Jana Kramer Slams Travis Kelce And He Addressed The Issue

Jana Kramer and Travis Kelce

Jana Kramer recently slammed Travis Kelce and the way he behaves. However, Travis was not afraid to speak out on the negative things she said about him. Jana is best known for her country songs and her time on One Tree Hill. However, Travis is one of the biggest people right now as he plays in the NFL, dates Taylor Swift, and is hosting a new game show. Keep reading to find out more.

Jana Kramer Slams Travis Kelce

Jana Kramer did not have nice things to say about Travis Kelce on her recent podcast.

“I’m not saying [the relationship is] fake, I just have my own [opinions], he reminds me of my ex. It feels a little corner, cheesy, and [Travis is] loving the attention. Honestly, the Super Bowl thing kind of rubbed me the wrong way, the aggression there, and then I just kind of heard things that I just don’t like love.”

She went on to say she loved the relationship at first but now feels like he is “always drunk”. She even brought up Taylor Swift and stated she was drinking more now that she is with Travis.

Jana Kramer - Lifetime - YouTube
Jana Kramer – Lifetime – YouTube

What He Had To Say About It

TMZ reported that Travis was not amused with the comments made about him. However, he does not know who she is and does not care much. 

our sources tell us Travis thinks Jana is blowing hot air just to get attention for her pod, which — based on what we’re told people in his world have learned about her — is par for the course. Jana has a bit of a history of publicly name-dropping/dragging celebs.”

Travis does not seem to be taking her comments to heart. Taylor and Travis have a bunch of fans who are going to keep supporting them. Everyone thinks the two could be endgame and want to see them stay together. What do you think about what she had to say? Do you agree with Jana Kramer’s opinions?

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, YouTube
Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, YouTube

It seems Travis is not going to be bothered by the accusations Jana made. He does not even know who she is. Jana has been known for dragging celebrities in the past and Travis would not be the first one. However, she did not care about the repercussions. Travis is going to continue to live his best life and not care about what negative people have to say. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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