Christine Brown Enjoys Steak & Wine Dinner With Handsome Man

Christine Brown - Instagram

Christine Brown of Sister Wives enjoyed a steak night dinner date recently and she wasn’t alone. Who did Christine grab a juicy steak and a tall glass of red wine with? Keep reading for the details and check out the photos.

Christine Brown enjoys steak dinner date

Turns out, the TLC star was hanging out with one of Janelle Brown’s children and they decided to grab dinner. The duo, however, opted for an extravagant dinner that looked to be on the expensive side. Christine Brown even admitted in the caption of her photo that dinner was a “total splurge.” It, however, didn’t sound like she regretted spending a pretty penny on her steak dinner date as she also claimed every single bite of the food was delicious.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

Christine explained to her followers that she was busy celebrating life and appreciating how things were going for her. Moreover, she felt blessed that she now lived closer to Hunter. This allowed her to just grab him up and enjoy a steak night dinner date with him.

In total, Christine shared three photos of her date night with Hunter. The first was a blurry photo of Christine with Hunter. She had one thumb up and Hunter was pointing at the name of the restaurant they were preparing to enjoy their meal at.

Christine Brown - Hunter Brown - Instagram

In the second photo, Christine and Hunter took a picture with who fans could only assume was a staff member at the restaurant. Fans pondered if the staff member was also a Sister Wives fan that was lucky enough to snag a picture with Christine Brown.

The third photo featured Hunter and Christine sitting down at the table to grab dinner. The photo also gave fans a look at the spread of food on the table. Many fans couldn’t help but notice the tall glass of red wine on the table near Christine. Fans applauded her for enjoying herself.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram


Sister Wives fans react to the photos

The majority of fans jumping into the comments noticed two things. First, they noticed that tall glass of red wine that Christine Brown had. Second, they noticed the fact that she was having dinner with one of Janelle’s children. Fans thought it was incredible that breaking up with Kody didn’t mean she had to stop being friends with Janelle or a mother to Janelle’s children.

What do you think about Christine Brown enjoying a steak night dinner date with Hunter? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

Allie Johnson


  1. He’s a control freak! They should never have moved from Las Vegas! He uprooted everyone and then wonders why the family is split! None of the wives or kids wanted to move! He should have been at the hospital for his daughters surgery, Covid or not! Good for Christine for having the guts to move on!! They all should leave him and Robyn is needy and a big baby!

  2. In all reality, these types of things shouldn’t be considered as normal. Why would TLC give Kody a show for sister wives and he always seems to be the victim. And since he can’t turn back time to just marry 1 person, Robyn, the favorite and only true wife. The only reason he feels betrayed is because now he’s gonna lose money. His family is falling apart and he’s playing the victim… come on. What is he supposed to do now, find another wife so that the show can be kept running? I don’t know, but my guess is, how would he walk away from this life he currently has. He knows if he even attempts to stay with one, he won’t be able to because of so many underage children. Kody is not the paying child support kind of guy. Christine, you go girl. Find someone who is monogamous.

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