‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Brittany Wants Matt To Fess Up, Will He?

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All Brittany Taylor wants on I Love A Mama’s Boy is honesty. She feels that she was duped by Matt McAdams this season so she is confronting him. However, he seems to have a different impression of what their relationship truly encompassed. Now, she is meeting up with her ex and all she wants is the truth. However, is he capable of that? Read on to find out.

Was It A Relationship On I Love A Mama’s Boy?

After his harsh breakup with ex-fiancee Kimberly Cobb, Matt was reluctant to bring anyone around his mother, Kelly. Then, he finally confessed that he had a girlfriend. Her name was Brittany and he seemed to really like her. Yet, as with Kimberly, he let his mom really step over the lines. So when Brittany gave him a dose of his own medicine, he did not like it all that much. Then, she believed he was cheating on her. She brought along a co-worker for the confrontation and he felt ambushed.

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Kelly, Matt

For the latest episode, they will meet up at the park for one final time as Brittany just wants him to be forthright. In a sneak peek from People,  The day after she initially met him with her coworker to ask if he had cheated, he blocked Brittany. She also learned he was out with another girl but it wasn’t her so that left her even more livid. Once they are together at the park, she is repulsed by him and wants him to steer clear of her.

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Matt, Brittany

They go tit for tat over who was right and who was wrong but she notes that Kelly coming by her job was pretty low. That’s when Matt changes the narrative of their time spent together. “You and I have never been exclusive, never boyfriend and girlfriend, and I kept it that way because I was testing to see what I wanted. And you know what? I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner that I didn’t want to date,” he shares. It only got worse from there.

Name Calling & Denial

Though Matt openly called Brittany his girlfriend on the show and that is how she was labeled, he is quick to change his tune. He then proceeds to call her a “child” and lets her know that Kelly and her friends were right about her. It’s not at all disturbing half of the stuff Kelly did this season like pulling his shrub out of the ground with her ATV. She could not handle that she did not have her direct view of his home when he was having his first sleepover with Brittany. So, she got up bright and early and removed the shrub. Not to mention her interrogation and pop-in at Britt’s job.


As Matt starts to leave, Brittany follows him letting him know she has more to add. He threatens to call the police but she needs to know if he cheated. Privately, she notes: “Matt is the most vile person I’ve ever met. I would love to look him in his face and tell him, ‘I know you cheated on me.'” As for Matt, he compares this moment to a scene from Fatal Attraction. Kimberly Cobb has alluded to a difficult time with Matt so this should come as no surprise.

Do you think he was unfaithful? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday on TLC.

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