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
He claims most of the “decisions are made above us.” Norman wasn’t involved with the conversations on how to end The Wendy Williams Show. Regardless, he felt “good” about what they could do. Norman didn’t share his future with Sherri.

What are your thoughts on Norman and Suzanne? Do you think they’re still working for Sherri Shepherd’s show behind the scenes? Do you miss The Wendy Williams Show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on The Wendy Williams Show.

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      1. I miss Norman and Suzanne . The show needs them . Bring them back or I don’t want to continue with the show . I mean Wendy , Norman and Suzanne …NAH !

      2. I miss Norman and Suzanne . The show needs them . Bring them back or I don’t want to continue with the show . I mean Wendy , Norman and Suzanne …NAH ! However if I see proof of their promotions and Big paychecks I’ll stay .

    2. I really miss not seeing Suzanne and Norman every day, but this is not the Wendy Williams Show. I pray they are well and have moved on to greater heights.

  1. I miss Wendy Williams so much. I also hope all good things for Norman and Suzanne. However, I’m not watching Sherri’s ever. Forever Wendy💜💜

    1. Same here. Although I did look at a part of her new show and was not impressed. It seems to be a Wendy copy as the stage and audience setting appear the same as Wendy’s except color scheme. It was a rather boring show so it’s a no go for me. I miss Wendy!!!!

      1. Sherri is far better than Wendy! Sherri isn’t going to gossip and demean others. It’s one thing to gossip but it’s another thing to demean others… that was Wendy’s mo

        1. I agree wholeheartedly! Sherri won’t demean people, I’m going to give her show a chance, wouldn’t mind being in her audience one day.

      2. There will NEVER be another Wendy , she is the BEST……
        No one can come close to Wendy.

        But the one that should have gotten her spot is Michal Rappaport!

    2. There will NEVER be another Wendy , she is the BEST……
      No one can come close to Wendy.

      But the one that should have gotten her spot is Michal Rappaport!

  2. Show was way too laid back and not Too entertaining..Really miss Seeing Suzanne and Norman and hearing their comments.. Sherri really needs to bring it and it’s not all about how funny she can be.. Give us some Hot Topics 411

    1. Her show is boring and I miss Norman and Susanne a lot. Wendy had a great rapport with her staff and a great way of “giving us” hot topics. I would’ve rather seen Leah Remini any day of the week.

      1. they’re both working on Sherri’s show. Suzanne’s is one of executive producers. Norman is a supervising producer. Marco and Rambo are listed in the credits and today we saw DJ Suss One.they’re all working. they’re all on well on Sherri’s show. I slo -mo’d the credits at the end. there names were there Monday & Thursday.

        1. 👏🏾love to hear this, you go Sherri, thanks for bringing them over, your show will stand a chance, I’m watching your show. 😉

    1. I love Wendy..just let’s face it she had some situations to deal with and could not return..give another Sista a chance to fill in the gap..Sherri deserves a chance she didn’t force Wendy out..Look at this way if Sherri didn’t fill the spot someone else would have…why not Sherri… Sherri I’m enjoying your show..watching everyday…do you thang gurI.. I’m lovin it…God is good!!!

        1. I Really have any complaints about Ms Sherri new show, I have been watching since it has been on air , yes it is different however Mr Norman AND Mrs Suzanne were Warm faces to see on very show they the inviting with a little more of Creativity and more of Hot Topics of in a different than the show Ms Sherri you will be okay Remember I am a TV Audience and I know what we Like Ms Sherri I hope that you receive all of the Blessing GOD has for you Regarding your new show just think out of the a little bit more ,oh by the way stop Filrting with Marco so it is Unbecoming of a Lady of your Status the World don’t have know that your a freak in the Bedroom Your NOT DESPERATE!!!! AFTER Michael Rapport would been great Canidate as Well!!

  3. I felt Wendy could have and should have been nicer to Suzanne. She always seemed to have a very snarky comment towards her. I was never a fan of Wendy and it was definitely time for her to go.

  4. It’s hard for Sherri to have her own talk show with everyone comparing it to Wendy. You probably don’t see Norman and Suzzane because she doesn’t want everybody comparing her show to Wndy’s

  5. I’m happy that Sherri chose Suzanne and Norman to fill important positions on her new show. I wish they would show up on camera, but I understand Sherri’s desire to step out on her own with different faces up front.

  6. Even though the producers offered Sherri a show, you don’t take it and run. You have not earned that spot. Her show is not exciting. Denmark Mercury you should have helped wendy with whatever she is going through.

    1. If something good is offered to u, u take it and run. Not accepting it is cutting off God’s blessings and it may never be offered again. What do u have to do to earn it? She has been in the biz for many years, she has earned it. She was the best of all the guest co-hosts. That said, I’m not a great fan of the show but that may be because she has replaced Wendy & is not coming in with a clean slate.

