‘ILAMB’: Fans Think Matt McAdams ‘Hired’ His New Lady

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Matt McAdams has already moved on from his Season 3 girlfriend, Brittany Taylor. The I Love A Mama’s Boy staple has been flaunting his new love, Devon on social media. He is acting like he has found the perfect person for him and his mother, Kelly seems to approve. However, fans of the show are not convinced that this situation is completely genuine. They had no problem taking to Twitter to express their feelings.

Matt McAdams Moves On But Is It A Sham?

Most of I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 3 was spent with Matt trying to make it work with Brittany Taylor. Unfortunately, she was not into the games and oddities of his mother, Kelly. In the end, the two parted ways but not on good terms whatsoever. She wanted him to admit that he had been cheating. However, Matt claimed that they were never exclusive despite him referring to her as his girlfriend. He then moved on with a woman named Devon. Matt has bragged about her on his Instagram and posted photos of him on the boat that she has taken. Yet fans of the series are not convinced she is the real deal.

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For some time now, viewers have felt that Matt is in the closet and is waiting to come out. They do not even think Kelly would mind all that much. According to Meaww, once he shared Devon with the world, fans had a lot to say about her and they were not exactly positive. They took to Twitter to express their feelings:

  •  “Very happy for Matt that he quickly found a new beard in his life named Devon.”
  •  “I think Devon is really a man and Matt hired a woman to pretend to be his gf”
  •  “The fact that everyone knows Matt is gay except Matt”
  • “#matt is definitely not straight and should just start dating the hot men and get it over with. His mama will be fine”
  • “Matt just needs to come out, he will never be happy with any women because he wants a man”

A Bad History In Love

To be fair, Matt McAdams has not had the best success in his last two television relationships. He was with Kimberly Cobb for upwards of four years. The two got engaged on the show but then she ended up relocating to Texas for a job opportunity. That opened her eyes to what she had been dealing with in terms of Matt and his co-dependence on Kelly. Plus, the treatment from both of them was beyond absurd. She has since alluded that it was much worse than most people know.

Matt McAdams/YouTube/ILAMB

Then, he was single for a short time but claimed that the breakup helped bring him and his mother closer. Soon enough, he met Brittany but was reluctant to introduce her to Kelly. Matt knew his mother would be hard on her after what they went through with Kimberly. She was beyond rough when it came to the first meeting and then she popped up at Britt’s job. The relationship soon did not stand a chance when Brittany suspected Matt of cheating. Plus, she saw what she would have to live with. It ended and he started something new with Devon.

Is this his happy ending for Matt McAdams or just a front? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday on TLC.

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