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One Of Christine Brown’s Girls Shares Her Love Of Cooking

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Christine Brown has such a zest for cooking that she landed her own television show. TLC knew they had to listen to her diehard fans after she split from Kody. They demanded more of Christine and that is exactly what the network has given them with Cooking With Just Christine. Yet, as it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to one of her daughters. They too share Christine’s love of cooking and could possibly rival her in the kitchen.

Christine Brown, Eternal Homemaker

When viewers first met Christine in 2010, they quickly learned she was the epitome of a homemaker. At the time, the Brown family only had three wives and twelve children. She was pregnant with Truely but was still running around like a madwoman, raising the children and tending to the home. Janelle admitted she preferred to work and was out of the home in the office for over twelve hours a day. Luckily, Christine was there to help with the kids, teach them, assist with homework, and have dinner on the table. Where the older kids left off, Christine picked up. The only area Christine was not great in was making toast as she did not believe in toasters so she made it in the oven. Sadly, she often burned her toast.

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As time went on and the family went from three wives to four and twelve kids to eighteen, they also moved from one home to four in Las Vegas. Their Utah one-family lifestyle had allowed for a certain closeness though Kody said he never wanted to see his wives sharing a kitchen. Now they cooked for themselves and their own families but would bring what was needed to family gatherings. By the time they moved to Flagstaff, the wives were so disconnected, that they all had to fend for themselves. Eventually, Christine and Kody’s marriage fell apart but fans loved her so much they wanted more. That is what they got.

Cooking With The Brown Girls

Christine Brown shared she loved to cook which is no surprise especially since Janelle always bragged about her homemade rolls. However, she has seemingly passed this love down to her eldest daughter, Aspyn. Back in 2019, as she was preparing for the new season of Sister Wives, she opened up to her Instagram followers. The season was going to be a big one for the now-college graduate. She and her then-fiance Mitch Johnson were going to be showing their wedding on television. As they were prepping to relive this epic moment, Aspyn shared she was learning to cook. She felt it was “important” for her to do and was actually “loving it.”

Sister Wives Aspyn Brown - Micth Thompson Youtube
Sister Wives Aspyn Brown – Micth Thompson Youtube

Though Aspyn and Mitch are not heavily featured on the show anymore, they did have an important role in Season 16. Yes, it did involve cooking. When it came to Thanksgiving 2020, everything was in flux. Eventually, Christine shared that she and her girls would be heading to Utah for the holiday. Aspyn and Mitch would be hosting Thanksgiving so it appears Mrs. Johnson is still cooking up a storm. Some of Christine’s daughters have made appearances on her show so it would be a perfect collaboration to bring Aspyn on.

Do you think all of Christine’s girls (and son) have a little cooking gene in them? Let us know in the comments.

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