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‘Live’ Host Kelly Ripa Fires Back At Troll, Defends New Project


Live With Kelly And Ryan co-host Kelly Ripa is often bashed by fans for discrediting her co-host Ryan Seacrest every now and then on the show. However, this time, she was trolled by fans for a very different reason. The talk show host shared details of her latest project on Instagram but a troll didn’t seem to take it well.

What is this new project? How did Kelly react to her troll? Keep reading to find out more!

Kelly Ripa Surprised At Her New York Home By Editor Carrie

The 51-year-old is excited about the launch of her latest project which is a book authored by her. The book is slated to release on September 27, 2022. On Thursday, the actress took to her Instagram account and shared a beautiful moment of her receiving the very first copy of the book she wrote. The video showed a camera crew filming inside her home in New York City as she looked excited about her surprise.

Kelly Ripa YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

As she looked into the camera anticipating her surprise, she said, “I think Ryan should be here if it’s his birthday cake.”

A voice assured from behind the camera, “It’s not Ryan’s birthday cake.”

Kelly replied, “Why am I getting scared?” as she turned around. Carrie Thornton, her editor, walked into the room with a hardcopy of Kelly’s upcoming book titled, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories. Delighted and shocked by her gift, Kelly shrieked and hugged her editor as she asked, “Oh my gosh! Oh, this is the real one?”

Kelly Ripa Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Carrie joked, “That’s a real book, yes. It’s not fake.”

Kelly captioned the clip, “When your editor surprises you with the first edition. Hot off the presses!”

Fans Congratulate Kelly Ripa On Her New Book

Fans flocked to the comment section showing support for the host for her new project with some even eager to purchase one as soon as it releases on the market.

Kelly Ripa Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

As per The Sun, former daily soap actress and comedian Chelsea Handler commented, “I want an Action Park T-shirt! And the book, obvi.”

Mark Consuelos, Kelly’s husband, also chimed in, “Proud of you!!!”

Among the comments, one troll didn’t seem happy or enthusiastic about Kelly’s upcoming book release. They remarked, “Everyone in Hollywood has written a book. What else is new today?”

Kelly Ripa Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

In most cases, comments like these go unnoticed or ignored, but the All My Children star did take note of this derogating comment. As she clapped back at the troll she wrote, “Yeah but I live in New York so……”

Anderson Cooper To Join Kelly Ripa On Her Book Tour

Kelly has already scheduled three book tours at different venues located in the northeast. However, she hasn’t received the support from fans she was expecting.

Kelly Ripa Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Her husband will also join her on the first book tour in New Jersey. More so, Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor, will also be joining in Manhattan.

Are you looking forward to the release of Kelly’s upcoming book? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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