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Jesse Metcalfe, Donna Mills Starring In Lifetime Limited Series

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Jesse Metcalfe is headed to Lifetime, with what promises to be a deep and dark role in the network’s next V.C. Andrews adaptation, of the Dawn Cutler series.

Along with the Desperate Housewives alum, there is a string of well-known stars in this new limited series. Who is starring in this new V.C. Andrews Gothic adaptation?

Who Stars In Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Cutler Series?

Jesse Metcalfe stars as Ormand Longchamp, and Donna Mills is Lillian Cutler. Other stars include Brec Bassinger as Dawn Longchamp, Fran Drescher as Agnes Morris., and Joey McIntyre as Michael Sutton.

In addition, Helena Marie (Sally Longchamp), Jason Cermak (Randolph Cutler), Corey Woods (Tricia), Khobe Clarke (Jimmy Longchamp), Dane Schioler (Philip Cutler), and Elyse Maloway (Clara Jean).

Bree Bassinger-Lifetime, Dawn-
Bree Bassinger-Lifetime, Dawn-

What Is Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Cutler Series About?

According to The Futon Critic, the first movie of the series, Dawn, focuses on Dawn Longchamp. Dawn grew up in a family of modest means. They worked hard, but the family was loving and kind.

However, Dawn’s life changes when she is “thrust” into a wealthy family with more than one skeleton in the closet! Some of those secrets prove to change Dawn’s life “forever.”

Her grandmother Lilian Cutler is a cruel disciplinarian. More so, it is her way or the highway. Soon, Dawn figures out that the Cutlers are absolutely cursed.

During her time at a performing arts school, Dawn engages with Michael Sutton, an infamous singing teacher, and Broadway star, as well as Agnes Morris, the headmaster at the artistic boarding school. Agnes is an out-of-work actress. At the school, Tricia is her roommate.

Other people include the Longchamps, Dawn’s adoptive family. Ormand is her adoptive father, while Jimmy, her adoptive brother, and Sally Longchamp, is her adoptive mother.

Lastly, there are the Cutlers. Dawn’s father is Randolph, and her two siblings are Clara Jean and Philip Cutler. Finally, Laura Jean Cutler is Dawn’s mother.

How Many Movies Are In Dawn Cutler Series?

There will be five movies in this Lifetime limited series. The first is Dawn and Secrets Of The Morning. Linda-Lisa Hayter (The Journey Ahead, Dirty Little Secret) is directing.

The next two movies are Twilight’s Child and Midnight Whispers. Jacquie Gould (Van Helsing, Day Of The Dead) will direct both of these movies.

The final movie, Darkest Hour, is still in development. The limited series with five movies is now in pre-production and will be filming soon.

Flowers In The Attic: The Origin Was Huge Success

Back in July, when Lifetime aired the four-part Flowers In The Attic: The Origin. This limited series, which was based on the V.C. Andrews books, had tremendous success. The network revealed that 10 million viewers watched the series that starred Max Irons, Jemima Rooper, Kelsey Grammer, Harry Hamlin, Paul Wesley, Hannah Dodd, T’Shan Williams, Callum Kerr, Luke Fetherston, and Buck Braithwaite.

Moreover, the network is the exclusive home of the work of V.C. Andrews. After her death, her unfinished books were completed by ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman.

The Dawn Cutler series will air in 2023. Based on the past two years, it is likely it will be in the month of July.

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