‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans Cringe Over Matt & Kelly’s Latest Meeting

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I Love A Mama’s Boy fans are troubled by the relationship between Matt McAdams and his mother, Kelly. They are just too close for comfort and it has reached a new low. This week, the infamous mother/son duo had a day date and it was extremely cringeworthy.

Matt And Kelly Take I Love A Mama’s Boy To The Next Level

Last season, Matt was engaged to Kimberly Cobb. He was very much in love and planning a wedding while building a home. The only caveat was that his mother, Kelly was constantly up in his business. Every decision that was made in regard to working on the home was run by Kelly. After all, it was his parents who were helping with the process. As for the wedding, Kim felt that she really had no say. Kelly not only wanted to read a poem but then she felt it would be a great idea if she officiated the nuptials. Matt was one hundred percent on board with his mother being completely hands-on and he never said no to her. Finally, Kimberly got a great job opportunity that would take her to Texas but Matt wouldn’t go.

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He could not leave Kelly but Kim went anyway and realized how stifled she had been with Matt and his mom. When he came to visit, he made the vital mistake of bringing Kelly. This was when Kimberly knew the engagement was far too toxic and ended it. She declined to be a part of this season but Matt and Kelly did return. He admitted the breakup was really hard on him and his family but it just brought him and his mother closer. She checks in on Matt every day with comfort food and it’s just awkward to watch. Yet a recent move by Kelly has fans up in arms.

Taking It To The Grave

In the latest episode, Kelly wanted to show Matt where her final resting place would be. So, they headed to the cemetery for a picnic. However, Kelly shared that she wanted a plot big enough for herself, her husband, and Matt. They are literally going to the grave together. That was when Matt dropped the bomb that he was seeing someone new. This led her to lay down during their cemetery plot picnic to gather her thoughts. According to Meaww, fans were struck by this whole segment. They took to Twitter to express their disdain for the whole situation:

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  • “A picnic in a cemetery is so disrespectful in so many levels! Not cool TLC! #iloveamamasboy.”
  • “The f*** are Matt and his mama picnicking at a cemetery? Are there no nice parks in Cali?! The f***’s going on around here?!! #iloveamamasboy.”
  • “Not these two psycho weirdos having a date in a cemetery planning their burial plots together #ILoveAMamasBoy.”
  • “Is Kelly and Matt really having a date at the cemetery?!?!? … what the entire F***!!! #iloveamamasboy.”

Clearly, viewers are over these two and cannot stand their antics. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the episode. What are your thoughts on the cemetery picnic date? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.



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  1. Matt needs to be a man, Kelly needs to cut the apron strings. Their relationship does not appear to be real. Matt is never going to have a relationship with anyone as long as his mama runs the show.

  2. Where in the hell is Matt’s father in all of this? Does he still live with Kelly and if so why? Kelly is so sick. You can love your son but she is really sick. Matt too. Any woman with a lick of sense would never put up with Matt and Kellie’s nonsense. Disgusting.

  3. Kelly needs to get a life. She has a husband so why doesn’t she do things with her husband and stop trying to live Matt’s life for him? I lived about a block from my son and his wife and baby
    I never came over uninvited and my daughter in law did the same.. They have moved from apartment to a house about 7 miles away and same holds true. We genuinely love each other and respect each other’s boundaries. Too bad Kelly couldn’t understand that she would get sMatt and girlfriends respe c t if she shows respect

    To show up at dentists office to question Brittany was ridiculous as well is assuming Matt will be buried with her.o much more love and respect by showing

  4. ⁹j ghjnk Matt and Kelly have a relationship that goes beyon mother and son. Something is seriously wrong with Kelly and only Matt can fix the part with his relationships. He’s a and, and not at all a Catch that Kelly thik he is. They at s both disgusting .

    1. I’ve been watching this TV show from Sweden. I thought immediately that Matts mom was the worst of them all. Their relationship is not normal😒 He should marry his Mom

  5. I just have a question is Matt still 10 cause it seems like he sleeps with his mother. She can question any of the girls Matt brings but if someone questions his baby ass he goes running to mom. Grow up and be a man you freaking weenie. The way you act makes man look like a bunch of pansies. Maybe you should marry your mom. Your dad must have left cause he’s not around and i don’t blame him

  6. Kelly and Matt are super cringe worthy. Matt is barely an adult man by any means. I don’t see Matt ever finding a wife unless she’s in it for money because who else would deal with Kelly’s nonsense. Kelly doesn’t see how she hurt her son by being that involved and allowing him to think it’s okay to put her ahead of his ex fiancee and new gf. How can she think it’s even remotely ok to go to that girls job.I would have snapped on Kelly and dumped that man child immediately! Kelly and Matt both need to grow up, find independence and learn boundaries!!!!

  7. This guy Matt is the biggest Wimp I ever saw. I truly believe he’s doing more with his Mom than what’s on the show. Sick people

  8. I’ve never seen any people like this in my life, Matt’s going to need therapy until he’s 6 ft under, here’s a message to all the women in the world, stay away from Matt, there’s definitely something wrong with him and his mother.

  9. 2 things…
    First, picnics in cemeteries are not that unusual. They were actually a normal part of American life until just after WWII (because so many new plots, combined with the horrors of the war, traumatised most citizens). In some places like Philadelphia, there are public events held in historic cemeteries (with staff to ensure people respect the space, of course).

    Second, the relationship between Matt & Kelly is not normal. I’m fairly sure he has an Oedipus complex, and they very obviously have some kind of incestuous thing going on. It is unsettling, and should not be encouraged just for the sake of ratings. They both need a psychiatrist.

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