Loyal Wendy William Staff Fears For Future With Sherri Shepherd

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The Wendy Williams Show came to an end on June 17, 2022, after the host retired citing health issues. Williams had been absent from the show all throughout 2021-2022 during which Sherri Shepherd filled in. Now that Sherri has been given her very own show as a replacement to the former show, the staff loyal to Wendy fear they might be kicked out.

Will The Wendy Williams Show Staffers Undergo Loyalty Test?

As per sources close to the production, there are some concerns from some staffers that were brought on board to be a part of Shepherd’s latest talk show. Sherri premiered on September 12, 2022, and some staff members fear that their jobs might not be secure under the new boss. “Staffers for Sherri have been in her ear saying there should be some sort of loyalty test from The Wendy Williams Show holdovers,” claimed one source.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

This issue can be a particularly scary reason for some faces familiar to Wendy’s audiences. Producers Norman Baker and Suzanne Bass appeared frequently on-screen when Wendy was on screen. However, with Sherri taking charge, they have kept themselves on the sidelines. Suzanne served as the co-executive producer for The Wendy Williams Show while Norman was the supervising producer.

Execs Norman & Suzanne Stayed Backstage During Sherri’s Premiere

As per The Sun, the source further revealed the possibility of them being ultimately fired from the show. They said, “Norman & Suzanne want to believe they’ll stick around but sooner or later I’m sure they are going to get pushed out. There’s no real place for them now.”

Wendy Williams’ fans also bashed Shepherd for failing to bring back these key members from the crew on her latest talk show. Sherri’s self-titled talk show premiered on Monday alongside Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives Of Atlanta as the show’s guest. The faces that weren’t a part of the show on the premiere day were Suzanne Bass and Norman Baker. They were a fan favorite while Wendy was in charge of the daytime talk show.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

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Fans took to Twitter to talk about this new arrangement as one wrote, “Loving the show… but missing Norman & Suzanne…. Please bring them back, everything I have read says they are still working there? Congrats!”

“Didn’t Norman agree to work on Sherri Shepherd’s show?” questioned another.

A third chimed in, “#SherriShepherd’s talk show was very good. I miss Norman. Jawn Murray standing where he is standing is annoying but, it was a good show.”

Sherri Shepherd Throws Shade At Wendy Williams

Ahead of her show’s debut, Shepherd threw shade at the controversial Wendy Williams. She stated that she will ensure that her version of the talk show will be way friendlier. The 55-year-old also clarified that she isn’t a mean person and wishes to bring nothing but positive energy to the show.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think The Wendy Williams Show staff really has to worry about their fate in the new talk show? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    1. Sherri Shepherd is doing just FINE. Why would she bring Norm and Suzanne to start of her new show, when she have Jawn Murray her new executive producer to open the new show. Give Sherri Shepherd a chance to expand and explore new Beginning of her show!

      1. If Wendy still had her show, I’d still be watching. Now Sherri has her own show and I’m watching. Jennifer Hudson has her new show, I’ll be checking that out as well. I just love that my sisters had and have their own tv shows.

    2. I’m sure she is losing soooo much sleep…
      You are within your right, not to watch and I’m sure she could CARE LESS…SWEETIE !!!

  1. Why is Norman in the back when he was a fan favorite he should be in the front where Jawn Murray is to keep high ratings you have to keep what kept the show going while you were a co-host in place it’s not all about you it’s about teamwotk.

  2. Sherri I know this is only the first week, but I’m going to need you to put a little more peep in your show. it’s a little boring to me. You were funny when you were hosting Wendy show. When you come out you need to call tour segment hot tea. We don’t need to heard about you everyday. I’m rooting for you. So let’s get it together.

  3. This is not The Wendy Williams Show. It’s the Sherri Show and Sherri Shepherd has every right to the staff that she wants for HER show. Now if you disagree, change the channel. Simple as that.

    1. Well said…people acting like it’s still Wendy show. If I were Sherri I would have fired her whole staff and hired my own.

  4. people saying this is the Sherri show not the wendy show BUT she was hired to replace wendy. Wendy had a large audience that watched to hear the latest gossip..PERIOD.. Sherri may be trying to do it differently but I suggest she go back to the formula that worked

  5. I love her show and she wonderful at the women empowerment in Raleigh, North Carolina. Best wishes ❤️🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿

  6. It’s not a Wendy Williams show. I like the male comedian. He was great. Best shows every. Sheri Shepard reminds me when she was on view. Don’t like it.

  7. You couldn’t pay me to watch Sherri Shepard’s talk show. She is sooo irritating and stupid. She thinks the would is flat!!! She’s so annoying and ignorant. Who wants to hear about her sex life? I can’t believe she’s replacing “The Queen” Wendy. What a tragedy!! We want Wendy back!!! PLEASE!!! Anybody but Sherri!!👎😡🥶🥵

  8. was in the premiere of Sherri’s new show. Kept wanting to see Norman Baker & Suzanne Bass – didn’t happen. Sorry to say – even though I was a loyal Sherri watcher – I will no longer watch the show

  9. I love the Wendy’s show I miss Wendy but let’s give Sherri a chance she’s very good .(Come on People) Stop the Hate and let’s love more ❤️

  10. Hopefully Suzanne and Norman have a place on the Sherri show! They were fan favorites! Keep up the good work Sherri, I’m rooting for you!!

  11. Love the Sherri show but so miss Suzanne and husband they always made me laugh. Suzanne always made me laugh.Hope they get a job together on another show Will definitely watch

  12. well I don’t miss wendy picking her teeth hacking coughing and other personal poking on her person Sheri is so much classier and a great comic Bye Wendy

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