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Gwendlyn Brown Tells ‘SW’ Fans She Suffered ‘Religious Trauma’

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Gwendlyn Brown has never really said all that much when it comes to her family. What fans know is what they have heard through the Sister Wives grapevine. Now, as she has gotten older, she is being much more forthright. One of the issues she has addressed is her religion and the twenty-year-old is not holding back.

Gwendlyn Brown’s Hidden Sadness

Though the Brown children seemed to have what they needed, it was not always rainbows and butterflies for all of the kids. Several of them battled personal issues that did not come to the forefront for many years. Mariah dealt with her mother, Meri’s “infidelity” which led them to be estranged for several years. Yet deep down, Mariah was holding on to her own secret- she was gay. Finally, she was able to come clean in a deeply personal episode. This revelation brought her and her mother much closer and it has since completely changed the trajectory of their whole relationship. Fans were privy to seeing Ysabel go through her scoliosis diagnosis and how she tried to reverse the curve. What was lost in the shuffle was that the curve had gotten so bad, she was in daily pain.

sister wives - brown family
sister wives – brown family

This was when the decision was made that surgery was necessary but again, there was a rift in the family when Kody was vehemently against her going during a pandemic. He also did not attend the procedure which would land her in the ICU. Onto Gwendlyn who has grown into a strong young woman. What viewers recently learned was that she is actually scared of her older brother Paedon. The two had gotten into a physical altercation where he slapped her. This left his younger sister so rattled that their mother Christine is still working on mending fences. An old clip resurfaced of Gwen not wanting to go on a family trip yet Christine was adamant she could not stay with Paedon. Fans found it strange yet had just learned the possible context. Now, Gwen is speaking out on some trauma she suffered and it takes a lot of bravery.

Facing Religious Trauma And Being Honest About It

Gwendlyn Brown has truly come into her own over the past year and is a lot like her older sister Mariah. First off, she has a girlfriend and the two may be engaged, according to Instagram. Second, both girls have had a deep conflict with their brother Paedon and he is quite open about this. They are also both big advocates for the BLM movement but Mariah has yet to share where she stands on her religious beliefs. However, Gwendlyn is not shy to say how she feels as one Redditor pointed out. Recently, it was noticed she changed her IG bio to say “sisterwives kid w religious trauma (in a cute way).” Though she did not elaborate, a Reddit thread was started to speculate on what it all meant.

Credit: Gwendlyn Brown IG

“Growing up on television is really an injustice,” one noted. Another added: “It should absolutely be illegal. Why is child labor okay in film and television? Both reality and scripted.” One Redditor shared very strong feelings: “Of course she has religious trauma. She grew up in a polygamist cult. And her entire childhood was filmed for public consumption.” It is hard to say why Gwen feels the way she does and maybe one day, she will open up about her life in the church. For now, hopefully, she can feel how much she is loved by those close to her and build a new life with her fiancee.

What do you think of Gwendlyn Brown using the phrase “religious trauma” and would you like to know more? Let us know in the comments.


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