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Gwendlyn Brown Makes It Official After Just 4 Months

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Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendlyn, has decided to make it official with her girlfriend after just four months. Gwendlyn took to Instagram last night with huge “great news” for her followers. Turns out, she and her girlfriend had made a pretty big decision. A decision just four months into their relationship. How exactly did Gwen and her beautiful girlfriend make it official? Keep reading for the details.

Gwendlyn Brown introduces new girlfriend

It was back in May that Gwendlyn Brown made her relationship with her new girlfriend Instagram official. While she didn’t outright say the beautiful young woman in the photo was her new girlfriend, their body language spoke louder than words.

In June, Gwen took to Instagram again with more photos. This time she did confirm they were a couple in the caption. She noted they were barely two months into their relationship together. They, however, were enjoying their first trip to Disneyland together.

Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter shared tons of photos of their time together on Instagram. And, Sister Wives fans were here for it as Gwen appeared to be glowing with happiness.

Gwendlyn Brown - Instagram - Girlfriend
Gwendlyn Brown – Instagram – Girlfriend

Four months in, they make it official

Just four months into her relationship with her gorgeous girlfriend, Gwendlyn takes to Instagram again. She announces she has big “great news” to share with her followers. They made a decision. They were moving in together.

Photo dump and great news! as of only 4 months, we live together!!”

In the comments, many Sister Wives fans agreed the couple moved surprisingly fast. Fans, however, had nothing but love and support for the fast-paced decision. One fan noted, “When it’s right it’s right.” 

Calling attention to one photo in particular, one fan thought it was adorable that Gwen stood on a lower step in one of the photos so she was the same height as her girlfriend. Gwen responded to the comment nothing her girlfriend was her “short king.” 

Gwendlyn Brown - Instagram - Girlfriend
Gwendlyn Brown – Instagram – Girlfriend

Are you surprised to see Gwendlyn Brown and her girlfriend moving so quickly? Do you think it is early in the relationship for them to move in together? Share your thoughts on this big decision in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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