Matt McAdams Has High Hopes For ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’

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Matt McAdams left this season of I Love A Mama’s Boy on top of the world. Season 3 held a lot for him in terms of recovering from a serious breakup. Now, he is beyond happy with his new girlfriend, Devon. The OG of the hit TLC reality series is now sharing his high hopes for the future of the show.

Matt McAdams Wants To Showcase Love

It has been a rough road for Matt since ILAMB started. He is extremely close to his mother, Kelly and she has obscenely high expectations for the ladies dating her son. When he finally popped the question to his longtime love, Kimberly Cobb, Kelly wanted to be involved in every aspect. She planned to read a poem at the wedding plus officiate it. Furthermore, she and her husband were helping the couple build a home but Matt ran every detail by his mom, not Kim.

Matt McAdams/YouTube/ILAMB

Finally, Kim ended the toxic situation and was better off working in another state. Matt then introduced Brittany after several months of healing with Kelly. The breakup had actually brought them closer so Brittany was a shock to Kelly’s system. In the end, Britt knew how to stand up for herself and the two parted ways. Finally, Matt found true love and happiness with a woman named Devon. Fans had some questions about her but that has not fazed the couple.

Now, Matt is opening up about his relationship with Devon and the future of the series. In an Instagram reel, he notes that there are no lies or negativity with her. He goes on to add that they are going to go all the way. Finally, he concluded his post with this: “Can’t wait to share it with you all!” So, will they be returning for another season? Matt has extremely high hopes.

Will This Play Out On TV?

As of now, the show has not been renewed for Season 4. However, it is popular enough to most likely get a renewal. That being said, one of Matt McAdam’s followers really wants to see his and Devon’s love story play out. They even tagged TLC and asked them to make it happen. To that, Matt responded: “that would be awesome!! Hopefully they will!” It looks like he is ready and raring to show off his happiness for the world to see.

Matt McAdams/YouTube/ILAMB

He has had to spend the past two seasons combatting rumors that he may not necessarily be into the ladies. Fans are consistently going on Reddit to express their feelings. Now, he has a lot of support from fans in this relationship so he clearly wants to show it off. Do you want to see Matt McAdams back for another season of I Love A Mama’s Boy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. His mom will ultimately ruin this relationship as well. I love that they are close but she’s way over the top and should have never been involved in his relationships. She’s a busybody he needs To set boundaries with her.

  2. Sick of Matt and his obsessed, controlling mother. Get them off the show. It has gotten so old and predictable that I fast forward them. Would like to slap the crap out of both of them and tell them both to grow up separately. Don’t know how her husband tolerates her.

  3. no way I could tolerate my mom in my life as much as Kelly is in Matt’s life! she needs to mind her own life and let Matt be a man and grow up! where is his dad in this? does he not have any say about what kelly is doing with Matt? it is ridiculous and very immature on Matt’s part with letting his Mom control him so much.. act more like a man Matt, you are how old?

  4. No Matt needs to grow a pair and quite frankly the way he treated Brittany was awful and her being ambushed at work by his mother is not good he deserved the lunch she set up with her coworker as he was essentially cheating on her with his latest “girlfriend”

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