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Fans Rip ‘Today’ Hosts Funeral Coverage As Rude

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The Today Showcoverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is being ripped as “rude” by viewers that tuned in to check it out. As TvShowsAce previously reported, a photo featuring Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, and Wilfred Frost surfaced on both Instagram and Twitter this morning. The team of TV personalities and journalists sat behind a news desk in London as they prepared to cover Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Hoda Kotb was first on the chopping block as many urged her to tone down her happiness and read the room regarding the fact that she was covering an international funeral. The hate, however, spread beyond just Hoda. Viewers weren’t exactly happy with the smile Savannah Guthrie cracked either.

In fact, many viewers blasted the Today Show on both Twitter and Instagram for their rude coverage of the Queen’s funeral.

Hoda and Queen Elizabeth
Hoda and Queen Elizabeth]

Viewers blast rude Today host Hoda Kotb

On multiple social media platforms, viewers of The Today Show crucified Hoda Kotb for her failure to tone down her happiness while covering Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. In the screenshot attached to the tweet below, Hoda flashes such a large pearly white smile that her eyes struggled to stay open. Viewers thought it was disgusting and disrespectful to Queen Elizabeth for her to be as happy as she was in the photo down below.

Views also attack Savannah Guthrie

Like Hoda, viewers also thought Savannah Guthrie of The Today Show was way too perky to be covering an international funeral. One viewer even called attention to how messy Savannah’s hair was during the special. The viewer noted that Savannah should have taken more time to care for her hair knowing she was covering the funeral of such a significant person.

Here’s what some other viewers had to say about what they considered to be disrespectful coverage by Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie:

  • “The women are smiling like ghouls.”
  • “It’s a funeral. Why all the smiles?”
  • “Why the big smiles?”
  • “Someone should tell Hoda that her big smile is not appropriate!!”
  • “Ugh. I know what I won’t be watching.”

In defense of Savannah and Hoda, one fan noted the photo was merely letting everyone know they would be covering the funeral. This fan noted they were sure Savannah and Hoda would be respectful during the actual broadcast. Another fan chimed in adding they didn’t understand why people were so mean and judgemental toward Hoda and Savannah.

Even though it was just a photo before the broadcast, the majority were in agreement that Hoda should have toned down her smile some. Many individuals called attention to Lester and Wilfred having much more appropriate facial expressions.

Hoda Kotb YouTube

Did the photo they shared with huge smiles as they prepared to cover the Queen’s funeral turn you off from watching The Today Show’s coverage of the funeral? Do you think Hoda and Savannah need to take lessons from Lester and Wilfred on how to read a room? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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  1. I watched the BBC coverage and it was great. Very respectful and proper for the occasion. Why anyone would watch the NBC coverage is beyond me – they called her the Queen of England. Obviously, they don’t know what they are talking about. They would be too interested in the Harry and Meghan nonsense to cover the funeral and processionals with the proper reverence and historical appropriateness.

  2. They really need to read the room! It was very disappointing that they acted like this during the coverage of the Queen’s funeral.

  3. I left the nbc coverage and truly enjoyed the pbs
    Savannah was totally out if place. She wants to be the center of everything. Her appearance 🤷‍♂️
    This is not limited to the funeral but I have also been watching other morningvshow because I cant start my day with her!

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