Sherri Shepherd’s ‘Cancel Show’ Message, Hint Of What’s Coming?

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Viewers have serious doubts as to whether Sherri Shepherd’s talk show will survive and it turns out that she feels the very same way. According to The Sun, Sherri Shepherd doesn’t appear to have that much confidence in the future of her show based on something she’s said multiple times during premiere week. What did Sherri Shepherd say exactly and why do viewers at home have little confidence the show will last? Keep reading for the details.

Sherri Shepherd uncertain about the show’s future

Multiple times this week, the talk show host has bluntly noted there was a chance her show would get canceled. Viewers that have tuned in to check out the replacement for the Wendy Williams’ Show agree it is a bit odd for Sherri to be bringing this type of energy to the table during premiere week. Moreover, viewers think it is a bit strange that Sherri has declared the future of her brand new talk show hands in the balance more than once during the first week it was on the air.

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During Monday’s broadcast of the show, Sherri invited Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss to sit on her couch. The Bravo star brought some NSFW goodies for Sherri. The talk show host joked that she would love to open the goodies, but she feared it would immediately get her show canceled.

On Tuesday’s episode, Sherri Shepherd played Sheryl Lee Ralph’s incredible Emmy award acceptance speech. After playing the speech, she said something similar to what she said on Monday’s episode.

“I hope that last b*tch didn’t cancel my show.” Sherri Shepherd jested after the video played.

Sherri Shepherd Youtube

Why do viewers think the show won’t last?

Viewers tuning in to Sherri Shepherd’s talk show that previously enjoyed Wendy Williams’ show aren’t exactly happy. For the most part, viewers feel that Sherri’s show was a cheap attempt at giving Wendy’s show a fresh coat of paint and a new name. Moreover, viewers agree that Sherri Shepherd gives off some serious mean girl energy. And, they don’t care for the way she talks to other women. For example, Sherri warned Jennifer Hudson to stay in her own lane during premiere week for both shows. Viewers were furious about it.

Wendy Williams Does NOT Support Sherri Shepherds' Takeover [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
While Sherri was likely joking all of the times she claimed her show could get canceled, fans think it is a weird thing to joke about constantly during the first week the show airs. Likewise, viewers believe the show will get canceled because no one likes the host. Do you want to see Sherri’s show get canceled? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sherri Shepherd.

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  1. The cancellation remarks were not about the viability of her show, but
    a concern ” non family friendly “content would get her in trouble. Never happen. it’s an old joke in TV and Radio.Raunchy content generates ratings.
    Did anyone notice Sherri is being produced by Wendy’s Production Company?(WW Talk).
    Hmm .. so Wendy has a piece of Sherries show!

    1. I don’t think Sherri Shepherd had a clean chance with Sherri Shepherds fans and her team who backed Wendy Williams,clean house

      1. I have never been a fan of Sherri even when she was on the view. Yes I liked her guest hosting for Wendy. But here’s where she lost me, she should not had announced about her new show until April/May. She should have insisted to have Wendy on the show the last day of the season. I don’t like how the producers didn’t allow repeats of the Wendy show with Wendy to air instead they kept airing the shows with only guest hosts. They wasn’t slick, they used that to (Try) gain Wendy watchers!! I stopped watching when they didn’t bring back Fat Joe/Remy Ma. They way they did Wendy and Nick Cannon would be the last producers you want to work with in my opinion. Honestly, JHUD needs to stick with singing and acting! Her talk show definitely won’t last. I’ll say it again and again, the ONLY black female daytime host with longevity is Oprah and Wendy!! Trust if Wendy wasn’t having health/emotional issues she would still be in her PURPLE chair period!!! To me Sherri is following the same format as the Wendy show. She changed a few names with the segments that’s all. Now if her and Kim Whitley were both hosting together my opinion would be different.

      2. I love her show and she is really funny. Congrats Sherri! Hold your head up high! Keep your eyes on Jesus. You are doing a great job.

