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Ryan Seacrest Fires Back At Kelly Ripa For Rude Comments

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When you work with someone every day like Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa do, tensions are bound to get high occasionally. After a set of seemingly rude remarks from his cohost, Ryan fired back at Kelly. Yet, many of his fans think he should’ve said more. Are the two hosts in a feud or was this a simple misunderstanding? Keep reading and let us know what you think.

Kelly Ripa Implies Cohost Doesn’t Know English

Fans of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan know that this is not the first time the pair’s on-air antics have made headlines. Viewers have called Kelly Ripa out in the past for cutting her cohost off while he’s talking, which is something she does during nearly every show.

Kelly and Ryan usually share a few personal things or something they are interested in at the beginning of the program. This week, Kelly suggested that her cohost start watching Industry. “It’s so, so good and I have no idea what’s going on,” she said about the show.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan - Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/LIVEKellyandRyan

Credit: YouTube/LIVEKellyandRyan

Kelly went on to say that the subject matter of the show, which is finance related, goes over her head. However, that isn’t the only issue she sees with Ryan being able to comprehend the plot. According to Kelly, the heavy British accents may make it difficult for the red carpet commentator to understand.

“There are British accents, but there are Americans too, so you’ll be able to understand it,” she said to Ryan, who was looking increasingly annoyed. Much of the time, these comments from Kelly blow over, but Ryan decided to address it live on air this time.

Ryan Seacrest Claps Back At Kelly On Air

“I can understand English,” Ryan replied to Kelly on air. The rebuttal received a few chuckles from the studio audience. His cohost started to explain that the actors on the show use “really fast British.” She also suggested Ryan may still have trouble understanding the different dialects and accents.

“With all due respect, I can understand fast English, even British fast English,” Seacrest said with a laugh. He went on to note that he has been watching the British news for days following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Ryan Seacrest on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan - Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/LIVEKellyandRyan

Credit: YouTube/LIVEKellyandRyan

Despite insisting he was capable of understanding the English language, Kelly insisted that he watch the show with subtitles on. To shrug off the mildly awkward moment on air, she added that Industry is full of rich people. Luckily, Ryan will probably know everyone there.

The heated moment seemingly cooled down quickly and the show went on, but Ryan’s fans are growing tired of Kelly’s behavior. Do you think Kelly meant to insult Ryan with her remarks? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Viewers can tune in to see Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on weekdays at 9 a.m. EST on ABC.

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    1. I agreed with you I don’t like her on the show no more she thinks is all about her, I don’t watch the show no more.


        1. I agree, more often than not the show seems to be a dialogue about how great she is and her attributes. Even when a cooking segment is presented, it is ALL about HER.

      2. I agree! She is full of herself! And for no reason! She’s so disrespectful! I think she’s a lousy mother! Get over yourself Kelly!

    2. I agree 100% I do feel sorry for Ryan she doesn’t know how to turn it off when Ryan is talking, it’s sad a grown woman has no respect for her cohost.Don’t see Ryan putting up with her for very long, she sure cuts him down a lot. Sorry but that’s my feelings about the Kelly & Ryan Live

      1. Kelly Ripa should consider the possibility of taking politeness lessons, stop looking at the off camera monitor and take a refresher course on acting !!!

      2. Kelly is rude and all about herself. Show needs their audience back she was less snotty then. Hopefully Ryan will wise up

    3. Ryan is kind and mindful. I only watch the show because he’s on there. We need someone that is respects a
      Differences In Opinion and this is not Kelly. We loved Michael and now here we go again!

      1. Never liked Michael but haven’t watched the last 2 seasons. I am tired of seeing Ryan on everything and tired of Kelly being Kelly.

      2. I’m not a fan of Kelly’s. Have her go do everything else she’s involved in and bring Alexandra back to replace Kelly 😃. Ryan doesn’t need Kelly 🤷

          1. I agree Linda. Kelly likes playing with
            her hair, hands,,etc. Whenever Ryan
            is talking.
            She knows all the tricks of being a scene stealer!!

            I sure miss our Regis .

    4. She has always though she was alittle bit above her co host and the people that come on the shore. I quit watching along time ago because of her superior ego. Regis knew that too

    5. I have actually only watched the show twice, so I don’t know their relationship with each other. However, on both shows I noticed that she talks over him, and seems rude to him. I thought maybe she was having a bad day. From what I am reading, this must be her normal behavior. I won’t be watching anymore. I’m not taking sides, but I commend him for taking the high road and not being rude right back. If he did, things could get ugly. She needs to stop.

    6. Agree Kelly has to go. Not going to watch anymore…Kelly stop being condescending to Ryan..Bring Ali Wentworth back on with Ryan…

  1. It seems over the past few years Kelly has become very arrogant..
    I agree, she is very rude to Ryan and doesn’t allow him to finish a story.

  2. I really didn’t think anything about it, they both talk over each other all the time. No audience now, show stinks. Other shows are bringin back people, why not them? I start to watch, then after all the touching aninteruping, I change the channel. Used to love the show, no more.

    1. It’s smart not to have an audience given that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that most of the country is in denial about.

