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Gwendlyn Brown Goes Along With Kody & Paedon Mockery?

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Gwendlyn Brown is a fan favorite among Sister Wives fans. Many viewers love her outspoken personality online. And after growing up on television, it appears she’s developed quite a bit of resentment towards her dad. She and her brother Paedon aren’t on the best of terms either.

Many other members of the Brown family tend to keep quiet about their ongoing disputes, but Gwendlyn is more than happy to make her true feelings known. Keep reading to see the massive shade she threw toward her father and brother.

Gwendlyn Brown happily throws shade at her family members

Although she was a little girl when Sister Wives first aired, Gwendlyn Brown is now a grown woman. She and her girlfriend Beatriz just moved in together and seem very happy.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

While Gwendlyn and her mother Christine seem to be on great terms with one another, the same can’t be said for her father and brother.

In the past, the TLC personality has joked that she suffered “religious trauma” at the hands of her family. She hasn’t really gone into specifics, but it’s not hard to imagine what she means here. Growing up in a fundamentalist polygamist family would definitely leave a lasting mark on most children.

Recently, Gwendlyn revealed on her Instagram stories that she received a biology lab kit for her schooling. It came with a model of a skeleton, so the Sister Wives star decided she had to give it a name. She asked her followers for suggestions.

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

And of course, plenty of Sister Wives fans suggested that she name it after her father Kody.

“Kody, sorry…” one fan DMed Gwendlyn. She replied, “i forgive you…”

Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

Someone else suggested that Gwendlyn name the skeleton after Paedon. The pair have had a very rocky relationship for years and he even allegedly hit her at one point. It doesn’t seem like they have tried to make up anytime recently.

“LMFAO YALL NEED TO BE STOPPED,” Gwendlyn replied to one fan who suggested “Paedon” as a name. “One can only wish.”

Gwendlyn Brown from Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram

She never did say which name she chose for the skeleton, but she may reveal it in time. For now, fans will have to stay tuned and follow Gwendlyn Brown on Instagram.

Sister Wives has new episodes coming out each Sunday night

Gwendlyn Brown may not play a very active role in Sister Wives these days, but it’s possible she may make appearances in upcoming episodes.

Sister Wives will be back with an all-new episode on TLC this Sunday night. Fans can tune in at 10 PM eastern time and catch all the drama going on inside the Brown family’s households. Stay tuned and see what happens next.

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