      3. I think they set Sherri shepherd up to fall. I believe they went to all that trouble to cancel Windy Show in order to bring Wendy back with higher ratings than before. Sherri have to win Wendy loyal fans over. I think she needs to bring on some A- list guess that can entertain young and older fans. I love Sherri

      4. I really enjoy Sherri show she speaks her mind and she has the right attitude to run a TV show plz Sherri don’t paid ppl no mind haters going to hate because they don’t have a gifted attitude you were bless with. keep hosting girlfriend I love it. peace and blessings to you and your staff.

    2. There is a big difference in guest hosting and HOSTING a show. Sherri sent her representative when she went after this gig and now the real Sherri has showed up!

      1. She was so much funnier as a guest host, I’m surprised but the show is just blah now, it just doesn’t hold my interest, I tried.

    3. She was terrible on the View. She’s a phony!!! She fakes that she is a nice girl when she treats women like shit. She’s not funny and she is the most thirsty desperate person…. CANCEL

  2. I watched the show three times this week and today, “I thought this show is not going to last”
    ‘Too stupid and childish for the general public

    1. I totally agree,,, I don’t like her energy. And I know she wasn’t coming for the Queen Diva,, ONE of 3 minority EGOT winners, J-Hud,,, Sherri needs to sit her a## down somewhere.

    2. I don’t even care to watch. If it ain’t Wendy it ain’t worth watching. The way Sherry got the show just isn’t right. It would of been better for Sherry if they would of never said she is replacing Wendy. Just ended Wendy and waited a month and started her show no mention of Wendy. We are loyal to Wendy no matter. Now I kinda got a hate on for Sherry. 🤷‍♀️🫤🥴

      1. Yes I like Wendy ,even with how she’s handled folks inappreciably on the Her Show ,however not feeling the Vibe and Energy and to me ,that’s Wendy’s Show and always will be .

  3. I’ve seen the Sherri show everyday this opening week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Her set is beautiful, and her wardrobe is the BOMB!!! I tape it everyday in case I have to step out. I’m 83, a long way from her age group.

        1. Please cancel, loved Wendy and she brought so much to her show. I did hope Kim Whitley would have got it. It would be better!

  4. This show is a sad attempt to replace the ‘Wendy Williams Show.’ Sherri Shepherd is just another average comedian. There’s nothing different or unique about her. Her smile has become so phony.

    1. Yes, she has a big a$$ mouth, and you can tell that smile is so darn phoney. I gave it a chance, and tried to watch, but i just couldn’t into it. PLEASE CANCEL THAT SHOW!!

  5. I enjoy Sherri Shepherd show but what turns be off is I don’t like it as much as I would if Norman was there instead of Jawn Murray. When the Wendy Williams show was getting high ratings while Sherri was co-host Norman Suzanne Marco and DJ played a very big part in that and if I don’t see them I lost a lot of interest.

    1. Yes.. absolutely right without
      Norman and Suzanne this just is not working with this jawbone guy.. he does not have the right personality for this type of show
      They lied to us saying that Norman and Suzanne would be a part of the new show where are they????

  6. You all need to stop behaving like Sherri pushed Wendy out of her job. I was a Wendy fan but she has health issues.
    They waited a long time for Wendy to return and used different hosts. She is just not able to return.Sherri just happens to be the winner and is doing a great job which will get better each day as we all do when we get a new job.

