‘Tracker’ Sneak Peek Sees ‘Supernatural’ Star Joining The Show

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There have been a lot of special guest stars this season on Tracker, and another big one is coming before the season finale. There will be a This is Us reunion on the finale. Before that happens, Justin Hartley welcomes a former Supernatural star to the show in a huge guest role.

Here is who is showing up on Tracker and what the storyline suggests will happen.

Supernatural Star Guesting On Tracker

After leaving This is Us, Justin Hartley picked up a new show to star in called Tracker. Hartley plays Colter Shaw, a survivalist with extensive tracking skills. He travels the country and makes his living by helping regular people and law enforcement officers find people for reward money. The series is based on The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver.

Jensen Ackles on Tracker / YouTubie

The renion in the Tracker finale sees Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison sharing scenes. On This is Us, they had a short romantic relationship, and on Tracker, they are childhood friends. Morrison plays a mother whose daughter has disappeared and police claim she likely drowned. Colter then discovers there is something dark going on in this coastal town.

However, first, a popular Supernatural star is coming to Tracker. Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester on the long-running fantasy series, will show up on the show as Colter’s estranged brother, Russell. Ackles has kept busy since Supernatural ended, narrating the prequel The Winchesters and showing in The Boys as the classic superhero Soldier Boy.

What Will Jensen Ackles Do On Tracker?

While Dean Winchester was a loving and protective brother of Sam Winchester in Supernatural, that is not the relationship between Colter and Russell Shaw. On Tracker, the two brothers are estranged and are not close in any manner.

Ackles stars as Russell in the penultimate Tracker Season 1 episode and asks his brother for help. According to the episode’s synopsis, Russell needs “to track down a former army buddy who’s gone missing after several weeks of paranoid behavior.” This leads Colter and Russell into the world of off-the-books programs, conspiracy theories, and the world of Special Forces missions.

It also delves deep into the brothers’ relationship and what went wrong in their family years ago. It seems like Colter is getting a huge rush of his past coming back to him since the next episode after this one sees him helping his childhood friend. It also comes one week after Colter and Russell’s sister, Dory (Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh) made her series debut.

Colter, Russell, and Dory had a weird upbringing, as their parents were Berkeley professors until an incident convinced his dad to take them off the grid to live in a compound by the Sierra National Forest. Their dad said people were out to get him, and this is how Colter learned his survival skills. Colter found his dad, dead, and he believed Russell killed him.

What are your thoughts on Jensen Ackles joining Tracker as Colter’s brother Russell? Are you excited to see where the season leads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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