  3. I think Kelly Ripa has entitled, arrogant demeanor about her. She is rude. She cuts of guests on the show too! Ryan needs to speak up more often.
    I have stopped watching the show because of Kelly!

  4. She’s so full of herself. I used to really like that show but I really can’t stand listening to her over talk everyone.

  5. Kelly needs to take a step back and remember how she got to where she is today. I stopped watching the “Kelly all about me show” years ago.

    1. Kelly is what I call a silent bully. She does it every so cagy. I can’t stand her as she thinks she is all that and a box of rocks. Time for her to go away.

  6. I didn’t view that exchange as noteworthy at all. Friends joke around. What seems rude or tense to us, might be nothing to them. Plus even if Kelly did actually offend Ryan, a sincee apology will probably clear things up.

    1. I tend to agree. They both interrupt one another, and to me this banter was very Kelly “mom mode”…sort of over explaining her thoughts.She was, in essence, warning him that he might need subtitles.
      I won’t lie, I watch a lot of British TV, and I sometimes leave the subtitles on.
      I also think she kind of channels Regis” style.

  7. I stopped watching after the whole Michael Strahan thing, I think she is just full of herself and hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Ryan Seacrest.

    1. Same here. I think Kelly Ripa is an unlikeable person and she’s rude as hell to her co-hosts. I don’t mind Ryan Seactest but SHE alone is why I stopped watching the show.

  8. Kelly is so full of herself now. I stopped watching a long time ago…..Ryan seems so nice and she dismisses him and his stories, doesn’t listen and thinks only her stupid stories matter. Rude !

  9. I always thought this is just banter between the two of. Them the show is scripted so maybe writers should back off kelly

  10. Ever since All My Children, she has been a boor of a (insert pop head emoji). I don’t know what Regis saw in her to have her as a cohost other that she was a cookie cut mold of Kathy

  11. I feel Kelly Ripa needs to take her co host Ryan Seacrest and treat him with love and respect as she wants to be treated by others. Nothing else is acceptable.

  12. All of the above statements are so true I quit watching also unless Kelly is gone. I love Ryan on there as I did Micheal, Kelly ruins it for every one

  13. I used to enjoy LIVE. Watched it since Regis. Kelly does a lot of stuff nowadays that I don’t like. I stopped watching it a little while.
    One of my pet peeves is holiday “dinner” which she insists is Only in the evening. We

  14. I agree that Kelly has become overbearing, obnoxious and rude. She used to be the darling of daytime TV; however, she started being rude to Regis, thought Michael Strahan should bow down to her and when he left she was insulted. I’m hoping Ryan has the courage to do the same thing.

  15. Kelly Ripa Has Always Been Like This. She Constantly Interrupted Regis. He Would Be telling One Of His Getting Lost Stories. And He Never Got To Finish. She’s So Fake. Get Rid Of Her. She’s One Of The Worst Human Beings On This Earth!!!

    1. I agree with all of the above. Ryan is great and why he tolerates her is beyond me. Her arrogance is getting worse by the year. A total know it all.
      Her other show – Generation Gap – is just horrid. Jimmy Kimmel developed it. He and Kelly are two of a kind. I used to love him but he’s so full of himself.

  16. Ryan needs to walk. I use to watch the show when Regis was on, then Michael. All she does is interrupt the Co-host and everyone else. She’s boring and thinks she’s all that but she’s not. Ryan go, get away, just like Michael she’s a real witch (b)

  17. I too do not appreciate the the way Kelly treats Ryan. He so nice and polite.She needs to go away. I personally think she is jealous of and all that he does. When will someone get rid of Kelly Ripa

  18. Kelly Ripa makes my stomach turn. She is totally phony and too cutsy her cohosts are smarter more entertaining than she. But she runs off her big mouth whenever

  19. I agree!! Kelly has let the fame go to her head! She does interrupt every conversation! I vote that Alli Wentworth take over her spot!!! She’s hysterical 😂😂

    1. I agree about Ali! I’ve requested her before. Ali is funny, smart and respectful. Sometimes Kelly is ok, but she’s usually too silly and stuck on herself for my tastes. I record the show, but don’t often watch much as I fast fwd thru. If Ali’s on, I watch it all depending on who the guests are. I don’t like the dance part, usually bad.

  20. She was great with Regis because she would come in when he was having a senior memory moment however, I notice Kelly speaks slowly & is having those senior moments already! Not sure whats that about…. Very noticeable

  21. Omgoodness!!!
    I thought it was just me!
    Something about Kelly Ripa is off, has been for years!!
    Can’t believe it’s #1 daytime talk show!!
    Good luck to them all!!

  22. Kelly is very Obnoxious. She wants to run the show by herself. She’s rude , and doesn’t allow him to speak without interrupting him …talking over him .
    I like Ryan , he’s respectful toward her , his character is simply nice.

  23. I have never liked her. When she was on with Michael .She could get along with him either so he left the show. She is rude, mean,and a know it all. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work with her.

  24. I cannot watch her. She is the most boring host on tv. Takes her forever to get out what she wants to say. I can’t believe Ryan continues to work with her. He must have nerves of steel! Just my opinion.

