Lifetime’s ‘V.C. Andrews’ Hidden Jewel’ Completes Landry Family Series

Lifetime, Hidden Jewel Raechelle Banno, stars in V.C. Andrews Hidden Jewel, premiering Sunday, March 28 at 8pm ET/PT. Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021

On Sunday night, catch the conclusion of Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Landry series, with the movie Hidden Jewel. Real-life twins, Raechelle and Karina Banno return as Ruby and Giselle.

Also returning is Kristian Alfonso (Days of Our Lives, MacGyver), Crystal Fox (Big Little Lies, The Haves And Have Nots), Todd Thomson (When Calls The Heart, Turner & Hooch), Sam Duke (Heartland, Van Helsing), Chad Willett (Big Sky, Beyond), Tess Atkins (The Flash, Emma Fielding Mysteries), and Ty Wood (Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, BH90210). In addition, Jennifer Laporte (When Calls The Heart, Freaky Friday) joins the cast in this final movie.

This is the fourth and final Lifetime movie about Ruby, a mother who is hiding some very dark secrets, who only wants to protect her children. Will these secrets get exposed, or will there be more twists and turns?

What Is Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Hidden Jewel About?

Are you ready for Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews’ Hidden Jewel? According to the Lifetime synopsisHidden Jewel finds Ruby trying to find a new life for her children. She is desperate to protect her beloved daughter from the dark secrets she harbors.

Raised amidst the privileges in New Orleans, Pearl (Laporte) aspires to become a doctor. But tragedy strikes! An unfortunate accident occurs to one of her twin brothers. It is then that Pearl’s dreams are threatened and Ruby runs, once again back to the bayou.

And when one of Pearl’s younger brothers becomes deathly ill, she must journey to the backwaters to find her mother and uncover the mysterious secrets of her past. What will she find out?

Catch the premiere of V.C. Andrews’ Hidden Jewels, on Sunday, March 28, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime. Watching alone? Be sure to go to Twitter and live tweet during the movie. You know you want to discuss the crazy twists!

What Changed From The Original Novel?

Lifetime’s Hidden Jewel is based on the novels by V.C. Andrews. Speaking to Hollywood Life, Raechelle Banno, who plays Ruby, explained how they did something a little different from the Landry novels. “I think in certain circumstances I’m really proud where we slightly made a left turn here and there.”

What were some of the changes? She went on to explain how they expanded on what was in the novels.  “We’re quite sex-positive in these films, as opposed to I think Ruby in the books quite doubts her sexuality. I thought that it was quite positive that she is enjoying exploring her sexuality, even if it is just romance or friendship with the opposite sex or anything like that. So [it was] tiny little things, but that’s more inside rather than outside. Otherwise, story plot points, we stay really true to it.”

When Can You Watch V.C. Andrews’ Hidden Jewel?

Catch the premiere of V.C. Andrews’s All That Glitters on Sunday, March 28, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime. Have you missed any of the other three movies in the series? You can catch Ruby, Pearl In The Mist and, All That Glitters on Lifetime’s website.


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