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Kody Brown Fesses Up To Being A ‘Pathetic Dope’

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As the conversation prior to Kody and Christine Brown’s official split unfolded during the Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere, the TLC patriarch made a lot of realizations about himself. Kody noted the reality of his situation made him feel both “pathetic” and “like a dope.” On Kody Brown’s side of the argument, he insists that Christine is trying to paint a more dramatic picture of their life together to make him look like the bad guy. Moreover, Kody admits his heart is broken by the situation he is in and he doesn’t think people realize losing Christine was hard for him.

Kody Brown feels like a pathetic dope

The Sister Wives star explains that Christine Brown spent at least two years whispering to anyone who would listen about how unhappy she was. Kody explains she talked openly about her desire to leave him with the other wives and family friends. Sadly, these whispers made their way back to him and created a serious trust issue for him.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

With all of this in mind, Kody Brown reached a point where he lost his trust in Christine. So, he was turned off by her. When Christine Brown asked him if they were going to be intimate, he explains all he could do was shrug because he was heartbroken. Kody Brown claims he made have not loved Christine or been attracted to her when they started dating, but he grew to love her very much. She, however, destroyed that when she started to discuss not being happy with him and wanting to leave him with everyone but him. The TLC patriarch implies the hardest part of the situation is the fact that Christine never tried to talk to him about being unhappy before it reached the point of no return.

Kody Brown tells the camera the situation has left him feeling both pathetic and like a dope.

Kody Brown from TLC

Christine Brown tells a different story

The two TLC personalities recall their past together differently. For starters, it is heartbreaking for Christine to hear Kody explain that he was not in love with her and felt pressure to marry her when they first got together. Likewise, Christine recalls the number of times Kody spent doing things out of the home with her children and her alone on a single hand. Moreover, she recalls being unable to recruit Kody’s help with the children while she struggled to work during her pregnancy with Truely.

What do you think of Kody Brown telling the world he felt like a pathetic dope? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. Kody should have went to Christine as soon as he heard rumors,but I think he’s the one whom was spreading rumors, he’s a child, never realizes he’s the problem, he stopped being intimate with Meri,Christine,without talking to them first. He loves the drama and stirring up shit, he’s so self absorbed. Can’t stand him.

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