    1. Bravo Pauline! I totally agree with you!
      I love Sherri Shepard. Why are people acting so childishly hateful and unfair to Sherry?! I thought she was the best of the Wendy Wms fill-in guest host. What did Wendy and her follower’s think would happen when you don’t or can’t show-up for a job?! You get replaced!! I mean, Wendy was out from work for almost 1 to 1-1/2 or 2 year’s! She should have done more to try rehabilitate herself from drug use and her medical situation! Then, on top of that, the producer’s told Wendy recently, that if she should ever get herself healthy again, that they would create a slot for her return as a TV host. Now, how many Job’s do that? Sherri is in her 50’s now, and she said it has always been her dream to have her own talk show. So, why should she not jump at this great opportunity to do so?! Fox producer’s ‘approached’ her, because the Show ‘s rating’s were very high when she guest-hosted Wendy Wms Show. Sherri has always given Wendy her prop’s and respect by wishing her well; as well as vehemently stating recently on her new Show, that she can’t and is not trying to replace Wendy Wms. I just wish people would just give this woman a chance! I find her to be funny, friendly, informative, an entertaining! Those hater’s on social media and the former Wendy Wms Camp are the one’s that are trying to sink Sherri’s ship!

    2. I think.Sherri is doing a great job, when you start any job, you are new an you have to learn the culture case, the audience. Sherri built her career as a comedian, so.of course she will be funny at times, so what, don’t be so serious? Why wasn’t the same things said about Kelly Clarkson taking Steve’s Harveys time slot when Steve was a good host, or the young girl.Drew Barrymore who took Ellen’s spot, Ellen was good also. Give Sherri a chance, non-fans you are judging, b u judge because u are casting negativity, an that could come back to bite you, jealousy gets you no where, don’t hate, congratulate!
      Sherri if u are listening, you are awesome, you’ve show business a long time, hold your head up.high an as Michelle Obama would say, when they go low, you go high, please don’t listen at the haters, just do you, it got you your own talk show, if you get canceled, which I hope doesn’t happen, it’s ok, when one door closes, another one, I’m.rooting for you!

      1. Steve Harvey’s talk show was garbage. It was dull and boring. His bafoonery on air was the same as in Family Feud. Hence, he got canceled. Same with Nick Cannon. Next, Sherri.

        Wendy Will Return to Her Throne.

    3. I loved this comment. People should consider the reason there is a show. Wendy still is not ready to even do a podcast. I miss Norman and Suzanne too, but Sherri probably thought people would complain about that also.

        1. It was never her opportunity. That was Wendy’s time slot. Y’all don’t realize who etched that market and time slot. It belongs to Wendy. PeriodT.

  7. Wendy had health issues and her show is done. She got replaced by someone who seems very mean spirited and she’s not even funny anymore with her played out jokes What’s up with having a man like Norman or Fat Joe host a morning show??..Smh do better

    1. Sherri is NOT mean-spirited! I watched all of her episodes since she first aired,
      and NOT ONE time did she give a mean-spirited vibe! Fat Joe is a rapper, Norman does whatever he did on Wendy’s Show. But in my opinion, neither of them at this time, are suited
      or ready as host for their own tv talk show. Sherri is a seasoned comedian, actress, and former “The View” talk show co-host. Now, what level of experience do Fat Joe and Norman have? Hummmm?

    2. So Sherry is mean-spirited and Wendy isn’t???? WENDY IS THE QUEEN OF SHADE & NEGATIVE ENERGY, she was always ready to bring up people’s demons but hers got the best of her in the end. Go figure please! Sherri will be fine. There are many other shows on TV. If you don’t like Sherri’s own go watch something else and stop complaining.

  8. I like Sheri as a person .live Wendy as a host. She is for sure an it girl. Like it or not. The new show seems forced.praying for both ladies

    1. Nope❗🚫 I knew this show was not gonna last before it started it’s just a matter of time she has no personality she’s never been funny look at the movies she’s been in her roles have always been terrible she’s not funny❗Lack luster career at best…

  9. Please correct my comment . I like Sheri as a person.Wendy as a host .The new show seems forced. Praying for both ladies.

  10. I love How Sherri Shepherd is doing her show, folks give her a chance, she is not Wendy Williams, please she has to do the show her way,please be fair.

