‘ILAMB’: Matt’s New Gal, Brittany Mocks Kelly On TikTok?


Matt McAdams is venturing into a new relationship on I Love A Mama’s Boy. Of course, his mother, Kelly is fighting against this tooth and nail. Has his new lady, Brittany Taylor had enough and rebelled against her on social media? It appears she might be the only one brave enough to stand up to Kelly.

Matt Loses Fiancee Because Of His Mama

When the series first began, Matt was dating Kimberly Cobb. They appeared to be a great match but his mother, Kelly was always a huge wedge. Matt and Kelly had their designated activities that they enjoyed doing like monthly pedicures. Then Kimberly joined them and Kelly was less than pleased. She did not like when anyone interfered with her “Matt time” and then, he proposed and that meant Kelly had to control the wedding. She wanted to read a poem and officiate the wedding which was pushing it too far.


Kim got lucky when she was offered a job opportunity in another state. It became clear how toxic the relationship had become so she ended the engagement. Though Matt and his mother healed together, he knew he would have to move on thus he met Brittany. He held off telling Kelly about her until he was sure.

Matt and Kelly

Then, he finally told her he was seeing someone and brought Brittany over. Kelly interrogated her to no end, making it extremely uncomfortable. Matt revealed that he and Brittany were having a sleepover so Kelly brought him CDs and condoms but made it even more awkward the following morning. Since a shrub had been planted in front of Matt’s home, she could not see so she took matters into her own hands.

Brittany Deals With And Handles Crazy

The morning after their sleepover, Kelly asked her husband to cut down the shrub so she could see Matt’s home. He refused so she took her ATV and removed it herself. It was not something pleasant for Matt or Brittany to wake up to and many told Brittany just to run. While her status with Matt is questionable, she has taken to TikTok to poke fun at the whole situation. She has done a handful of videos. One has the caption “My male friends disappointed in my dating decisions.”

@brittytayy They DO NOT approve. #iloveamamaaboy #tlc #discoveryplus #realitytv ♬ Swordplay Showdown – thewiiguy

Brittany also has one joking about her mother’s reaction after seeing how close Matt and Kelly are. The majority are poking fun at Kelly, including her asking if she would sign a prenup. Her followers have said that they hope she is away from the relationship and they get the sense she is. Furthermore, they think she and Kimberly should collaborate. Kimberly responded with a very positive emoji so that would be great.

Do you think Brittany and Matt are over already? Was she possibly picked for the show? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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