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‘ILAMB’: Matt McAdams Talks ‘Better Life’ With New Girlfriend?

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Fans cannot believe the way that Matt McAdams’ mother, Kelly treats his ladies on I Love A Mama’s Boy. She has no filter when it comes to how she feels. For her, all that matters is that she has her son close by and no woman can come between them. It happened with his fiancee, Kimberly Cobb. Now it appears that his latest television romance has gone bust. Has he finally found happiness with a new lady? Read on to find the details.

Matt McAdams Can’t Keep A Woman But He Keeps Kelly

Until this season, there has been no mother/son duo as close as Matt and Kelly. They love their spa days and pedicures once per month. When Matt was with his ex-fiancee, Kimberly, Kelly was not amused when she joined them for pedi time. She would glare at Kimberly as if she was imposing on this very special bonding time.

Matt McAdams/YouTube

When Kim and Matt were planning their wedding, Kelly had to have her say and even wanted to be a heavy participant. It became way too much. Luckily, Kim was offered a job in another state and broke free of that toxic situation. With her out of the picture, Matt and Kelly were able to become even closer than before. The two ate junk food, got massages, and bonded by the fire pit. She even showed him where her final resting place would be. This included a plot for him that was beyond creepy.

Matt McAdams/YouTube

At that point, Matt broke the news that he was seeing someone new. Brittany was able to handle Kelly’s interrogations with brilliant comebacks and very little fear. Unfortunately, Kelly crossed the line and that was the breaking point. Brittany knew she had to take her power back but did it work?

Brittany Runs, Matt Moves On?

Kelly showed up at Brittany’s job unannounced. Matt McAdams still seemed unfazed by this behavior until it happened to him. He went to meet Brittany for lunch and she showed up with her boss. It was a way for her to show him how it felt to constantly have someone always in their personal space. He did not appreciate it and stormed off. Recently, Brittany popped up on Matt’s ex, Kimberly’s podcast, and confirmed it was over. Now it appears Matt did not let the grass grow under his feet.

A few days ago, he shared a photo on Instagram of him smiling and steering a boat. In the caption, he wrote: #piccredittogirlfriend. He also noted that he was sailing out “into a better life.” His followers could not help but chime in:

Matt McAdams/Instagram

  • “Your mommy is gonna ruin your life bud”
  • “He should just Marry his mom. With the way them to act there way to close something don’t smell right at all.”
  • “How did you possibly see what your mom did as ok? Wish you the best, but I’m pretty sure at this rate your mom is your future. Hopefully you establish some boundaries at some point.”

This is only helping them get into Season 4 if there is one. Do you think Matt McAdams can ever truly be happy or will Kelly always sabotage? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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    1. If this network went looking for the most digusting program subject available they won! I can’t believe that
      there are people out there that believe one minute of this CRAP!, with the exception of Nancy. She is plain
      bottom of the pond stupid.

      1. WHY…..WHY…..WHY?????????????????????????????? There’s “NOTHING” wrong with being “gay”, but what “IS” wrong, is presenting yourself on national TV, thinking he can fool us by “TRYING” to act “straight”. Common….. Matt is as “gay” as the 1890’s. The walk, the talk, his entire demeanor, period. Of course none of his relationships with women can’t work…. Not to even mention, that most of it is obviously “scripted”. Bad acting. “puke”.

    2. you got that right and once devon gets what she wanbts shell be gone tooo and he will be crying to momma again

  1. It’s just sickening. Doesn’t his mother ever want grandchildren to spoil? The grandchildren aren’t coming from her. OMG She and the others need mental healthcare. Sorry, not sorry.

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