  11. Sherri talks way to much about herself!! She interjects herself in almost EVERY piece of conversation. We get it, it’s your show!! I also enjoyed the dynamic between Sherri and Norman.

    1. Sherri talks a little about her experiences so as to to build a rapport with her audience. Wendy talked about herself, her life, etc. EVERY day!! Stop being a hater. Give Sherri a chance!

    2. and THAT, Gale, has always been my problem watching Shepard hosting the Wendy show. She interjected herself into EVERY frigging story. Drove me crazy. i enjoyed Rappaport and especially Leah Remini and Michelle V. But hey! What do i know. BTW, i have not watched Shepard’s new show.

    3. I love Sherri’s energy as she is so up best. She seems like a very nice person. But no one talks about themselves as much as Nick Cannon.

    4. Gale, The Norman/Suzanne/Marcos/et al bit was Wendy’s programming trademark. It wasn’t Sherris. In fact, Wendy was the only talk show to ever highlight her staff and make them a staple to the content of the show. Other networks just followed her. Just like the Wendy deals. Now, every frigging show has a”hot deals”… Tha k you, Wendy.

  12. Congratulations Sherri Shepherd on your new show! It’s absolutely time to move forward Wendy’s fans! The only comment I have is to developing the stage to look more inviting. The stage is too cramped, missing artistic expression and contemporary glamour. Bring in character and personality design. Invite guests singers, actors such as Vivia Fox, Serena Williams, Maxwell, Rihanna, Usher, Taraji Hensen, Step Curry and wife of the Warriors’s, LaBron James, Mary J. Blige, Denzel Washington, Maxwell, Rihanna, Usher, Taraji Henson, Kevin Hart, Kerry Washington and Smoky Robin to name a few. Change the Wendy mean girl formula and just do you staying positive! Set a different tone to stay upbeat! Please don’t want see any exercises on show! This is the Sherry Shepard Show so let’s get this started right! You’re doing a great job with your new show!

    1. One week is NOT a try! Don’t give up on Sherri so quickly! If you can wait almost 2 year’s for Wendy Wms return, you can certainly wait for Sherri!

  13. Congratulations Sherri Shepherd on your new show! It’s absolutely time to move forward Wendy’s fans! The only comment I have is to developing the stage to look more inviting. The stage is too cramped, missing artistic expression and contemporary glamour. Bring in character and personality design. Invite guests singers, actors such as Vivia Fox, Serena Williams, Maxwell, Rihanna, Usher, Taraji Hensen, Step Curry and wife of the Warriors’s, LaBron James, Mary J. Blige, Denzel Washington, Maxwell, Rihanna, Usher, Taraji Henson, Kevin Hart, Kerry Washington and Smoky Robin to name a few. Change the Wendy mean girl formula and just do you staying positive! Set a different tone to stay upbeat! Please don’t want see any exercises on show! This is the Sherry Shepard Show so let’s get this started right! You’re doing a great job with your new show!

    1. In order to attract the kind of talent you’re talking about, your show has to be very highly rated. Right now, that’s not the case with the “Sherri” show. She has to prove her worth before those artists will even consider it.

    2. In order to attract the kind of talent you’re talking about, your show has to be very highly rated. Right now, that’s not the case with the “Sherri” show. She has to prove her worth before those artists will even consider it.

  14. l love Sherri Shepherd’s show she deserves it l love her format, Wendy had her time, she now has to focus on her health, l was so upset with the cancellation of Nick Cannon show l thought he had a great show, so l hope that Sherri, Jennifer shows are successful

    1. Thank Goodness because Nick’s ambiguous homosexuality was beginning to show. All he did was talk girl talk. Who does that? Cancelled!!!!!!

      Sherri, pack yo bags girl!!! It is written. You did Wendy dirty. Karma will get you canceled. This time slot ain’t for you. Don’t nobody wanna see or hear your corny ass at 10am in the morning.

