‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Matt’s Mom Goes Too Far With Latest Gift For Son?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy mother/son duo Matt and Kelly have one strange relationship. Her meddling was one of the core reasons his engagement to Kimberly Cobb ended. Now he is back in the dating game and, of course, Kelly thinks she has to be there every step of the way.

Matt Tries To Date On I Love A Mama’s Boy

In order to date Matt McAdams, his mother is a part of the package. They have gotten even closer if that is possible since his engagement ended. He was with Kimberly for a long time but his mom, Kelly was always around, trying to call the shots. It was a breaking point for the couple and Kimberly realized she was happier away from the dynamic duo. After a few months of healing and bonding, Matt is ready to put himself back out there. This is hard for Kelly because that means they won’t be able to spend as much time together. He has been seeing a girl named Brittany behind her back. The truth is, he knows that any new girl will be put through the wringer by Kelly and he is trying to spare her.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC


Finally, he introduced the two of them and Kelly was relentless. She wanted to know Brittany’s intentions with her son, if she wanted kids, and if she ever planned to move. Furthermore, Kelly asked if she would ever sign a prenup. Though this might throw most women, Brittany turned it on Kelly and asked if she had signed one. As of now, Kelly is unsure of her son’s new love interest. She is taking it day by day. Now, Matt and Brittany are having their first sleepover so Kelly decided to come over with gifts. Yet, one may be a little odd.

A ‘Protective’ Gift

In a clip posted by TLC, Kelly comes by Matt’s house the day that Brittany is set to stay the night. He has wine and a cheese plate all ready for her as well as the fire pit. Kelly has a candlestick holder which he just has to laugh at. She admits that she wants to be included but does not want to lose him. Along with that, she has a CD case for mood music. Then, Kelly breaks out the oddest gift possible. She has a box of condoms for her son. She admits that she does want grandkids but not before the wedding.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

He is in shock that she is doing this but Kelly tells the camera that he is a catch so Brittany is in for a treat. As she is finally getting ready to leave, stealing his cheese, she runs into Brittany outside. Brittany has a bottle of wine and it is clear that it is uncomfortable for Brittany more than for Kelly. She reminds them that she is just a few feet away. This should be an interesting night all around.

Do you think Kelly went too far? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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