‘ILAMB’: Kimberly Cobb Shares The Dramatic Truth About Matt?

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Kimberly Cobb has never been shy about her time with I Love A Mama’s Boy star, Matt McAdams. In fact, she has since hooked up with his Season 3 love, Brittany Taylor. The two share similar experiences with both Matt and his overbearing mother, Kelly. Now, in a live TikTok, it appears that Kimberly was even more forthcoming about her time with Matt. What tea was spilled? Read on to find out more.

Kimberly Cobb Stays Away From Season 3

Fans were bummed to learn that Matt and his mother Kelly would be back without his ex-fiancee Kimberly. The mother/son duo was enough to handle. Kim was a nice leveler so who would take her place? She was honest and admitted that she was asked back. However, she was happy living in Texas with her pup. She even shared that she had a few breaking points that led her to leave the relationship. Obviously, Matt’s constant dependency on Kelly was a big issue. Yet there were a few more issues that she could not overlook.

Kimberly Cobb/Instagram
Kelly, Matt

Kim noted there was a lack of support, honesty, and respect. Plus, she revealed she had been cursed out in a public forum. That sealed the deal and reiterated why moving to Texas was the best decision she ever made. Matt claimed that this breakup hit the family really hard but it actually brought him and Kelly closer. Was that possible? Apparently, they bonded by having bonfires and enjoying comfort food together.

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It was really hard for his mother when he did reveal he was seeing someone new, Brittany. She interrogated her and made it so uncomfortable that there was no way that Brittany would stay around. At some point, Brittany began making TikToks where she mocked both Matt and Kelly. Fans suggested she and Kimberly team up and soon enough, they did. They dished on life with Matt and his mom. Now, Kim has spoken out a little more extensively or at least alluded to some stuff that went down with her and her ex. It does not seem so great.

What’s The Truth Behind The Relationship?

By the time Matt McAdams and Kimberly Cobb had broken up, they had been together around four years. Many have said that both she and Brittany dodged a bullet now that he has a new girlfriend. Seems like there’s more behind Kim’s story. A Reddit thread was started with a screenshot from her TikTok live. The caption above her face said: “POV: texting with your ex’s latest ex about the *weather*, the year 2019, and sharing tips on self defense.”

Kimberly Cobb/Instagram

She also added: “For legal purposes this is a joke and based on no one in particular.” A rainbow emoji follow that with #dvhotline right behind. Fans had a lot to say regarding every little detail:

  • “In another tik tok she said she found out about him cheating with multiple partners then also added the 🌈 emoji so definitely think so”
  • “She said so much without really saying anything.”

Yet, some fans have grown tired of her alluding to things but not being direct: “Getting really tired of Kim’s teasers and no talking about what’s actually happened despite the fact she’s apparently broken the NDA based on how it was legally negated so shouldn’t she be speaking up instead of sharing daily cryptic tik toks?”

What do you think it all means? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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