      1. I didn’t like Sherri on the View at all. Comedy and Intellect can mix if you have the humor to make serious stuff thought provoking. To me she has never grown. She the same girl that was on Jamie Foxx, only with better makeup and better clothes, A cheap imitation of Wendy Williams who I didn’t always agree with, however at least Jennifer Hudson didn’t come and try to be Wendy, she’s just Jennifer. Hey they let Magic Johnson have a talk show, why can’t Sherri, she can but its boring and a second hand joke. I hope it gets cancelled – You’re not funny, you are a corny ass woman

    2. Nich Cannon show was a complete joke and a reflection of how low class ghetto the network could deliver content. And sadly, some ghetto folks like you Gmom, bit that welfare bread.

      Us savvy ones, the ones who actually consume well done entertainment, didn’t buy into Cannons garbage show narrative.

      That’s why some of y’all will stay stooped in a low class mentality. Hence, Sherris new show. It is what it is.

  15. I agree with you! Wendy is Wendy and sherri is sherri they are 2 different people and you just have to accept that Wendy’s gone. Sherri’s doing a great job. If Sherri started this show with copying everything Wendy did, I don’t think Wendy would be happy with that and it wouldn’t be the Sherri Show. I say it like this, stop putting down Sherri for your personal issues about her and watch something else!

    1. Sherri show is bland and has no viable energy to start a good NYC day. She shall be Cancelled as Nick Cannon did.

      Trust me, the ratings aren’t going to be there for Sherri. It’s show business. I knew Cannons show wouldn’t last after watching hisnshow week 1. I wasn’t wrong. Sherri, sorry, but you’re next. Don’t take it personal.

      Wendy’s shoes were too big and too posh for your feet. 👟👀

    2. I like Sherri Shepard and so far her new show is Ok to watch however her show seems to have something missing. In my opinion I need to hear more gossip on celebrities and non celebrities that’s the main reason I want to watch the show just put your own twist on it Sherri! Plus I’m not sure how I feel about the John guy that helps Sherri on stage maybe he’ll grow on me

  16. The Sheri show is not a replacement for the Wendy show. They are very different individuals in every way. Lifestyle choices determine everything. So Sheri should not be punished for someone else’s failure.

    1. How do you know the network didn’t fail Wendy? Are you just going to believe everything that’s online? Oh, let me guess, you’re that girl that doesn’t see “color”, hunh? Listen, ask yourself, can u watch Sherri for 13 seasons? I didn’t think so.


    1. Oh STOP being a hater! You know Sherri is doing a great job! C’mon admit it! Shake that “Wendy-idis” off and move on.

  17. I don’t care to watch the Sherrie show, she says mean things about people even about Wendy, her show will never last13 seasons, get out now don’t embarrass yourself. Stick to what you know and leave talk show hosting to the people who do it best. Bring Wendy back and make all of us happy

    1. Sherri has not shown herself to be mean-spirited. . . NOT one time! You must be having ‘flashbacks’ from the Wendy Wms Show! Sherri has NEVER said anything negative about Wendy!
      Stop making stuff up to try to sabotage Sherri’s Show. Now, that’s what I call ‘mean-spiritness’! What you really miss, is Wendy Wms mean-spiritedness, self-centered, opinionated and dirty gossiping personality!! Right?? Sherri did NOT cause Wendy’s demise! Wendy
      is 75% responsible for causing her own demise! So, let’s not blame nor be unfair to Sherri Shepard! Give the woman a chance fulfill her dreams,
      as you would want the same for yourself.

  18. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    give Sherri a chance. She is just the breath of fresh air that day time television needs. Her positive energy is warm and feels like home. She is the loveable, big hearted, funny, girl next door type that I have enjoyed watching not only during her new show but through the year’s of her career. I first remember seeing her on “The Jamie Fox Show” when she played Fancy’s girlfriend. I also enjoyed watching her on “Everybody love Raymond”, ” The View”, and many other T.V. Shows and Movie’s. My girl Sherri has earned her right to her own T.V. show. let’s give her a chance. 😃❤️

    1. Maybe there’s a reason she couldn’t lock longevity in any of her projects. The television will magnify any flaws. Sherris is clear and has always been… She’s phony, corny, bland, and conniving. She should’ve never made friends with Wendy’s staff for starters. Those were her people she put on the map, not you Sherri.

