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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Stripped Of Trophies, Now Weak?


Kody Brown of Sister Wives inadvertently revealed the real reason why he embraced polygamy and collected so many wives. Overall, most fans admit they weren’t too surprised with this reveal as many suspected that to be the case.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, a recent sneak preview of an upcoming episode of Season 17 revealed Christine and Kody making plans on how to tell the wives of their decision to split. Kody Brown was quick to push the blame on Christine entirely and insist she should tell everyone. The TLC patriarch makes it clear Christine left him not the other way around. So, he feels he has no obligation to tell anyone.

It, however, is what Kody Brown said about his fear of being perceived as weak and unmanly that fans found to be truly telling. As TvShowsAce also reported, Kody blamed Christine for stripping him of his manhood when she left. His statement, however, also revealed the real reason Kody Brown collected so many wives. And, it wasn’t just for the joy of jumping from bed to bed and breeding as many children as possible.

Sister Wives from TLC, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown

What is Kody Brown’s real reason for multiple wives?

For Kody Brown, embracing polygamy and having four wives has given him a real sense of power. Multiple wives and a huge family with lots of children make him feel like a real man. From the outside looking in, Kody Brown believes people see him as a strong and powerful provider. The TLC star confirmed this was his true feelings when he told the camera he worried people would see him as weak because one of his wives left him.

As Kody Brown spoke to the camera, it became apparent that his sadness in losing Christine had nothing to do with the fact that she was leaving him. Kody Brown was sad about losing Christine because of how it looked to other people. It made him feel like less of a man and he was worried the outside world would start to see him that way.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

With this perspective in mind, the thought of losing additional wives likely terrifies Kody as it would throw a wrench in the strong man with multiple wives image he believes he gives off.

Whether fans actually see Kody Brown as the strong and powerful man he believes they do, however, is a different story entirely. Did you know Kody had multiple wives because he made him feel like a real man? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.


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  1. I never thought of Kody as a strong man, his wives were, (are). I could never see
    what they saw in him. He got money from their show and I imagine, for his children
    from the government, but did he ever have a real job?
    Saw the show only a few times. Like the wives, but found him a little creepy.

  2. Kody Brown is a douche bag… period…. he’s ugly, wears a stupid looking hair do to hide the fact that he’s bald, there’s nothing endearing about the creep at all, he’s selfish, self centered, self involved, conceited, narcissistic, arrogant, power hungry, disrespectful, uncaring, unkind, lying, conniving, sociopath who needs a serious reality check and for the wives… how desperate are they. Christine is the only halfway intelligent one outta the whole screwed up bunch… they all need to put his dumb a** on the curb with the rest of the trash!!!

    1. girl you hit the nail on the head! could not of said it better! What the heck is janelle even thinking?She has left him before and hopefully she will again! Now meri, she is to much! she contradicts her self here lately! So she needs a grip he does not want her again ever though if she is happy with that more power to her? did you see he said he very seldom babysits the kids?how you babysit ur own kids? and they have a nanny because he would rather pay 20.00 and hr. then miss out on 200.00 an hr.wtf does he do for 200.00 an hr.?? ya know? idiot!!

  3. A real man REALLY, he is not even half a man. A real man just because he has 4 wives and many children. Now that is a laugh. A real man loves the woman that love him like Christine, Janelle. A real just doesn’t have 4 wives and truely loves one (Robyn) his favorite. Everybody could see that if you have been watching the show. And Roblynsucks up to Kody to get what she wants. That is also see through the show. And the fake tears from Roblyn PLEASE give her an Academy Award.

  4. Kody Brown is a very stupid excuse for a man. I think Janelle should leave and poor Meri should have been gone a long time ago.

  5. glad Christine left..he is a class A jerk…he truly loved no one but himself… give Christine a show..and let people see her living her best life.

  6. Kody Brown is a poor excuse for a man. He’s selfish, narcissistic, disgusting, egotisical and all around creepy. No real man needs multiple “wives” to look strong. And his “wives” must have low self-esteem to allow themselves to be dominated by such a pathetic loser. All the women should leave him and reclaim their self-respect. Kudos to Christine for wanting something better for herself. I hope she finds true love.

  7. I agree that Cody Brown is not much of a man if he had to boost his ego with multiple wives!! But I also feel the wives don’t value their own worth if they are willing to settle for being in a polygamist situation and “share” a husband!!!

  8. Jody has never seemed like the head of his family. He doesn’t think life changing decisions through. He wants to move so everyone moves. The LV houses don’t sell and he wants to blame everyone else. He was already a weak man. Mary should have been gone and I’m glad Christine left. Both of them can do better.

  9. Cody a real man?? He can’t carry a conversation with any of the women much less his sons without having a temper tantrum. If they don’t say exactly what he wants to hear he’s having a fit and not hearing anymore of it. A real man doesn’t treat their loved ones like that. He is arrogant and a narcissist, I couldn’t believe he didn’t find it important to go to Truley’s back surgery even though there was Covid, put a mask on and be by your child and wife’s side she needed you there and Robyn should had told him he needed to be there for his daughter because apparently none of the other wives has a brain in their head that he could listen to or believe but her. A REAL MAN DOESN’T DEPEND ON HOW MANY WIVES YOU CAN GET AT ONE TIME OR HOW MANY CHILDREN YOU CAN PRODUCE, a REAL MAN IS a man that can respect, honor and raise children to be good and honorable humans. He isn’t showing these children any of this he has zero respect for them or their mothers.
    He’s a sorry excuse for a man, I wish Janelle and Meri both would find someone that would treat them like the women they are and treat their children decent.
    The way Cody treated them during the Covid epidemic was absolutely terrible he alienated all the families and the boys except for Robyn’s, I can’t see what the women see in him, they could do better and deserve it.
    I can’t believe he thinks Christine is all at fault for leaving him, he told her it was a loveless marriage, yet he doesn’t want to forgive Meri for getting Catfished looking for something that he isn’t giving her at home, instead of working on it, such a narcissist, nothing is his fault.
    What a loser. A dog can have plenty litters but that doesn’t mean they’re AKC Registered, that doesn’t make him a man.

  10. Why do they still have that show on it’s not Sister Wives it’s Robin and Cody and who cares about that they’re no different than anybody else except for he’s a piece of s*** no man needs one or four women he just wants to act like he’s a tough s*** he’s a piece of s*** he’s creepy looking anyway he thinks he can dance oh f***why do you keep airing this show and paying them they’re only making money off of people and nobody cares about it anymore

  11. It would be so awesome if Meri and Janelle left as well and the show followed then living their best lives and totally pulled away from Robyn and Kody.

  12. Kody gets on my nerves. Robyn is needy, so is Meri. it’s like watching the bold and beautiful, only bold is better.

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