Sherri Shepherd Has Complaints About New Show Already?

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As a new talk show, Sherri Shepherd realizes there are some kinks for her and her crew to work out. Turns out, one of her friends gave her a call after watching the very first episode of the show. Her friend noticed something strange about one of Sherri’s body parts. Why did it look so funny?

On Tuesday’s episode this week, the talk show host decided to grab the bull by the horns and call attention to the problem. So, she told her viewers about the phone call she got from her friend. Sherri even played a clip from Monday’s episode so she could show viewers her body hair that didn’t look right during the premiere of her new show.

What body part of Sherri Shepherd’s was messed up? What caused it to get messed up? More importantly, why did Sherri have such a big problem with it? Keep reading for the details.

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Funky camera work distorts one of Sherri Shepherd’s body parts

During Tuesday’s episode, Sherri Shepherd revealed one of her best friends called her and asked what was wrong with her hands during the premiere of her new show. More specifically, Sherri says her friend noticed her hands looked “unusually large” toward the beginning of the show.

Sherri called everyone’s attention to a clip as she showed viewers what she was talking about. Turns out, her friends were right. Her hands were oddly larger than normal at the beginning of the Premiere.

While the video played, shock and confusion washed over Sherri’s face. She held her hands up near her face as she examined them. It was clear she was trying to figure out what happened to make her hands look so big. Her hands aren’t really that big are they?

The talk show host immediately turned her attention to her executive producer who was beside the stage.

My hands, it looks like I’m wearing one of those sports foam fingers. This looks like I could palm a basketball. Look at my hands! Looks very Shaquille O’Neal. I look like Wreck-It Ralph. That’s what my hands look like.

Sherri Shepherd - Hands - Youtube

Her executive producer explained what happened

According to her executive producer, the angle of the camera was to blame for her hands looking abnormally large. The producer went on to defend the problem noting it was a new show still working out some kinks.

While Sherri tried to be understanding of the situation, she had one pretty big concern.

OK, but here’s the problem being a new show, if some man is looking at me, going, you know, I might be somebody he’s interested in, he sees these hands.He sees my hands, then this is a wrap right here. So, I just need y’all to look at my hands later on in the show and see if they can fix them.”

All concerns aside, Sherri admits that if the biggest problem a new has is a bad camera angle making her hands look giant, she must be doing alright.

Sherri Shepherd - Instagram
Sherri Shepherd – Instagram

Did you notice Sherri’s hands looked giant on Monday’s episode? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest talk show news.

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  1. Already not a fan. So sad because I’ve always like Sherri. I know she had to “switch it up” from what the Wendy Williams show was. Suzanne and Norman were a big part part of the former show. (In my opinion). Really don’t care to watch Sherri’s show

    1. They are copying the same format but without Suzanne and Norman. I think to have them on the show would make them look desperate in trying to copy the success of Wendy Williams’ show.However they may be working behind the scenes for all we know.

      1. if you take alook at the closing credits, both Suzanne and Norman are still working as producers. As well as Brendan, Suzanne’s husband and DJSus

    2. This is a lot of junk. She made a joke about her friend saying her hand looked bigger on TV. Sherri is great at what she does. It doesn’t matter whether you like her or not, because a lot of people do and I’m one of them.

  2. Sherri is very sweet, but she has a Big mouth. Always talking about her Sex Toys, Men, Exaggerates her stories and Screams too much.
    If she she shakes her Ass any harder she’s gonna fall down or break something. When she says such stupid things she should look at the faces of the audience.

      1. She is funny and entertaining but boisterous and acts like she’s at an all male revue, she over sexualizes a lot of the male guests, her staff and any male that she considers “fine”.

        If a male tv host acted the way she does there would be an uproar.

    1. Tell ya what… why don’t we lift her up in support. This is relatively new for her. Give her a chance. Look for the positive.

  3. Unwatchable. Everything is over-the-top exaggerated. Too much shrieking. Too many ”ain’t gonna”s and too few verbs in sentences. Too thirsty. Too bad…

  4. Honestly, this wasnt a clean slate if a start for her moving into Wendys space. Even the intro, set colors, wigs and wardrobe are all Wendy. The talk segment positioning and cooking segment are all Wendy Williams. The producers f**ked up. Shes a watered down Wendy Williams and the real WW fans see it as well as other viewers. Not to mention, at times Sherri seems checked out like shes not present. She has big shoes to fill and needs to get it together ASAP for longevity.

    1. First let me say, It’s sad how people can be so mean and evil and discouraging for no reason at all. It’s just sad. Why can’t we be happy for each other in this already Cruel and Evil world we live in 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. I like your show. May Our Heavenly Father continue to Bless you on this new journey. And please Pray for your Haters. I did notice the hand and I thought it was something wrong with my eyes lol. But keep doing you and being you and you will Succeed. God Bless.

    2. She is not Wendy. Noone else can be Wendy. I pray for Wendy so if everyone will give it a break so that Wendy can hopefuly get better she can have her slot back. Until then give Sherry a chance. She did nto take the show from Wendy.

    1. I pray that she succeeds in her talk show. I pray that she never try to walk in Wendy’s shoes. Sherry has her own shoes on trying to make her own footsteps. Wendy allowed her ex-husband to destroy her show. And he is still destroying her. How long was they suppose to hold her show while she continue to spiral out of control. I Love Wendy and I pray she get her life together. congratulations Sherry and may God keep you in perfect peace and longtivity on your show. Out of all the guest fill-ins Sherry was the best. ❤

    2. was watching for a while gave her a chance do not like turned the channel to TRAMON HALL she is very classy.

