‘GMA’ Fans Livid At Robin Roberts & Michael Strahan, Why?

Michael Strahan & Robin Roberts Host GMA [GMA | YouTube]

GMA fans are livid at Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan. They were in for a shock when they turned on the show on Wednesday morning. Both hosts were away from the desk. Over the past summer, the hosts went on many breaks. Michael had to go on an extended hiatus because he was hosting his game show, The $100,000 Pyramid.

The hard-working man in show business, second to Ryan Seacrest, didn’t take a summer vacation. Now, he’s making up for it. On top of that, Robin just went on a European vacation with her partner, Amber Laign, and their friends. Earlier this month, she said that she was ready to get back to work.

Read on to learn what happened when both Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts were MIA.

Michael Strahan & Robin Roberts At GMA Desk [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

GMA fan favorites missing from the desk

The faces of Good Morning America weren’t at their desk on Wednesday’s broadcast. The two co-hosts were away from the show once again. They’ve taken a lot of time off this year alone due to upcoming projects or planned trips. Instead, George Stephanopoulos returned to his desk with the fill-in hosts Cecilia Vega and Whit Johnson.

Robin Roberts hosted the show earlier this week. However, she was missing from her regular chair on Wednesday morning. No explanation was provided. Michael was first absent on Monday’s show. He had to fulfill his role as a sportscaster for Monday Night Football now that football season is back.

Robin Roberts On GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Michael was also absent from Wednesday’s live show. Fans have gotten to know Cecilia over the past few weeks. She’s become a friendly face on the ABC show. Cecilia filled in when Robin went on her vacation.

Whit is part of the Weekend Team on GMA. Even though he’s regarded as a newcomer, he’s been on the talk show for the past few years. He also fills in on weekdays if needed. Whit is also known for his role on the Saturday broadcast of ABC World News Tonight and as a fill-in for ABC World News with David Murr.

Where’s Robin Roberts & Michael Strahan?

GMA fans were fed up. They wanted to know where Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan were hiding. The hosts became the fan favorites of the show, along with George. Some of them took to Twitter to demand answers from both of them.

  • “@RobinRoberts and @michaelstrahan don’t even show up half the time anymore. Is it that hard to show up for work? #GMA.”
  • “Missing you today @RobinRoberts on @GMA. Hope all is well. I expected you to interview @serenawilliams.”
  • “How can you have a morning when @RobinRoberts and @michaelstrahan are not there half the time @ABC? It’s just so weird.”
  • “Michael and Robin are gone again? #GMA.”‘

Michael has many projects in the works. The 50-year-old launched his skincare line this week at CVS stores called the Michael Strahan Defense. He also has a collaboration with suit retailer Men’s Wearhouse. Robin Roberts didn’t reveal why she went missing. Over on Instagram, she shared a behind-the-scenes of herself with Michael on Tuesday.

What are your thoughts on Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts being away from their seats? Did you miss the hosts? Or, do you think they should get replaced? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


      1. And Lara Spencer has needed to go for a LONG time too. Very phony and condescending. I can tell she’s probably very nasty just under the surface. I don’t like her voice or manner either. Someone likable like Leeza Gibbons, would be really good.

  1. Tired of both Robin and Michael. Especially Michael !!!! He’s irritating and self absorbed. Cecelia, Amy, Whit, and TJ are more professional and like able.

    1. its about time they got rid of both of them they are discusting . it will be great to not have to look at them ever morning.

      1. And what about them makes them “disgusting”…What did they ever do to you…besides being BLACK…SUCCESSFUL …and of course one is gay….or is just more vile hatred coming out of nowhere for no constructive reason

  2. Everyone needs a break. I agree that it must be taken along the journey of your work. Why wait until you are all broken up to travel. One must have fun all throughout the journey of life. Enjoy Robin Robert’s & Michael Strahan. Amen.

  3. Who cares!! They do have other things in their lives…it’s nice to see new faces to. Sometimes keeping things the same gets boring.

  4. Michael should have been gone a long time ago. He doesn’t add anything to the show. He’s rude and I’ve watched him make unkind comments dur>NG his interviews. Robin I li k e but think she should be there more often.

  5. They need replaced!! It’s nice to have a job where you can do all that you want, but it’s not fair to the ones who are there every day! They are not that great, everyone can be replaced!!

  6. Must be soòoo hard sitting there reading a script that someone else wrote. Try getting out & doing a hard day on a hard job. Only thing is all the “real hard workers don’t get breaks whenever they want.

  7. Wow. You’re really petty.
    These people have negotiated time off built into their contracts – and however they use it is their business. To attempt to conflate Ryan’s availability to Robin’s and Michael’s is reckless and stupid. And I’ll take it a step further: Ryan has been known to overwork himself to a point where it has affected his health. A cursory Google search in this regard will enlighten you. Why don’t you write a story about that?
    Your article has an air of racism built into it: You have implied that Ryan works and the other two (who are black) don’t work. That trope is tired and the manner in which you went about it was as transparent as Saran Wrap.
    Going forward, do some worthwhile fact-checking before stirring the pot about things which A) Do not concern you – and B) You are completely ignorant about.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. absolutely. I picked up on the Racism immediately. These people must have grown up with so much hate in their childhood that it makes them hate anyone that dosen’t look like them.. wish they would be introspective and just stop the hate.

  8. I was glad they were not there, especially Robin.
    I think Amy should replace Robin as she has been there as long and worked at least twice as hard. I like Michael, but he takes off a lot!! The only one I can’t stand is TJ!! Talk about self absorbed!! He is the most self absorbed, masagenistic man I have ever seen in News! He is sarcastic And thinks everything is a joke also. And I watch news constantly. He is so jealous of Amy and is so disrespectful to her calling her by her last name. He would never, ever do that to the queen Robin. George is the only reason I still watch GMA. He’s brilliant and the hardest working guy in News today!!!

  9. It seems like both Michael and Robin have other priorities they are focusing on. Let them go before GMA audience goes ellsewhere!

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