‘ILAMB’: Matt Snagging A Man Would Work Better For Kelly, Why?

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I Love A Mama’s Boy fans feel that Matt and his mother Kelly are way too close. It has even impeded his ability to hold down a relationship. Yet, is it just his mama that is a roadblock, or is there more to the store? Fans seem to think it is a little bit of both.

Fans Question Matt’s Closeness With His Mama And More

When Matt and Kelly first came on to the scene, they were perfect for the show. In fact, they epitomized it. Matt was dating Kimberly Cobb but he adored his mother to no end. They would get their monthly pedicures together and Kelly was hesitant to have Kim come along. It felt like an intrusion when he found someone he really loved. There was this sense that Kelly was also dating Kimberly. It got even harder when Matt and Kim’s apartment burned down and they had to move in with his parents.

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He and his mother liked to have spa days while Kelly was obsessed with pampering him. After Kim and Matt got engaged, Kelly made it like it was her wedding. She wanted to not only read a poem but also officiate it. Furthermore, she was helping them build their dream home but was consulted on every big decision. Finally, Kim moved out of state for work and it showed her that this relationship was not healthy. She ended it but it just made Matt and Kelly’s bond even closer.

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Throughout the seasons, fans have not only questioned the mother/son closeness but something else. They believe that Matt may be gay and that is totally fine but just be honest. Stop looking for love with these girls if nothing will come of it. More so, if he does choose a man, fans think it will actually be better for his mama.

A Boyfriend Would Be Best

Anyone who has watched the current season of ILAMB has seen how crazy Kelly is over her son dating. When Matt started dating Brittany, he hid it from his mother. He did not want her to cause any trouble plus he knew she would be difficult. He finally told her when they were looking at cemetery plots. She finally met Brittany and was horrid to her. Then, the couple had their first overnight and Kelly hated that there was a shrub blocking her view of Matt’s home. So, she promptly ripped it out with her ATV. Yet, when fans saw last week’s TLC clip of Kelly and Matt, they had some things to say about Matt, Kelly, and his choice of mates.

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  • “He just needs to find himself a nice guy! Kelly won’t care then, no competition!”
  • “The mom is nuts and I agree – needs a nice male companion”
  • “Please come out of the closet!!!!”
  • “This show is so fake because he is sooo gay. 100%!!!”

Fans seemingly feel that Kelly wants to be the only woman in his life. Additionally, many believe that Matt is gay so if this is true, it would work for all of them. Kelly would have no competition plus she would gain another son.

Do you think Kelly would be happier to have a second son rather than a daughter-in-law? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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