‘Sister Wives’: The Browns Moved How Often In 30 Years?

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When the Browns moved to Flagstaff on Sister Wives, it seemed to be unnecessary. More so, fourth wife Robyn noted that she did not want to be in a transient marriage. By this time, she was about to move for the third time with the family. This is not counting her relocation from her original home to be closer to the Browns after she and Kody became engaged. Yet, Kody and his family have a history of moving prior to Robyn entering the family in 2010. How many times have they moved in the past 30+ years? Read on to find out more.

Where Did The OG Sister Wives Live?

Kody married his first wife, Meri in 1990 and they quickly put down roots in American Fork, Utah, according to Starcasm. Yet, it was not long before they moved to Wyoming. As fans may remember, that is where Kody’s father, Winn had his beloved ranch. Soon after this, the newlyweds were off to a cabin in Montana. Apparently, whilst in Montana, Janelle became a more integral part of their lives. In 1993, Kody took Janelle as his second wife but before this occurred, they moved back to Wyoming.

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Janelle, Kody

Now, keep in mind that Janelle’s mother had become a sister wife to Kody’s mother meaning she married his father. Hence they were stepsiblings prior to Kody and Janelle’s union. So spending time in Wyoming, at Winn Brown’s ranch would make sense. Plus, Janelle had previously been married to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber so she most likely knew the couple’s moving habits. So, what came after Wyoming? They brought some Utah to their lives when Kody married Christine in 1994.

Missing Pieces

Unfortunately, their location history goes missing for some time after Kody married Christine. Yet, in 2005, when Meri and Kody filed for bankruptcy, they were apparently living in Wyoming again. What’s slightly confusing is that Kody claimed, in his filing, that he worked in Billings, Montana. They quite possibly could have had multiple residencies. The next place they would live would be the one-family home in Lehi, Utah. Meri, Janelle, and Christine all had their own spaces in the home but Christine ultimately revealed she did not care for this arrangement at all.

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When Sister Wives began in 2010, fans saw them seemingly united as one family. By Season 2, Kody started to feel that they were at risk of being caught for their lifestyle. Therefore, they packed up and made the move to Las Vegas. By then, he had married Robyn though she never moved into the home with the other wives. In Vegas, each wife had their own home but by 2018, it was time to move once again. Kody found two lots and he actually proposed a one-family home, once again. That did not fly but they did pick out Coyote Pass which would include individual lots for each wife.

Where Are The Sister Wives Now?

In 2022, Coyote Pass still remains vacant. Though Janelle did utilize it to put her RV on when her rental was purchased. Robyn has her own lavish home in Flagstaff while Meri has a home there, as well. However, she spends a lot of time traveling with her work crew and in Utah at her bed and breakfast. Janelle also spends a lot of time traveling, in North Carolina with her daughter Maddie and her grandkids. Finally, Christine has left the family and now lives in Utah. It has been four years so it is almost time for another move in Brown years.

Keep up with the family as Season 17 of Sister Wives is underway Sundays on TLC.

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