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‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Renewed For Season 4?

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Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy is all but over. However, die-hard fans of the TLC reality series want to know the status. Will there be a Season 4? Has the show been renewed yet or is it over for good? Read on to find out what is known for the future of the guilty pleasure series.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Has Craziest Season Yet

Season 3 was unlike any season fans have seen so far. Yes, the cast has always been a tad out there but this one takes the wedding cake. Nancy was a villain to be reckoned with, almost topping Laila. She accused her granddaughter of not being hers and forced a paternity test on her son and daughter-in-law. It nearly wrecked the couple but when the results came back and proved Robert was the father, Nancy still did not believe it. Leyna was preparing to marry Ethan but he had a weird flirtatious relationship with his mother, Esther. As of now, they are still set to wed on Labor Day weekend.

I Love A Mama's Boy/YouTube/Esther
Esther. Ethan’s mother

Laila was so desperate to get rid of Emily that she set Shekeb up with another girl. He went out of obligation but seemed to actually have some fun. Tre sacrificed his relationship with Abbey due to his dedication to his mother Lorenda. She never seemed to think Abbey was good enough, to begin with, and they even had a child together. Finally, Matt was trying to pick up the pieces from his broken engagement with Kimberly Cobb and his mom Kelly was a great help. He had found a tough yet sweet girl, Brittany but that ended and he started things with Devon. Fans are not convinced it’s for real. So, Season 4?

Back For More?

According to Meaww, I Love A Mama’s Boy has not been renewed for another season by TLC just yet. However, it is extremely popular. Therefore, this leads many to believe the show is a shoo-in for a renewal and a Season 4. With Leyna and Ethan tying the knot, their life after marriage would be one to watch. As for Matt and Kelly, he has already set it up for his return. Recently, he shared a photo of himself, his mom, and Devon. He did a long post and in it, he had this to say: “Devon and I are so excited for the future and moms ready for the ride! This story is just beginning and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

I love a Mamas Boy Matt McAdams - Instagram
I love a Mamas Boy Matt McAdams – Instagram

This is definitely insinuating he would like to come back and show off his latest love. As for the rest of the cast, that is all up in the air. It would be fun to see some fresh blood. Would you like to see another season? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday on TLC. Yes, there is still another episode so do not miss it.

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