  5. I like Sherri. She’s had her show on 1week, and people are hating on it. You have to let her get comfortable with it. Sherri you Rock!

    1. i think Sherri is a sweet genuine person and we need to give her a chance. i miss Nirman & Suzanne too but I have a feeling there right there behind the scenes with a promotion. I love Wendy and pray she gets better soon and i have the feeling we haven’t heard the last of Wendy and Sherri will be a sucess!

  6. A long time and loyal WW fan; praying 🙏for a healthy come back. I hope that Sherrie didn’t quit her job with Da Brat nem! She’s not ready to stoop with the big dawgs.

  7. I absolutely looove “The Sherri Show”! What are you Sherri Shepard ‘hater’s’ talking about?! Sherri is NOT trying to be Wendy Wms! Frankly speaking, the only reason many of you looked Wendy Wms Show was to hear her dirty gossip, talk about herself, act mean-spirited towards her staff, guest’s and at times her audience! Y’all also loved to see her make a complete ‘fool’ if herself on national tv! The Fox producer’s were not seeking to hire an exact replica of Wendy’s personality and format. In fact, the producer’s said when Wendy is well enough to return to work, they will create a time slot for her to return to have her own tv talk show again. Now, that’s more than fair! Given the fact that they kept her position open for over one year!! How many workplaces do you know of, that will do that for an employee?! Very few! So why should someone else’s dream be deferred because of another person’s misfortune? Many of you Sherri hater’s out there are deliberately trying to sabotage and make the Sherri Show rating’s fall very low, so she gets cancelled! There is space and opportunity for other’s who choose to apply! Give Sherri a chance! one week is not enough time to critique a Show. Sherri does NOT have to prove, apologize, establish herself nor WHO she is as a top notch seasoned classy and successful
    entertainer/comedian/actress and former talk show co-host of “The View”!
    Need I say more?! Wendy needs to get herself together with the help of professionals for medical and drug abuse issue’s. I pray for Wendy to rise like a ‘phoenix from the ashes’ of all problems, come back as fierce as “The Woman King”! And while she is recovering, take notes, sit back, relax and enjoy the Sherri Show! I support Sherri in her well-deserved endeavors.
    Congratulation’s Miss Shepard!!!

  8. not a fan of Sherri on the View( why is she gone from that show?) already griping about things? , only got this chance at a show due to Wendys misfortunes , trying too hard to be a Wendy clone , there is only one Wendy and Sherri ain’t it, good luck

  9. Go Sherri do you . I m for you and 2 Funny Mama’s. I don’t like talk shows . I am not a Wendy fan I always worked at night and slept in the day . I like two funny mamas and pray for your success with Sherri Show. Long live Sherri Get BPhlat as a guest Lundell Love and Hip Hop First Post in my life

  10. Go Sherri! am here for you. I didn’t watch the premier of 1show live, but I did watch couple of them on YouTube, and am here for its. Thanks you, as you make me laugh all the time when do watch the it. it’s any everyone that is going to like you and that’s okay. some people just want to be mean and nasty. some of us are here for Sherri❤️.

  11. Talks about herself too much, the set is blah. She’s seems a fun person, just don’t care for her as a permeant talk show host.

  12. You go Sherri. All you hater’s Let her be. You all wished you were given the chance that she has and how do you all would do. You are all so quick to knock others down for your own evil thoughts and actions but your day will come.

  13. you have to give a person a chance to prove there self. All talk show’s when first get on go through this even Opral Winfrey.

  14. Sherri has been thru a lot too. Remember the low down ex. She’s just a stronger woman than Wendy. She stood her ground, and did not let him take her down. Whether this talk show stays, or goes, I think she’ll be just fine. ❤️

  15. I liked sherrie when she was filling in for Wendy and worked with Norman and Suzanne they had cemestry now she has her own show and thru Norman and Suzanne to the curb and brought her own people which are boring she is boring. Sherie has become to arrougant and she brings in all her friends and she talks about herself to much where are the hot topics. Bring back Norman and Suzanne Wendy WillIiams was a lot better they will cancel the show if the ratings get any worse at least Wendy talked in normal English and no sang talk which is ugly to listen to.Until she becomes a little professional and talks in English i won’t be watching until she improves all the way around in general.
    Sherrie you were good on the view what happen you don’t have to talk in sang improve your English it doe’s not look good for someone who has a tv reality show NEED A LOT OF IMPROVEMNT if you don’t want to be cancelled

  16. I enjoy watching this show. She’s full of life and I’m here for it. I see people saying she’s loud but what did you expect. She’s the way she always been. As for those who complain about her format being similar to Wendy. Most men who do late-night tv their format is exactly the same, the only difference is the host.

  17. This isn’t personal; Sheri Shepard is not that Interesting as a talk show host. Really she’s a little boring, she’s trying to act like a comedian, and be a talk show host. I give her 3 months. They took a chance because when she stood in for Wendy, she was charismatic. But now she’s OK. She’s trying way to hard.It has to be natural.

  18. Sherri is a backstabbing thief. God bless Wendy Williams (the queen that started this show). I hope WW comes back with a vengence to kick this lowlife Sherri off the stage.

  19. I am sorry that Sherri has not filled the shoes that Wendy left. Wendy had class that Sherri can’t buy. She has a big mouth and gets too common with guest who come on. I hope Wendy can reclaim her place. God speed to Wendy.

  20. Some guests and audience ok but too much ghetto comments and questions.
    Jennifer Hudson and her black guests coming on now. SAD!!!!

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