Krysten Ritter Admits She Doesn’t Know Who Travis Kelce Is

Krysten Ritter on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune / Screen Cap

A recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune saw Krysten Ritter fail to solve a puzzle even though only two letters were needed to complete the board. When she lost out on the chance, she admitted that she had no idea who Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce — the answer on the board — were. Even more shocking, none of the contestants knew who the brothers were.

Here is what went down and how fans reacted to the moment.

Krysten Ritter Has No Idea Who Travis Kelce Is

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter competed on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune this week and failed to win one round, even though every letter was in place other than two. The board read “Travis & Jason *el*e.” Ritter stared at the board and had no idea what the answer was. Pat Sajak told her to go ahead and spin if she was still stuck.

Krysten Ritter on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune / Screen Cap

When she tried to solve the puzzle, she said “Travis and Jason Kels.” That was obviously wrong, and Krysten explained, “I don’t know who they are.” Things got even funnier when one of the other celebrity contestants didn’t know who the brothers were. Fashion designer Christian Siriano said she “makes clothes for a living,” to explain her confusion at the Kelce brothers.

Schitt’s Creek star Sarah Levy said it was a “Taylor Swift thing.” She said that is the only reason she knows them. Levy at least figured out that Travis is the one who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The good news is that, even though Krysten Ritter has no idea who Travis Kelce is, she still won $48,250 for her charity, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Wheel of Fortune Fans Mock Kelce Answers

Fans had fun with Krysten Ritter’s answer and mocked it on social media. While some made fun of her for not knowing the answer, others took the time to make fun of the fact that Travis Kelce was only known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

There were fans who loved the idea that Krysten Ritter had no idea who Jason and Travis Kelce were.

  • “Poor travis kelce getting hit tonight on #celebritywheeloffortune cant pronounce his name, 2 people no clue who he is, the one that did says its because of #TaylorSwift I’m rolling”
  • “They had no idea who Travis and Jason Kelce are and I’m dying at how lost they were.”
  • “Nothing will boost your confidence about your overall intelligence like watching a few episodes of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.”

This comes just days after Jana Kramer slammed Travis Kelce on her podcast, saying he is “drunk” all the time and that she is worried about Taylor Swift as a result.

Are you surprised that Krysten Ritter has never heard of Travis Kelce? Do you find it funny that the one person who did know him only did because of Taylor Swift? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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