‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Why Fans Are Adamant Matt Is Gay?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy is back for its third season. One mother/son duo that has returned is Matt McAdams and Kelly. Their abnormally close relationship ended his engagement but he still holds out hope for the one. However, fans have felt for quite some time that Matt is gay and they have not let up on that theory.

I Love A Mama’s Boy: Fans Have Questions

This show has been confusing from the beginning and many people just cannot grasp the concept. Matt and Kelly have been exceptionally close. They drink smoothies together and get facials, it’s like they are girlfriends, not best friends. While he was engaged to Kimberly Cobb, they moved into his parent’s home. It worked since their apartment had burned down. At the same time, his family was helping them build their dream home. However, Kelly was in control of everything that happened in the house. Matt made sure to consult her with every little detail and that included planning the wedding.


She then decided she wanted to read a poem at the wedding but on top of that, she also wanted to officiate it. Kelly was smothering Matt and Kimberly but he never saw it that way. When Kimberly was offered a great job opportunity in Texas, he could not leave his mother. Kim knew this was what was right for her so she went, realizing how toxic the situation had been. Ultimately, she ended the engagement and has been thriving. Though Matt and Kelly are back for another season and he has a new girlfriend, fans cannot shake the feeling that Matt is gay.

Fans Have Their Theories

As of two days ago, a new Reddit thread was posted with fans once again believing that Matt is gay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, let’s be clear. They just want him to be honest. Here is what they had to say about the mama’s boy:

  • He needs to deal with reality! He is GAY! My gaydar is off the chain!!!
  • Omg thank you soooo much for this bc that has been my thought from episode one but I was convinced in the break up episode when he acted like he was auditioning for his high school play with ALL that extra crying! He never showed that much emotion when he had her why cut up when she’s done with the mama drama?
  • I just watched season 2 episode 1… gayer than ever. I bet he hides behind his mom to sabotage relationships.


Now, things may work out great with his new prospect Brittany and she may be able to infiltrate the mama’s boy relationship. Yet it would be a great twist to have a same-sex couple on the show. If Matt is gay, he should be proud of who he is and if Kelly adores him as much as she claims she does, she should encourage his truth. Either way, they have an interesting relationship nonetheless. What do you think of it all? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.



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