Christine Brown Gets Renewed For Another Season

Christine Brown from Instagram

Christine Brown will definitely appear in the upcoming season of Sister Wives. However, there’s more great news to share. TLC confirmed that there will be a second season of her cooking show too. When fans get tired of the onscreen drama between Kody and Christine, they can always switch over and watch a relaxing cooking segment.

Sister Wives viewers are definitely excited to hear the great news. Keep reading to see what to expect.

Christine Brown’s cooking show returns

Without a doubt, the Sister Wives Season 17 premiere is going to be full of drama. Fans will finally get a chance to see how Christine’s departure played out. And it definitely seems explosive. In new teasers, viewers can see Kody verbally berating his wives over the situation. It becomes immediately clear that Christine needs to get out of that situation.

The TLC star may not be a sister wife any longer, but she still has a pretty large fanbase. And TLC wants to give her a platform.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown is back in the kitchen!” TLC announced on its website this week. “Get pumped for an all-new season of Cooking with Just Christine, featuring sweet desserts, savory meals, and meaningful dishes that have been passed down in her family for generations. Not to mention, Christine will have a few special guests who you’ll definitely recognize! Follow along with full recipes for each home-cooked creation and get inspired to put a twist on some of your family’s favorite dinners and treats.”
Hopefully, Christine’s kids will make more cameos in the upcoming season. Fans just couldn’t get enough of the fun family dynamic!
Are you excited to catch new episodes of Christine Brown’s cooking show? Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments below.

The Sister Wives star makes a better life for herself

Now that Christine Brown has officially left the family, followers can’t help but notice she seems much happier. The explosive family drama is well in her rearview mirror. Now, she can just focus on her own happiness and children.

Online, the 50-year-old revealed she’s gotten really involved with crocheting. She’s also eagerly awaiting the arrival of her daughter Mykelti’s twins and can’t wait to add two more grandkids to the family.

In the meantime, Christine and Truely are happily exploring the world together. The 12-year-old is Christine’s last child that lives at home full-time.

Christine and Truely Brown via YouTube
Christine & Truely Brown/YouTube

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up Truely’s door and been like, ‘What should we do for fun today?’ And so we just pick a destination and we go and we just have fun and we just go and explore. I mean, it’s just absolutely amazing,” the Sister Wives star told PEOPLEin a recent interview.

Don’t forget to check out the Sister Wives Season 17 premiere on September 11! Stay tuned for more on Christine and the rest of the family.

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