      Maybe she has a béter chance at being a Real Housewives.

  19. I love Sherri! I love her energy she’s a breath of fresh air ,she down putting celebrities down,she not being nasty or vindictive..I’m happy for her,there’s 3 women of color on their own talk show.I Applaud all!

  20. Give Sherri shepherd a chance I know you guy are loyal to Wendy we all have a season to do great things Wendy season up now it’s Sherri time

  21. I love you, Sheri, but miss your wonderful connection with Norman and Susanne. Just wondering if they chose to leave, or if it was an upper management decision. Would love to see them both back. Wish you much luck and success in your new show. 🙏🏼 😇🤩

  22. I love Sherri Shepherd’s show I’m glad she’s not like Wendy Williams telling everyone business but she didn’t tell hers .

  23. I’m loyal to Wendy. Sherry returned her adopted baby mid flight. This is not Amazon. I knew this s**t would get canceled. Has it yet?

  24. Maybe you don’t read a lot Sherri has said in a nasty way that Wendy is crazy and that was not made up she said very sarcastic that Wendy was sick and crazy, besides that Sherri is doubting her own abilities by constantly saying she hopes her she doesn’t get canceled
    What a odd way to talk about your own show over ana over, so it’s not about being a hater I’m just stating what is obvious, I’m not hoping she fails just hoping she understands how it works.

  25. Wendy fans will never accept anyone else in her so called place, it’s nothing personal we just LOVE and miss our Wendy, and trust and believe she will BE BACK GOD GOT HER, and in my opinion nothing from Sherri but that show is terrible, I think they tryed to rush and put anything together thinking they would get Wendy’s ratings, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen, sorry

  26. meh ….Sherri is not good as a talk show host. She needs to realize handling a crowd as a comic is totally different than carrying a whole hour show with interviews, etc.

    and for God sakes…STOP TALKING ABOUT BEING DESPERATE FOR A HUSBAND!! it’s getting old. nobody wants you obviously

  27. I’m not a real fan of either but Sherri doesn’t do well on any show. I repeat – Sherri doesn’t do well on any show. Hasn’t. Bright but Booo! She may need a dating show. She’s extremely thirsty for men. Host Bachelorette or something.

    Wendy has always been her own show since Radio – a 1 woman show. Nortman & Suzz made things better for the Wendy show & probably would for Sherri. I actually use to think Nortman was the show. He’s the 1 who had all of the facts, even when Wendy got them wrong. Lol!!

    This may have been a boob job. Kmsl. Next person with big boots gets/got the job!

  28. Y’all are too funny but I do agree with you all but still wish Sherri luck it ain’t easy to keep people coming back and I doubt if Sherri could hold it down for 13 seasons it’s not a easy thing to do if you’re not well liked.

  29. All these she’s so nice comments KILL me!! How about the baby she gave back? How about the snide off camera comments? If she had kept Norman and Suzanne, she might have had a chance, now I can’t wait to see her fail. Don’t think it will be a long wait.

  30. I think Sheri is a disguisting embarrassment to all blacks, as was Wendy. NOT good role models like Sunny on THE VIEW, who is beautiful & intelligent & VERY CLASSY. Not true for S or W. Please FOX fire her ASAP and get someone who Afro-American moms would be proud to have their daughters watch.

  31. This was supposed to be a more positive show compared to Wendy I thought. Sherri constantly talking down about people and talking about who she wants to naughty things with. this is not a show I feel comfortable leaving on if my kids were to stay home from school sick on fox broadcast…

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