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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Convinced Kody Brown Has Lost A Second Wife

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Sister Wives fans have watched the family slowly fall apart ever since they moved to Arizona. After one wife recently left the family, it looks like a second might be on the way out. Fans have noticed a new trend with one of the remaining wives that makes it seem like soon Kody Brown will be down to two.

Another Sister Wives family member leaving?

It looks like another Sister Wives family member might be leaving Kody Brown this season. At least, that is what fans seem to be thinking when discussing the new season online. In a Reddit thread, one fan mentioned that “all the signs are that” Janelle is also going to follow Christine and leave Kody.

A fan wrote that there are several things that have happened so far this season pointing to Janelle leaving. They mentioned that Janelle is spending all her time with Christine, the kids, and the grandkids lately. Yet, not with Kody, Robyn, and Meri. They also mentioned that Robyn and Meri almost shut out Janelle after she made comments about Robyn last season. Finally, they pointed out something Janelle said in the trailer, which was that Kody doesn’t act like her husband anymore and they don’t have a family.

Sister Wives

With all this, it looks like Janelle might have already checked out, or she will before the end of the season.

While the hints that Janelle might be leaving are strong, there are other fans who want Meri to leave, as well. Another Redditor wrote in the comments that they would find it funny if Janelle and Christine both left, but Meri refused to. This would ensure Kody and Robyn are “stuck with her.”

However, most fans in the comments agree on one thing. If the wives leave, Robyn Brown will be the last one standing, and some feel that is what she wanted all along.

Sister Wives

Kody Brown ready to end plural marriages?

This seemed like a foregone conclusion, but it seems that Kody was already ready to get out of the polygamist lifestyle. Kody has previously said that if he had to do it all again, he probably wouldn’t have started this lifestyle. There are even some Sister Wives fans who feel he would leave all the wives if he could do it without looking like the bad guy.

Kody has openly said they could leave if they wanted to and Christine already took him up on the offer. Now, if Sister Wives fans are reading the clues right, it looks like Janelle might be the next out the door. Kody married his first wife Meri in 1990. Janelle was his second wife after only going on one date. Christine met Kody when she was 19 and was his third wife. Finally, Robyn met Robyn and she was his fourth wife.

Do you think Janelle will follow Christine and leave Kody Brown with only two remaining Sister Wives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and watch the Season 17 premiere September 11 on TLC.

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