  7. I’ll stop watching the Sherri Williams show if they don’t bring Suzanne and Norman back. I’ve been a faithful watcher for 20+years but no more. Sorry Wendy you were the best but Sherri is to self centered.

  8. Look Wendy seriously needs help right now so stop trying compare Sherri to a person that has tried to give it her all when she was going through personal problems for you guys. Wendy is sick and needs professional help Period!!! Move on and give Sherri a chance to live her dream. She is trying to make it in this business too.

  9. Get to the point and let us know where Norman and Suzanne is. Should have kept the Wendy Williams show going and let Norman be the Host.

  10. Absolutely miss Wendy Williams!!! There will never be another like her – wish to see her again, but of course want her to be well –

  11. I liked Wendy
    I wish she would have said goodbye and gave us some kind of update on what’s going on with her…I liked Norman and Susanne…I wish them well.


  12. I miss Wendy, but I do love Sherri and watch everyday and hope the show is a success. I do miss Norman and Suzanne. I thought they brought a lot to Wendy’s show and they can do the same for Sherri. I really hope they do come on the Sherri show.
    All the best to Wendy and whatever is in store for her in the future.
    In the meantime, I will continue watching Sherri.

  13. Yes I’d like to know where Normsn and Suzanne are. Hope they r working wish Sherri would have kept them. people gripe about everything, they’ll get over it. I will definitely b watching Sherri.

  14. I love the new Sherri show. It is just awesome, funny and entertaining! I am so happy that she has this opportunity to entertain us. Don’t not compare her to Wendy (even though it is better). She has her own style and I LOVE IT!!!

  15. I know it probably isn’t fair to Sherri Shepherd, but I resent her! It is like she’s taking advantage of Wendy Williams problems. Norman and Suszanne in my mind, were anchors on the Wendy Williams Show. To perform the same antics for Sherry smacks of betrayal. Sherry, does not seem to have her own identity or an unique personality that would consistently draw a faithful audience! She’ll aways be perceived as an amateur trying and struggling to replace Wendy! It’s an inherent problem: one black face cannot simply replace another’s; contrary to the industry popular but mistaken belief.

  16. I MISS WENDY SOOO MUCH🙄😳😔😭she helped me through the death of my 21yr old son🙏🏼it wasnt all about hot topics it was the way she said things..she always always made me laugh🤣🤣she didnt know she was bringing joy in my life😌Sure wish I could give her a BIG HUG..God be with her✝️💜

  17. ItsFine that Sherri is doing what she always wanted to do…but Norman & Suezanna were the very best in entertainment they need to come back no matter what they have excitement to give the audiences all the time this way its a little boring

    1. I won’t be watching either. Sherri is pigging backing off what Wendy Williams built. The chair is smaller, the production is similar, and what’s up with the fake Norman on the stage with Sherri? Nawwwww….🫣

  18. Read the credits of the Show, Norman and Suzanne are listed as producers! They can’t be in the front of Sherri show that was Wendy’s format, although I saw Marco in the last show, which that can be a fail on her part. The show is too much like Wendy and Sherri needed to let them all go and get a new format, too many comparisons and that will ultimately fail her

  19. There will never be another Wendy. I miss her so much she made me laugh and sometimes made me mad but she was great. Sherri should not be concerned a replacement she deserves her shot not to be compared to Wendy. I would like to see Suzanne and Norman brought back to the show I really enjoyed seeing them every day. I wish blessings to all.

  20. I miss The Wendy Williams show, however, I am so excited for Sherri Shepherd. She will pave her own way and make own mark. Sherri is not trying to Wendy, she is being herself Sherri. I’m glad Norman and Suzanne are still around.

  21. Wendy is not well. She is currently in a rehab facility for substance abuse and she has otherserious health issues. Sherri did not steal her show. She is not a fill in for wendy. She is plotting her own course. Pray for Wendy and wish Sherri much success. Wendy Show is over.

    1. Where ever Norman and Suzanne are I wish them well. I’ve watched once but there is no replacement for Wendy she had a true conviction to the show and to the fans. I would rather turn the TV off or watch another channel.

  22. I would like to set the record straight. Norman and Suszanne ARE still a vital part of the Sherri Show. I was personally at the 1st filming on September 8th and I saw both of them with my own eyes. We need to consider a few things:
    1. While Norman and Suszanne became on air talent that was not the original role they were to play when the Wendy Williams show began. As the show progressed Wendy started leaning on them more and more giving them camera time. They actually were always supposed to be behind the scenes producer’s. While it wasnt always planned we the audiences really like the additional personalities on our screens. As time progresses every show transforms it’s natural. The same will happen for the Sherri Show.
    2. It makes total sense that Sherri would attempt to separate herself from the Wendy Williams show. If nothing else at all, atleast out of respect for Wendy. We should definitely appreciate the respect that Ms. Shepherd has for Wendy. Also that was Wendy’s thing so now Sherri is looking for what is her thing. I say we should give her a chance a fighting chance. Her show is actually really inspiring and it’s a positive twist that we really don’t see in daytime. I’m here for it! The two shows are totally different we should really stop comparing. Nobody is comparing Karamo Brown to The Real, No one is comparing JHud to Ellen but both also Inherited the staff and studios of their predecessors.