  25. Kelly is an annoying old hag. she needs to retire. She is disrespectful and down right rude. I stopped watching because I couldn’t stomach her anymore.

  26. Kelly seems to always put down who ever she works with. It’s a shame she hasn’t learned from her past. She needs to take kindness lessons. I’m amazed her husband puts up with her bad behavior.

  27. The majority of the remarks are extreme put downs. I disagree. Kelly is holding her own with Ryan.He is a soft but strong personality. They compliment each other and just as married couples razz each other they are comfortable enough to do that. It isn’t everyone that can banter and fill 15-20 minutes with light hearted trivia. Be kind. Don’t judge. They both are very talented, caring people.

  28. Ryan can hold his own…Kelly is Kelly ….she doesn’t mean to be hateful…she just thinks her story is better than anyone else’s. I share a birthday with her so I try not to bad mouth her too much…I pry have the same traits… Mark Consuelos thinks she amazing ….that’s all that matters…but I do admit it’s a whole different show when she’s gone…Ryan is so much more relaxed ,Ali is his best co-host…

  29. Yes Kelly Ripa can be very rude at times and cut’s not only Ryan,but cohost off pretty short just so that she could hear what she’s got to say and then when she does say it she repeats it three times cause she’s looking for another word or sentence. Thanking how to finish her Conversation. not only is she saying that she looks anorexic what they put on her just doesn’t fit her anymore no shape to her. Her daughter had A beautiful body and a face to go with it. Kelly Should learn something from her three kids.

  30. I’ve hardly watched since Ryan is on not one of his fans. I’ve always thought he talked down to her and others. If I see that Mark is on I’ll watch but otherwise meh.

  31. Kelly is just RUDE! She’s condescending, she interrupts Ryan, and her ego must be fed constantly. She cuts Ryan off too often then takes forever to tell a story. I wish the name of the show was, THE RYAN SHOW…KELLY WHO???

  32. I think she’s rude. Without Ryan she would be jobless.Ryan makes the show.Terrible how she makes in fun of German.

  33. Well………apparently something is right between them..They stilll on….You can look at all shows and find a gripe…..Watch what you want and put positivity in the atmosphere…..Turn the channel…….The View makes me feel negataive, so i dont watch…..Find the good in people or turn the channel……
    Its easy to say the bad…..what about the goood they both have done…
    Stop pitting people against each other……Dang just dang

  34. I love the show and have watched for many years. Lately though I have noticed more sarcasm and bad jokes from Kelly toward Ryan. I see that he seems to be bothered by it more and more. I don’t think it’s a necessary part of the show and I really think perhaps Kelly should cut back on beating up on Ryan. Kathy Lee and Regis had sarcastic banter and at times it was really funny. This Kelly and Ryan thing it to one sided, Ryan rarely strikes back. I hope things will change because I don’t think it is good for the show.

  35. Ryan has a lot of power himself and is well liked .he’ll wake up one day and take his power back, Kelly is boring,she can’t even tell a story,it just drags on! I like him with all wentworth

  36. Either fire Kelly or leave the show Ryan! I don’t watch the show at all. I can’t stand Kelly!! She annoys me! She’s so full of herself and she just needs to go!!! Her hair is horrendous and so is she!

  37. I’ve got really tired of her always having to interrupt while he’s tell a story or explaining something this crap of behavior has been going on way to long and then you know why her former cohost left the show and moved on to better things🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. 100% agree with you R. Diaz! Last week Ryan was talking about his family & she flat out interrupted him with a story of her own! Am so tired of it that I don’t even watch it that much. I can tell Ryan is getting tired of it as well with his facial expressions. I’m waiting for him or a certain guest to finally tell her off!!

  38. After GMA, channel changed unless Ali is replacing Kelly. Kelly is so into herself, extremely rude to Ryan and guest. Can’t watch her anymore, she lacks professionalism, empathy and manners. No fun watching this ego filled brat.

  39. Kelly Ripa is a dummy.Send her back to College or some other learning institution. She talks over her co-hosts and even guests
    Everything is about her and her children

  40. Kelly needs to take lessons on manners and respect. Ryan should take over. He needs a nicer cohost. It makes sense why Michael Stratham left. I watch GMA and as soon as it ends I shut off the TV because of Kelly.

  41. I think kelly is a fake. when people talk about there adventures, kelly has done it better always a show off I am not impressed with her at all dump her before the show gets canned

  42. So glad I’m not the only who thinks she is annoying rude and very hard to watch. She always turns things her way doesn’t matter what they’re talking about it always come back to her or her husband. I really don’t give a shit about her sex life with her husband but she sure brings it up a lot poor Ryan doesn’t stand a chance with her mouth running all the time.

  43. Ryan and Kelly used to act as if they were mutual friends. Kelly just tears him down and embarrasses Ryan!! He is more aware than anybody the banter and reaction is on National TV/ this could be discussed on other talk show. Ryan takes the high road. I wonder why Art Moore or Michael Gelman are not talking to her about her behavior I am almost embarrassed for her.

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