‘ILAMB’: Kimberly Cobb Teams Up With Matt’s New Lady?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy fans were bummed when Kimberly Cobb shared she was not returning for Season 3. How could Matt McAdams and his mother, Kelly come back but not Kim? As it turned out, he would be bringing on a new love interest. However, Kelly would do her best to sabotage the relationship. Would this bring Kimberly back into the picture?

Kimberly Cobb’s Exit Makes Way For A Crazier Kelly

It was hard enough for Kimberly to date Matt and then get engaged to him. Kelly did not like when Kim interfered with her and her son’s special spa days. She seemed especially perturbed when Kim would join them on their monthly pedicure days. Once they got engaged and were planning the wedding, Kelly took over everything. Plus, Matt continued to run everything by always asking his mother’s advice or for her opinion. It was as if they were planning the wedding for themselves.

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Kelly, Matt, Kim

Finally, Kimberly moved away for a job and realized she was better off without Matt…and his mom. The new season stated with Matt and Kelly discussing how much closer they had grown since he was single. She would bring him comfort food and even popped in while he was showering. It was easy to do since the home Matt and Kimberly had been building was on the same property as his parents. Then, Matt dropped the bomb that he had a new girlfriend named Brittany.

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This sent Kelly down a spiral. She was nervous to meet someone new after being traumatized from the Kimberly/Matt breakup. Finally, when Matt brought Brittany over, Kelly gave her the most intense interrogation down to prenups. Matt revealed he was having a sleepover with his new lady and Kelly gifted him CDs and condoms. Furthermore, she was mad that she could not see what was going on over at his home due to a shrub. So, she promptly used her ATV to rip it out. How could Brittany stay?

Brittany Finds An Ally?

It has been a rough ride for Brittany so far on the show and Kelly has not made it any easier. In real-time, Brittany has taken to TikTok to mock the show and Matt’s mother. It seems suspect that the couple is actually still together with all the jokes she has made. Someone even commented that she and Kimberly Cobb should team up together. Kimberly responded in a positive way. This week, TLC posted a clip from a the most recent ILAMB episode where Kelly showed up at Brittany’s job.

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Kimberly saw the clip and immediately commented on it. “LOVE YOU FOR STANDING YOUR GROUND QUEEN.” She also tagged Brittany in the comment with fans asking how Kim dealt with Kelly. “No clue…,” she responded. At this point, it seems that fans want to see is Kimberly and Brittany against Matt and Kelly. It should be interesting what proceeds to go down for the rest of the season.

Do you think Matt and Brittany are still together? What are your thoughts on Kimberly supporting Brittany? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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