    Just my thoughts!

  23. I like the Sherry show but you are right she needs to bring it it’s very bland you know I like to comedy but we need hot topics on that show that’s what we used to seeing at that time right now I don’t think I’m going to watch it the rest of the week I like Sherry but it’s very humdrome

  24. Honestly, Sherri can’t win for losing. If she keeps Norman and Suzanne on-air y’all will say Sherri stole or is tryna duplicate Wendy’s show. All she wants to do is do HER OWN thing. Don’t watch if you don’t want to.

  25. I love Wendy..just let’s face it she had some situations to deal with and could not return..give another Sista a chance to fill in the gap..Sherri deserves a chance she didn’t force Wendy out..Look at this way if Sherri didn’t fill the spot someone else would have…why not Sherri… Sherri I’m enjoying your show..watching everyday…do you thang gurI.. I’m lovin it…God is good!!!

  26. The Sherri show is not all that interesting 🤔 to me on the first day. Don’t let that big smile 😊 fool you showing all 32 teeth 😁she will laugh in your face and be waiting to steal behind your back if she gets that’s chance. I believe Sherri will go to a mile stone to get what’s she wants you see how see were flirting with Dj and went out with the bodyguard for lunch Wendy did the samething when see were there, so I don’t trust her to mush, and if she were so popular and have many fans why happen she had her own talk show 12 years ago instead of now .She saw the first opportunity to grab something that doesn’t belong to her, especially when Wendy needed help foreshore. I wish her all of the success of her new talk show ,but she has to remember what’s going around comes around. Now I know that someone had to take over show and get the job done quickly so it happen to be Sherri .WENDY YOUR FANS WILL MISS YOU DEARLY 😔 😘 GET WELL SOON AND MAKE A COME BACK OF THE UNEXPECTED BLESSING THAT YOU HAVE DONE FROM GOD😇🥰😘🤗

  27. Wendy get well soon 😊 your fans love you 😍 very much and wish you happy recovery. Can’t wait to see you with a come back, GOD BLESS YOU AND WATCH OVER YOU TO PROTECT YOU TO STRENGTHEN YOU TO KEEP YOU SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!😇😊

  28. I don’t see Norman Suzanne or Marco on the show I have seen DJ Sussone. I watch the Jennifer Hudson show she is more snazzy on her show and she interacts with all 3 of her audience not just 9ne like Sherri does. Sherri was more popular on the Wendy show. Her show is somewhat boring. So I usually turn

  29. Sherri is awesome. She’s always positive and uplifts people. I loved her first week and you can tell she will continue to rock it!

    1. Miss Suzanne and Norman. And Hot Topics. Sherri’s DJ is lame!!! No more excitement. Thought Sherri’s show was going to better. I like her BUT!!! Not what i thought it would be..

  30. Wendy show is gone and I am watching Jennifer Hudson. Her show is FANTASTIC! I will definitely miss Suzanne& Norman but Jennifer Hudson show makes Sherri look like a clown. She doesn’t even look right sitting in that chair. Sorry Sherri, Jennifer got your looking like a clown.

  31. I did watch The Wendy Williams Show when she was there. I’m watching the Sherri Shepherd show now I do miss Norman and Suzanne but.The Show Must Go On and Sherri Shepherd is doing a good job give her my praise and blesses

  32. Hello everyone! I truly miss Wendy. Norman & Suzanne I miss y’all too. My mornings are not the same. Wendy you are in my prayers. Norman & Suzanne I hope you two are happy where ever you two are.

  33. I tried to give the Sherri show a chance but it’s just not that good. It seems that she talks about herself a lot and puts on “look at me” dramatics. I think she is well meaning, she just tries way to hard to be funny and it doesn’t seem authentic. Wendy had an authentic ease about her that can’t be replicated. Also where the frick is Norman and Suzanne! Big error in judgment.

  34. Sherrys show is awesome. Glad to not see Norman and Suzanne. I wanted Sherry to bring on her own people, a fresh look and team. Both Norman and Suzanne were corny to me. Stop comparing the two women, there’s no comparison.

  35. I love Sherri, but miss Norman and Suzanne. Please bring them onscreen! They really miss them conversing with Sherri. Their banter really added to the show.

  36. I won’t watch the Sherri show she just isn’t doing it for me! I’d rather have Fat Joe and his sister Remmy Ma!!! Now I’m stuck watching the couple’s court to find out who’s Cheating!! It’s better than the Sherri Show!! I don’t know if anyone would be as good as Wendy!!

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