‘ILAMB’ Fans Say All Matt McAdams Needs Is His Momma & Boyfriend

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I Love A Mama’s Boy star Matt McAdams is trying to find love again. Unfortunately, his overbearing mother is making it very difficult. However, some fans are still questioning if it is truly a woman Matt is looking for.

Matt McAdams’ Search For Love Is Back On

After last season, it is hard to believe Matt would subject himself to public scrutiny again. He was engaged to Kimberly Cobb and they were planning their dream wedding. At the same time, the couple was building a new home. Sadly, their apartment had burned down so they had to stay with his parents. This suited him just fine as he and his mother, Kelly were extraordinarily close. It was actually absurd and she was beginning to take over the wedding and the house design.

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She told Kim and Matt that she not only wanted to read a poem at the wedding but possibly officiate it. This was overstepping but Kim became very fortunate when she got a job opportunity in Texas. Matt felt she was selfish for taking it but it was the best thing for her. She saw the light upon moving there and ended up ending the engagement. Now, Matt is back with his mother for another season and they are closer than ever since the break-up. He has found a new lady named Brittany but fans of the series are still not convinced that Matt is necessarily straight.

The Elephant In The Closet

Since the last season of I Love A Mama’s Boy, viewers have felt that Matt might be gay. This is completely fine they just want him to be honest and stop wasting people’s time. When a clip was released for the latest episode of the show, it detailed his prep for his first evening with Brittany. His mama, Kelly came by with a bunch of gifts for their night alone including condoms and CDs. Yet, followers of TLC’s Instagram page had a lot to say after seeing the clip:

  • “This guy is gay! Please, accept it dude.”
  • “I’m fairly certain he plays for the other team”
  • “Let him GO and find the MAN HE TRULY WANTS!!!!”
  • “Is he gay?”
  • “Is he gay ??? Just a thought ??”

Matt McAdams/YouTube

Additionally, fans have noticed that he is just really happy having his mother around: “I wouldn’t marry a man that had to have his mommy all the time!” Yes, it is great that he has an amazing relationship but they truly have no boundaries. Plus, viewers think he really has no idea who he truly is. Is his mother a possible buffer to keep him from having to deal with his real self?

What do you think about Matt McAdams? Would he be happy with just his mama and a nice man? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Lauren


  1. Matt is gay, I mean really, really deep down gay. He also has an unnatural mother/son relationship with his creepy mom. What mom watches her son in his boxers saying “hubba hubba” like he’s a piece of man meat. They have no natural boundaries that boarder on indecent behavior.

  2. He needs to get off his mother’s tit!! She is sick in the head she treats him like a lover not a son!!

  3. Did she breast feed him to long into his school years? This relationship is bordering incest. If she could would she? Where’s the father in this story? Does he not have some concerns? She should maybe be more involved in her own relationship than his . Or is her relationship non existent ? Maybe that’s why she’s still latched onto her son!

  4. This is all scripted. There is no way a “man” listens to his mother 100% of the time over his girlfriend/wife.

  5. Yeah he needs a good man. He acts like a scorned woman when something goes not his way or his moms. She’s a crazy woman…this has got to be scripted. But he needs to break up with his mom.

  6. He just needs to grow up and move On With his life or he won’t have one, not as long as he does everything his mother says

  7. Matt you didnt like it when Brittnay had her associate ask you questions but it was ok for your mom to ask her questions not. Time to grow up matt

  8. Matt is gay, totally fine. He will be much happier when he admits it. The mom is totally sick! She needs therapy. What does her spouse think?

  9. I really think a lot of it is for the show. The wierder the better for ratings. I do not think any young man is that sickening close to his mom and the mom to him. Especialkly since there is a dad and husband in the picture. As sickening as it is, it is all for ratings.

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